This, too, will Fail

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This, too, will Fail

M. A., Toronto

April 8, 2011

How often does silence make someone guilty of calumny labelling?  What kind of message does it send to the Ethiopian people when vocal opposition minority keep on creating misinformation campaign to keep the Ethiopian people remain poor.  Many of us have been silent or observers per say to the negative roles and campaigns by this vocal minority diaspora opposition whose motto is doom and gloom. They are messengers of hate and lie and have no heart for Ethiopians or Ethiopia.

These individuals/groups and remnant of Derg, MEISON had ceded the cardinal objective of developing Ethiopia, and instead they directed their daily activities to fabricate rumours against hard working individuals, groups and EPRDF.  They immersed themselves not only in misinformation campaign but also hate directed at the hard working and gallant leaders. It is obvious these vocal minority bankrupt so called diaspora opposition have nothing to offer except to weave rumours of hate and division.  They are not Ethiopians but true enemies of Ethiopia. Let’s look at what they are saying. Why are they engaged in such bankrupt politics?

They want to keep Ethiopia shacked by poverty.

To cover up for the mass murder, robbery and exploitation they had imposed on Ethiopians for centuries.

The blackmail is bogus and doesn’t have any merit.  Minority vocal hate filled diaspora Ethiopians, their sponsors and their brokers chose to attack innocent leaders who are working hard to eradicate disease, hunger and, poverty.  Their anti Ethiopia focus testifies that they have nothing to offer to the Ethiopian people except bogus propaganda. 

They pretend to be democrats and advocating democracy but in action they are seen depriving others the democratic right to have deferring views. They have lobbied to stop foreign Aid, opposed bilateral agreements and loan that facilitate the building of dams, roads, schools, health centers, universities and create employment that will propel Ethiopia into a developed middle income country.

They condemn Ethiopia’s defense against jihadists; They praise, congratulate, defend, encourage and support—instead of denouncing—the atrocities committed by separatists and jihadists; They condemn Ethiopia’s reaction to such atrocities;

They collaborate and scheme with the Eritrean government which has been and is trying hard to destabilize and disintegrate Ethiopia;

They belittle EPRDF's sound government policies and strategies, which have proved successful; They deny and ridicule the double-digit economic growth, a remarkable progress and performance in socio-economic development in the last six years; and

They unashamedly accuse the Prime Minister of being a stooge of developed countries because of, among others, his success to mobilize foreign assistance (For example: by not giving in to pressure from such countries to allow foreign banks to operate in Ethiopia he not only shielded the development of local banks but also saved the country from the devastating impact of the current global financial crisis).

In recent weeks, we have seen series of postings from the masters of fabricating news, and, the document manipulators, trying to stop the progress being made in Ethiopia particularly the GTP and keep Ethiopians poor. This is not their first time. They have advocated not using Ethiopian Air Lines, not to send money to our parents, brothers, sisters or family in general and all their efforts have failed. Some are even salivating and hoping that Egypt and Eritrea will invade Ethiopia. If the rumour we hear is true they have sent delegations to Eritrea, Egypt and Sudan to facilitate the invasion and destruction of Ethiopia. They don’t seem to understand that this too will fail and they will be relegated into the dust bins of history.

To All Northern California Tigreans!!

August 25, 2019


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