To the Ethiopian Television and Radio Authority



March 29/2014

To the Ethiopian Television and Radio Authority


The Ethiopian Television and radio have to intensify their campaign against The Egyptians anti GERD campaign. Just because Ethiopia is the source of Nile, Ethiopia has become Egypt’s natural enemy, Egyptians have worked hard to put Ethiopia in a simultaneous conflict and lobbying world money institutions not to borrow money for any project on the Nile River. 

  Currently, Egyptians are stepped up to tell the world and the international court, claiming the Ethiopian Grand renaissance dam project would reduce their historical water share. Egyptian leaders are forming national councils to take necessary steps to claim their false propaganda and unwarranted fear to the international body, to justify their following actions against Ethiopia.

The paradox is, it is Egypt who is putting Ethiopia through all direct and indirect conflict thorough out the centuries. Ethiopian government needs to step up their campaign to unveil the open and secret Egyptians anti Ethiopia policy to world and to Ethiopians. Here are some of them to mention:

·         The creation of Sudan through1820 war by Turkish governor of Egypt Mohamed Ali and the followed Derbush  continuous war

·         The 1875 and 1876 War to control Nile of Ethiopia

·         1969 war of Somalia and Ethiopia was created by Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood  preachers

·         Egypt created the Eritrean Jebha and EPLF and succeeded by section of Eritrea 1n 1991

·         The Egyptian have the master mind in  initiating the Ethio-Ertrea war

·         Egyptian Support  the Al Shebab of Somalia to desterilize Ethiopia

·         Supporting OLF,ONLF, Ginbot 7,  anti-Ethiopia media out let and armed groups via Eritrea

·         Now they are directly working hard to tell the world their false propaganda and threaten Ethiopia with a military might if we continue the GERD constructions.

The Ethiopian Television and Radio needs to do more in reveling all acts and aggressions of Egyptians to Ethiopians and the international body. What has done by the Ethiopian radio and television is not enough yet.  I urge the Government authorities and the media employee to work hard in unveiling and countering the Egyptians anti-GERD approach.  The international body does not know how much we were and still are victimized by Egyptian anti-Ethiopia policy to this day. It is the right time to unveil the Egyptians enmity to Ethiopians and the world. The Ethiopians have the right to know all the above Egyptians anti Ethiopia policy in a chorological order both in Amharic and in English.


God Bless Ethiopia.

Mekonen Mariye

April 2014


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