By Mathza 



Most of the oppositions’ leadership and their handful supporters, particularly the minuscule vociferous Diaspora, and some individuals obsessed with lust for power and hatred against Prime Minister Meles Zenawi have been and are doing anything to get rid of him, the TPLF and the EPRDF. They are intimidated and demoralized by his intelligence, capability, competence and the respect he commands in the international community. Their hatred is limitless. In their obsession and desperation to snatch power, they have crossed the line of treason by compromising and endangering the sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and national interests of Ethiopia. The following are examples supporting this statement:


They condemn Ethiopia’s defense against jihadists;


They praise, congratulate, defend, encourage and support—instead of denouncing—the atrocities committed by separatists and jihadists;


They condemn Ethiopia’s reaction to such atrocities;


They collaborate and scheme with the Eritrean government which has been and is trying hard to destabilize and disintegrate Ethiopia;


They belittle EPRDF's sound government policies and strategies, which have proved successful;


They deny and ridicule the double-digit economic growth, a remarkable progress and performance in socio-economic development in the last five years; and


They unashamedly accuse the Prime Minister of being a stooge of developed countries because of, among others, his success to mobilize foreign assistance (For example: by not giving in to pressure from such countries to allow foreign banks to operate in Ethiopia he not only shielded the development of local banks but also saved the country from the devastating impact of the current global financial crisis).


In short, these hate-mongers and anti-Ethiopia elements do not care at all about Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Their only desire is to be in power by any means—in the driver’s seat—without any concern on how that might impact Ethiopia and its people, enie kemotku serdo aybqel.

One of their tactics is a negative smear campaign portraying the country's image and, in particular, it’s dedicated Prime Minister with all kinds of monstrous adjectives and pictures. Among the methods used include politicizing everything, outrageous allegations, lies, exaggerations, wild generalizations, spinning, misinterpretation and spreading rumors. Practically all of the writings of these-diehards are replete of despicable descriptions and character assassinations, all intended purely to bring down the government. This writing ferrets out examples of statements that do not make any sense, are illogical, are concocted, or are not supported by facts—purely intended to misinform and mislead readers, particularly the Diaspora silent majority. It is a modest attempt to expose those bigots who have been hoodwinking and continue to hoodwink the Ethiopians and the international community. (In the future, there will be a series of matrixes like the one below, each preceded by the current two paragraphs).




Author’s Statement

My Comments

1. Western world's overt support for Ethiopian suffering, by Ethiopundit, ethiopianreview.com, March 4th, 2009


Meles is rewarded with status at G-8 summits and more importantly billions in unaccounted for aid that secure him in power and fill his personal coffers.


Are you serious to accuse Prime Minister (PM) Meles Zenawi of using aid money for personal purposes? If you are, your assertion is nothing but “bere wolde.” Can you cite a single factual example to prove your allegation? Can you provide the source – a name of an individual or an insitution from the donor group – of your allegation? We all know that aid funds are monitored and audited by donors. Future and additional aid is predicated on previous proper use of funds. The increasing assistance given to Ethiopia is proof of proper utilization of funds provided.

To you and your likes chagrin the PM was recently invited as Africa respresenative at the G20 summit held in London.  This is the latest of such kind of invitations and a manifestation of his caliber and status in the international community. Besides, he was unanimously chosen by the African Heads of State and Government at the recent 12th AU summit in Addis Ababa to represent them at the G20 summit (definitely not at his request, a lie by Abebe Gellaw, ethiomedia.com, 4/4/09). He contributed to obtaining concessions for Africa ($50bn pledge) pertaining to the global financial crisis and economic recession from the developed world. The concessions include reaffirming commitment to MDG, achieving ODA pledges, instituting a world economy with effective regulation and the sale of part of IMF gold reserve. The last was made possible at the urging by the PM who was ridiculed by some of the vocal Diaspora. This was a win-win for the PM and lose-lose for the vocal Diaspora, particularly the hateful and venomous Prof. Al Mariam. Shame on him and his likes who are so frustrated with the PM’s success that they have lost their dignities, if they had them. The significantly increasing number of bogus articles churned out before, during and after the G20 summit is an indication of their desperation, hollowness, failure, and so forth.


2. The dark cloud hanging on university campuses in Ethiopia, by Tedla Asfaw, ethiolion.com, 3/7/09


…Recently two students were killed in the Bahrdar University for being from wrong ethnic group, Amharas…

…His [Meles’s] contempt and hate for Amahra people also  has no boundary  even do not spare the  lives of two students in Bahrdar University this month…

I have been following the sad incident at Bahrdar University. This is, however, the first and only time I learned of the death of two students. As readers may have noticed, this allegation is presented twice with the assumption that the lie would be cemented in the minds of readers.

