Rational and Strong Opposition is a Necessity.


Rational and Strong Opposition is a Necessity.


Gorse Ismail 05/19/14

The recent events in Ethiopia have been highlighted the continuing prominence of identity politics by ESAT, EthioMedia, VOA, but the root cause of this problem is far this howl propaganda of this diehard tell us. Many Ethiopians have experienced conflicts since the formation of nation state by the former Kings in 19 century. Since then, politicians, analysts and academics have been searching solutions in an attempt to understand these conflicts in order to create sustainable peace and development.

When the Derg regime was overthrown in 1991, TPLF/EPRDF had held a conference in which all Ethiopian liberation fronts, civic society, politicians, religious and other segment of Ethiopian population were invited to discuss the future of new Ethiopia. This has ushered a new dawn where all stockholders have discussed and formulated a new constitution that was so inclusive that peace and stability has rein on Ethiopia. As result of this historical process, Ethiopian have closed the chapter of civil war and opened a new one that encouraged Ethiopians to have the rights to govern themselves.

One accusation levelled against existing EPRDF party is that not all stakeholders’ needs are addressed in the post-conflict reconstruction process. If one would not deny the facts of history on the ground, EPRDF had been more than inclusive and shared the power so that peace and tranquility will be descended on Ethiopia. They have introduced one of the bold concepts, the people have to govern themselves and even secede in case they are not happy in their condition. This is one of its kinds and has never been tested in Africa let alone in a backward country such as Ethiopia at the time. The Somalis, Oromos, Tigrayans, Gambela and many more nations have agreed to build a new Ethiopia contrasting what the diehard EthioMedia, VOA, ESAT and G7 are feeding the Diaspora.

EPRDF is the only party in Africa that had the courage to chart a path out of Ethiopian’s political quagmire and its enslavement to centralized unitary state where a few used to get rich and the rest were treated as second class citizen; after EPRDF took a bold and brave act of power devolution among Ethiopian; although, it is not finalized yet, the economy is booming and the political institution are in its infancy.

In the economic sphere, it has been successful and helped Ethiopia to have made the country to be one of the leading and fastest economic in the world. The diehard in this Diaspora hoping to see EPRDF to be removed from power has been recently amplified the events that are unfolding in Ethiopia. As any event is unfolded in Ethiopia, the diehards of former regime are hoping to see the regime to collapse. They have been wishing to walk to aratkilo in their dream.

This week, the Ethiopian in Diaspora have seen people carrying the flags of Moa Anbesa, OLF and ONLF to demonstrate against current regime, but the reality of this picture will shed light on an interesting political marriage. Moa Anbesa are still thinking to restore the unitary state and dismantled the regional state, the OLF and ONLF opt to secede without having the people support. My question is how this ephemeral marriage of this organization will last and take over the power seat. History teaches that elites will do everything to get to the power. For example the elites have incited historically the poor and innocent Ethiopian of all walks of life to fight along the line of ethnicity and religion whereas their kids are in the best universities in the Western world.

In 1974, when the regime of Haile Sillassie has been overthrown by the people uprising, the elites fighting on an alien ideology as Marxist Leninist and Maoist, they caused the red terror to indulge the entire country. Today, the same ones who had caused the killing, massacre and fleeing of thousands are changing their color to make crocodile tears.

During the 2005 election, Kinijit had struck an alliance with the opposition parties, but they split in infinite groups in the last decade. The main reason of splitting is that they do not have the same principle; bluntly speaking, they seems that their motifs are clouded by the two old schools , the unitary state and the secessionist one. Recently, out of desperation G7 formed an alliance with OLF to win the hearts and minds of Ethiopian in Diaspora; however, the honey moon has been broken without hope.

To sum up, the only reliable way to usher Ethiopia to be a democratic country where rule of law prevails, a strong opposition is emerged and the empowering institution is realized whereby the implementation of classical constitution are encouraged is to acknowledge the positive aspect of EPRDF’s economic boom that EPRDF have introduced in the last two decades and plan to conduct in a more equal and open political representative atmosphere to coming out of this nightmarish cycle. They should vow to work hard to participate in the upcoming election so that they will challenge EPRDF on a clear and aligned principle to the aspiration of Ethiopian people and reality.

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