The desperate and hostile nature of Egyptian move against Ethiopia



The desperate and hostile nature of Egyptian move against Ethiopia.

W.Yilma January, 20, 2014


Egyptian relation with Ethiopia lack coherence and logic. Leave alone for political observers, it is not hard for ordinary person to understand the desperate, demonic and deceptive motives of the Egyptian “politicians” towards Ethiopia when it comes to the Nile water issues. We are witnessing to observe the infantile and uncivilized diplomatic maneuverings and dirty games the Egyptians are perusing for many years. The Egyptian traditional animosity became more apparent since the start of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) construction. They intensify their campaign against Ethiopia by spreading unfounded and false information about the GERD. Ethiopia should not be passive in counter attacking in diplomatic arenas, and relentless efforts need to be taken to aware the Ethiopian public, about the conspiracy of this hostile country. Comparing with Ethiopia, Egyptian is by far better in disseminating false and baseless information about the status of the tripartite negotiation, why it failed and whose fault is it. They are brainwashing their people as well as the international communities. It seems they copied the same propaganda style what Hitler has adopted during the Second World War. All their ministers, and the so called “experts’ are acting the same as Joseph Goebbels to intimidate their people as if the construction of GERD brings disaster for Egypt. I am not asking the Ethiopian government to do the same. But what I mean here is we have to be more proactive to tell the truth to the world community about the core issue the Egyptians are aggravating. We have to know, as I said above, Egyptians are developed a demonic deception character when it comes to Nile water. They will never and ever reach an agreement with anyone, including Ethiopia, unless Ethiopia surrendered to Egyptian demands. This is to stop the construction of the GERD, and stop any kind of developmental activities that takes a “drop of water” from Nile River. This must be clear to all Ethiopians. Their participation in the tripartite negotiation was a diplomatic maneuvering to buy time. Therefore, further negotiation will not bring meaningful results.

The following statement made by one of the Egyptian official confirmed this fact. Al-monitor one of the conservative Egyptian media outlet interviewed the former Water Minister and Nile Basin Studies Unit head Mohammad Nasreddin Allam, and he has said the following. “We are currently drafting an international claim comprising five parts, which will be filed to donor countries, international institutions and organizations entitled to settle this dispute. Such a dispute can threaten peace and security in the East African region.” Further he said that “The memorandum will comprise a legal part documenting the historical rights of Egypt to the Nile water, and another part stating the Ethiopian violations of the law and international agreements, after it constructed a large dam without taking into consideration the safety of downstream countries. It will also include a call to form a fact-finding committee to prove the dangerous impact of the dam on Egyptian water security, as stipulated by the regional dispute settlement mechanisms, the UN pact and the African Union Peace and Security Council,” . Allam also affirmed, “The memorandum will call for the immediate halt of all construction works at the site until the fact-finding committee fulfills its task”.

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I think the naive and confused minister forgot the following simple facts: First and foremost, Ethiopia does not know the document Egyptian officials are calling “legal” and therefore, not abide by it as long as Ethiopia was not part of that colonial “agreement”. Second, there is no legal historical right that gives Egypt to monopolize the Nile River. The agreement the former water minister call “ legal” were arranged by illegal colonized power to irrigate their farm land while Egyptian were working as a daily laborers for their masters. Third, does Egypt consult or informed the upper riparian countries when she constructed the two dams in sandy desert? Are these dams safer and economical (in terms of water conservation and safety) than the GERD?. Forth, no one has the right to come and ask us to stop the construction of the GERD. The construction of the GERD is Ethiopian decision and no need to ask anyone, why and how we should build. The decision made by the Ethiopian government to allow the international experts team to review the project documents, and the consultations either with Egypt or Sudan is a good gesture for confidence building between the Nile basin countries. It is the right; bold and new moves Ethiopia have initiated to be an example especially for Egypt arrogant and hooligan government officials. The other what some Egyptian officials are saying is that they are willing to conduct further negotiation with Ethiopia. What the Egyptian does not understand is that to negotiate on one subject you have to have an intellectual honesty, ethics, and knowledge about the subject of discussion. The problem is, Egyptians does not have all these talent. The same as a spoiled child, Egypt is considered Nile River as their own back yard property, and not willing to share equitably and fairly with others. What would Egypt do if Nile River is originated and flowing from Egypt toward Ethiopia and Sudan? The good thing is the sneak does not have a leg!