His calling the PM Amhara hater is a reflection of his hate of non Amahara ethnic groups. How could the PM have spared the lives of the two students who were alive and kicking? In any case, is the writer telling us that the PM in Addis was in a position to spare their lives –  implying that the PM knew that they were to be killed – and did not prevent this from happening? How absurd can one be!


3. ማስወገድን አታንሱ፤አገር ትፈርሳለች ፤ ወያኔን አትንኩ፤ጦቢያ ትጠፋለች, ethiolion.com, 3/8/09


“Woyane kelele zegochwa yibetatenalu hageritum t’tefalech


The writer alleges that the statement in the middle column comes from former TPLF members, Seye Abreha, Gebru Asrat and their supporters. He himself seems to be for complete change (destruction of EPRDF’s achievements) and starting fresh from scratch following the demise of the EPRDF and the government. In other words, the poor people will have to suffer going through coup and counter coup type of cycles in order to satisfy his and his likes selfish ends and interests and supposedly to prove their better policies and strategies they claim they have! Apparently, they do not care an iota about destroying what has been built with scarce resources and human sucrifices.

Yes the statement could come true if other forces with intent to dismantle the ethnic-based federal structure take over. What the writer does not seem to understand is the people have vested interest in maintaining the new system. They will fight to preserve it. This means the statements in both left columns would come true. (Please refer to PART 4, item 7 and PART 6, item 4, for more detail).


A number of writers have lamented and admitted the fact that EPRDF/TPLF’s fall will be disasterous to Ethiopia. The following Quotations from Firdu Yitayew (Ethiopia at Cry and Embedded Calamity, ethiolion.com, 4/12/09) illustrate this point:

 “…There is no strong opposition political group that is well structured to take over power and lead Ethiopia in case of any incidental power vacuum left by TPLF…

… we are no more prepared to rescue and save Ethiopia if and when the TPLF regime decays and falls apart by its own internal upheavals…

…There is no organizational structure ready to replace TPLF-regime in case one day TPLF dissolves itself from the political arena by its own making…”


The above facts by the writer are among the justifications for the EPRDF to continue its service to the people until the federal system is irreversibly established.                                                     


4. That Day! What will happen to the Tigreans?, by Assta B. Gettu, ethiopiareview.com March 11th, 2009

(a) When that Day comes what will happen to the Tegarues (Tigreans)? That Day is to some a Day of doom; to others a Day of Joy and celebration, and that Day is the final Day of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi).
(b)After Meles Seitanawi’s regime is terminated…I always fear many Ethiopians…may retaliate disproportionately against the Tegarues…
(c) …the innocent Tegarues are spared from being executed, and they will be reconciled with the rest of the Ethiopian people.
(d) When Meles Seitanawi divided the country on ethnic lines, the main purpose was to give the Tigreans an economic and political advantage over the other tribes…making them an easy target to fall into the hands of an angry mob…
 (e)…they [the people of Ethiopia]…allow the peace-loving Tegarues to go free and work in their country without a fear of any reprisal from the other oppressed Ethiopians.


The title is very threatening to Tigrayans. It threatens their very existence. It is a subtle call for a genocide, akin to that of Rwanda. What have they done to deserve this? Is this the gratitude  the people who bled, sacrificed and freed the Ethiopians, including the writer, from the Derg regime deserve? Is this the appreciation the people who brought peace and introduced democracy deserve?  Is this the gratitude the committed and dedicated people who with other brother and sister Ethiopians are repeating their sacrifices in the struggle to free Ethiopians from poverty deserve? Is this the gratitude the people who preserved the unity of the country against all odds deserve? etc. etc. It is thanks to EPRDF/TPLF the country went through unprecedented progress in the face of daunting challenges and sabotages by disgruntled elements.

The write-up is replete with threats of which (a) to (e) are examples. The key words are: doom, retaliate, executed, target and reprisal. These are words which come from an insane person. A normal person would not even think of them. I am confident that such words are repulsive to the average person of all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

What does the writer mean by “go free and work in their country in (e)? Is he suggesting that the Tigrayans should secede and have their own country? He does not, apparently, seem to know what blunder he is making. 

By the way, that Day… a Day of Joy and celebration for the likes of the writer will never come. The Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples will never allow the jealous feudalists, racists, chauvinists, hypocrites and dergists to reverse the ethnic-based government structure which is the main cause for the hatred of the egocentric minority against the TPLF and Tigrayans. It is a fait accompli. It is done. Forget it.

Despite the hatred, jealousy and vengeance of the writer and his likes, history by honest historians (not like those who are biased and known to spin) will vindicate accusations heaped daily on TPLF and Tigrayans. 


