The union of Tigrians in Sweden


The union of Tigrians in Sweden


(Sweden, Dec 15, 2014)- A lot has been told about the land of ancient civilization, cradle of human kind, pride of black nations and origin of revolution for the equality of humans, and the example for unity with diversity-Ethiopia! Ethiopia's is a country where its nation and nationalities united energy and its colorful diversity has enabled her to blossom its economic development.á It has been decades since the nations and nationalities bind together with the essence of belongingness.


The gathering of Tigrians towards establishing its union throughout Europe could be taken as a pure manifestation of the existing fact of unity.  The move towards establishing the union is expanding to many European countries. The formation Tigrians union in Sweden, which is part of the union at Europe level, is one among the events that recently took place. It was on the eve of the event that people from different corners of Sweden has been seen to fluid towards Stockholm, where the call of unity has been made from.


 The occasion was opened by the brief description of the recent phenomenon-taking place back at homeland. The organizing committee presented the report of Tigray festival, which was held in Mekelle. It was so inspiring to hear about the successful festival that is goldenly depicted in each heat of the participant. Moreover the Ethiopian ambassador in Sweden added detailed explanation of the current Ethiopian situation, policies, strategies and plans that are primarily intended to embrace the participation of all diasporas.


 Following the brief explanations and discussions on the current issues of Ethiopia, the main agenda of the event which is establishing Tigrians union in Sweden was discussed. Accordingly, the mission and vision of the union was presented by the organizing committee. Different ideas were raised and entertained in a very candid way. Qualities of effective leadership were fully exploited and totally practiced throughout the event. After through debate a nine members executive committee were appointed.


Tigrians union in Sweden has been established and it has begun its journey towards the formation of Tigrians union of Europe. Although there were many unions at different times, this union remained to be historical for that it is established on a time of the nation┤s prosperity and on the time of 40th anniversary of TPLF.


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