Why Egypt concentrates to Ethiopia, as if the Nile River issue is between these two countries? The reason why Egypt is focusing mainly on Ethiopia to stop the construction of the dam is that Ethiopia is the pillar of the Nile Basin Initiatives agreement. Beside this Ethiopia took bold decision to utilize equitably the Nile River, which have more than 85% of the Nile water volume. Once Egypt manages to imposing her demagogue interest on Ethiopia, to deal with other Nile basin countries will not be a challenging issue for her. We have to know the current unsettled political turmoil in Egypt is not emanated only from internal political or economic difficulties. It is a mixture of water politics, especially the decision made by the Ethiopian government and the determination of the Ethiopian people to construct the GERD. This unwavering determination should go beyond Egyptian expectation, and should send a clear message to them and to the world at large that we will be facing them in any front they choose. The ball is on their side, either to choose fair and civilized play or choose a barbarian dirty destructive game! We have to know that some of their intellectuals, water experts, politicians, you name it are ignorant and intoxicated with hate against us. Therefore as a people we should prepare for the worst. We have to learn from past history of Hitler. The motive behind Hitler to start the Second World War was hate against other races. The present Egyptian “politicians” attitudes toward Ethiopians are not different from Hitler. Especially, those who came to power through a military junta are so politically immature and mischievous, a bunch of oligarchies never hesitating to manipulate the Nile issue for their internal hidden political agendas. The recent so called fiasco “referendum” the military prepared constitution is not about installing constitutional democracy. It is about the installation of dictatorial junta regime with the ultimate goal of bullying the Nile countries, especially Ethiopia, and to stop any kind of developments on Nile River.

As we know, the epicenter of Egyptians politics is Nile River. Since Gamal Abdel Nasser , Egyptian are ruled by military junta. One of their power sources is Nile River. Therefore, today’s Egyptian stance is not a new phenomenon. They fear the most not only because of the construction of the GERD, but also the Ethiopian multi faceted socio-economic endeavors and growth. In general, the economic growth of the Nile basin countries is a threat to Egyptian government. If Egyptians have water experts, geologist, environmentalist, social, and economic experts, this preposterous political acrobats would have been unnecessary. The right and wise choice for Egypt is to sit down and engage in a new agreement with all Nile basin countries and find a way to use Nile water in equitable way. The path Egyptians are pursuing at this time is not only wrong, but also barbaric and dangerous. We are living not in Pharaoh Era, but in the 21st century where there is a civilized world orders. The world is watching the empty and unfounded rhetoric, and a war drum from Egyptian side, where there is no cause or justification to choose such dangerous options. What Egyptian should know is the following. You Egyptians are not a superpower, and do not have a capability to launch war from distance. Beside this war is not a solution to solve differences. Ethiopia does not have an intention to harm the downstream countries. We are not seeing you as you are seeing us. Although you considered us as your enemy, we considered you as our friend. Mind you, you are the one who get benefit from our natural resources without any competition. What we and other Nile basin countries are asking you is simple and civilized…. a fair and equitable usage of the Nile water for the benefits of all riparian countries.

Last we have discussed more than enough about Nile River. Now it needs a national plan of action how we have to deal with blind but determined enemy who does not want to see the reality of the present world order; an enemy who does not abide by international law, and norms; an enemy which interpret international law and norm on its own terms of references. No matter how we genuinely opened our heart and minds, or choose peace and coexistence, the Egyptian will never and ever come to their senses to settle the Nile issue with ETHIOPIA. This is the reality we have to know, and face the consequences. Our strength in all aspects is very important at this time. The blood of those heroes Ethiopians who defeated Egyptian aggressor at Gura, and Gundet is still circulating in the blood vessels of this generation. The then Egyptian army aggressor’s mission is not limited to control the source of Abbay River, but also to spread Islam in Ethiopia. I do not think today’s Egyptian officials have different idea than their predecessors. The world should have a responsibility to look the matter very closely. For war monger Egypt officials, water war is a cover-up! There are plenty of water sources enough for all.


Long live Ethiopia

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