5. The Neglected Voice of the Ethiopian Diaspora:

by Maru Gubena, PhD, ethiolion.com, 3/18/09


…Tragically, depressingly, embarrassingly…our voice, as the Ethiopian Diaspora community, has been neglected for decades now, by almost all ministries and diplomatic communities of western countries and even those in Africa.

Even worse, due to our own continuing actions and dishonest behaviours, we, the members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, have in recent time been repeatedly and continuously accused and charged as “liars and economic refugees. Yes, almost all western immigration offices and ministries have hard evidence that a good number, if not the majority, of Ethiopian Diaspora members have stated in their applications for asylum that they have been tortured and would be either immediately killed or imprisoned by the authorities in their country of origin if they were forced to return - yet after receiving their living permits from western immigration authorities, they return to Ethiopia of their own accord, using temporary travel documents.

It is indeed a shame! Shame on all of us!


The writer laments for the vocal Diaspora pleading is neglected by host governments. He admits that the Ethioipian Diaspora are dishonest. They claimed to have been tortured; they will be killed if sent back to Ethiopioa. And yet once they possess residence permits they become frequent travelers to Ethiopia. As the writer put it “It is indeed a shame! Shame on all of us!” In this connection, it should be noted here that, unlike during the past regimes, Ethiopians, as soon as EPRDF took over the government, were entitled to passports and do not need exit visas to leave their country any time.

The above and the quotations in the middle column are clear and unequivocal confessions of the vocal Diaspora minority. They prove that the noises the vocal Diaspora has been making for past 18 years are baseless and empty. It shows that practically all the complaints and allegations against the Ethiopian government that the Diasopra has been making at the doors of host countries were not credible. They are extentions of the lies related to obtaining residence permits. How can host governments take such people seriously?




6. The IMF and Ethiopia's dictator cooking up fake statistics, by Fekade Shewakena, ethiopianreview.com, March 19th, 2009


…the super inflated growth numbers [GDPs] we have been given are hard to relate to realities on the ground...How does it happen that one in six Ethiopians, nearly 15% of the population, has turned out to be food aid dependent if the country has been growing at the rates Meles dishes out all these years?... How is it that the number of the absolute poor quadrupled after all these successive fabulous numbers are issued?... Why have we even failed to keep our subsistence agriculture at subsistence levels?...



Readers must be bored reading and hearing “teret-teret”/hearsays about statistics related to Ethiopia. The GDP, population figures, agricultural production, etc. say those with hidden agenda are all manufactured.

Let us look at GDP in 2008. According to The World Fact Book (CIA), GDP was $25 billion which works out to over $300 GDP per capita compared to less than $100 in the 1990’s. In terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) this was about $800. The PPP’s in billions of Dollars for 2006, 2007 and 2008 were $55, 61 and 66, respectively. The question is what is their basis for denying the accuracy and reliability of these statistical realities?

What evidence does he have to show that the number of absolute poor quadrupled? On the contrary, despite the high annual population growth (over 2.5%), the level of poverty fell from 59% during the 1990s to 38.7% in 2005, according to the United Nations and the World Bank. Why did not a single person in the field of statistics nor a member of the Economic Society of Ethiopia in the country allege the concoction of statistics? Come on, don’t tell me they are afraid to do so. Many of your likes resort to this kind of answer when cornered to reply to such unpalatable questions. You very well know that the local media write and say worse about the EPRDF and the government.


7. ስብሰባና ሀበሻ

ስብሰባ, በልጅግ አሊ, ethiolion.com, 3/20/09

1. ከባቡር የወረድኩበት ከተማ ትርምሱ ብዙ ነበር። አማራጭ ስላልነበረን የሃገር ልጅ መፈለግ ጀመርኩ።

- መጀመሪያ ያገኘሁትን ሰላም አልኩት።

- አስላመት አለኝ ።

- ቀጠልኩና ኢትዮጵያዊ ነህ አልኩት።

ምንም መልስ ሳይሰጠኝ ገላምጦኝ ሄደ።

2. ከዛም አለፍ እያሉ የሚመጡትን ጠያይም እኔን የሚመስሉ ሰዎችን ዝም ብዬ አሳልፍ ጀመርኩ። ከብዙ ግዜ ቆይታ በኋላ አንዷ ብቻዋን ስትመጣ አየኋትና፣

- ኢትዮጵያዊ ነሽ? ብዬ ጠየቅኋት።

- አምሃራይ ብላኝ እየሳቀች ጥላኝ ሄደች።


3. [the third person, apparently an Amhara]          ስላም አልኩትና ጥያቄውን አዘገየሁ።

- ታዲያስ አለኝ።

- አለን አልኩት።

- አዲስ ነሽ መሰለኝ አለኝ።


4. አንድ እንደ ሌሎቹ ፀጉሩን ያላጎፈረ ብቻው ሲመጣ አግኝቼ ይህ ኢትዮጵያ ሳይሆን አይቀርምብዬሰላም አልኩት።

- ንህዳ አለኝ?

- አለና አልኩ እኔም።ሳድሱን በእራብእ ቀየርኩና ትግሪኛ አደረግሁት።


This is nothing but fiction. During his first day in his host country the writer claims to have approached four individuals he thought were Ethiopians—presumably within an hour or two on the street and in a limited area. Three out of the four were Tigrigna speakers. For those with exopsure to the probability theory this is highly unlikely. The fact that Amarigna speakers outnumber Tigrigna speakers by many multiples renders his claim practically untrue, a lie.

The above plus his other claims were designed and formulated to support his agenda of discrediting Tigrigna speakers and the TPLF. It is one among many tactics people like him use to create hatred against Tigrayans and the TPLF. The latest is a demonstration in Germany against the inclusion of Mekelle in the short listing among three African cities to be the partner city of Tübingen. They think such tactics will one day enable them to attain a critical mass that will remove the EPRDF/TPLF and hand them power on a silver platter.


8. WOYNAE PITBULLS AT AIGA FROUM, by Lisaneworq Mulatu, ethiolion.com, 3/21/09


Whereas Prof. Daniel outlined the facts about the transfer of Ethiopian territories to the Sudanese regime, the incorporation of former regions of Gondar and Wollo to Tigray, the
Woyane hirelings and pit bulls, lacking defenses for the Professor’s factual statements, began to smear his name and belittle his scholarship and contribution.

A lot has been said and written by oppositions, government officials and individuals (including mine in item 1, PART 2) in regard to land given to the Sudan. In view of this I will limit my brief comments to the “incorporation of former regions of Gondar and Wollo to Tigray” accusation.

Readers have heard and read countless unsubsantated condemnations about the incorporation. The areas in question in Gonder and Wollo were originally inhabited by Tigrayans and were part and pacel of Tigray proper. They were confiscated with a view to weaken Tigray. The Tigrigna names of towns and woredas testify to this. The name Adi Arqay, a town in present day North Gondar zone (about half way between the Tekeze boundary and the city of Gonder) is, for instance, a pure Tigrigna name.

One thing readers do not read or hear about is Dallol and its suroundings. It was part of Tigray, constituting over a third of its area, transferred to Afar. The area is rich in natural resources, including billions of tons of a variety of salts in Dallol. Other resources are sulfur and geothermal. It will, surely, be the center of development. Sainak Potash, an Indian company, was reported engaged in activities related to the exploitation of one of the salts, potash, a fertilizer material.


9. Ethiopia prepares for yet another fake battle with malaria, ethiopianreview.com, March 22nd, 2009


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is yet another fake battle with malaria. It is to be remembered that before the Woyanne tribalist junta came to power in 1991, malaria had been effectively eradicated in Ethiopia. One of the first institutions Meles and his Woyanne gang had dismantled when they took power was the Ethiopian Malaria Prevention Center saying that each ethnic region should have its own Center. Of course all of the equipment and supplies from the dismantled Center in Addis Ababa were shipped to Tigray. What Health Minister Tewodros Adhanon and his Woyanne regime are currently doing is nothing more than a scheme to milk more money from donor countries.

There is no limit to what the publisher would say to slander the PM and the TPLF. This time he is telling the readers just the opposite of the positive conclusion of the VOA article on which his editorial note is based. The article’s positive expectation is based on the country’s perventive health policy and strategy and an array of inputs. Thirty thousand health extension workers/village-level health workers, two bed nets per family and medical provision (life-saving medicines, diagnostic kits and protective gear) are ready to counter any outbreak of malaria. When the international aid agencies confidently believe the country can wipe out malaria why does the publisher claim it is a fake battle?

Often times, he and his likes allege that everything, even factories and institutions, are dismantled and taken to Tigray. This time we are told for the first time that the dismantling and transferring to Tigray included equipment and supplies related to malaria.


10. Ethiopia doubles livestock export in the face of starvation, ethiopianreview.com, March 21st, 2009


EDITOR'S NOTE: While over 15 million Ethiopians are going hungry, Woyanne-affiliated companies are doubling profits from exporting livestock.

As is the case with the the previous section (item # 9), the title is the invention of the publisher, not that of the source, Reuters. The implication in the editor’s note is the government should use the meat from the livestock to feed the 15 million hungry Ethiopians (the actual figure is 12.4 million food insecure, not hungry). This is impractical as meat is not the staple diet of the peole. Besides, it would be very expensive. The logical thing to do is to export the livestock and import wheat using the export earning. This is economics 101.

What is wrong in doubling the income from the export of livestock?



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