By Mathza 



Most of the oppositions’ leadership and their handful supporters, particularly the minuscule vociferous Diaspora, and some individuals obsessed with lust for power and hatred against Prime Minister Meles Zenawi have been and are doing anything to get rid of him, the TPLF and the EPRDF. They are intimidated and demoralized by his intelligence, capability, competence and the respect he commands in the international community. Their hatred is limitless. In their obsession and desperation to snatch power, they have crossed the line of treason by compromising and endangering the sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and national interests of Ethiopia. The following are examples supporting this statement:


·         They condemn Ethiopia’s defense against jihadists;


·         They praise, congratulate, defend, encourage and support—instead of denouncing—the atrocities committed by separatists and jihadists;


·         They condemn Ethiopia’s reaction to such atrocities;


·         They collaborate and scheme with the Eritrean government which has been and is trying hard to destabilize and disintegrate Ethiopia;


·         They belittle EPRDF's sound government policies and strategies, which have proved successful;


·         They deny and ridicule the double-digit economic growth, a remarkable progress and performance in socio-economic development in the last five years; and


·         They unashamedly accuse the Prime Minister of being a stooge of developed countries because of, among others, his success to mobilize foreign assistance (For example: by not giving in to pressure from such countries to allow foreign banks to operate in Ethiopia he not only shielded the development of local banks but also saved the country from the devastating impact of the current global financial crisis).

In short, these hate-mongers and anti-Ethiopia elements do not care at all about Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Their only desire is to be in power by any means—in the driver’s seat—without any concern on how that might impact Ethiopia and its people, enie kemotku serdo aybqel.


One of their tactics is a negative smear campaign portraying the country's image and, in particular, it’s dedicated Prime Minister with all kinds of monstrous adjectives and pictures. Among the methods used include politicizing everything, outrageous allegations, lies, exaggerations, wild generalizations, spinning, misinterpretation and spreading rumors. Practically all of the writings of these-diehards are replete of despicable descriptions and character assassinations, all intended purely to bring down the government. This writing ferrets out examples of statements that do not make any sense, are illogical, are concocted, or are not supported by facts—purely intended to misinform and mislead readers, particularly the Diaspora silent majority. It is a modest attempt to expose those bigots who have been hoodwinking and continue to hoodwink the Ethiopians and the international community. (In the future, there will be a series of matrixes like the one below, each proceeded by the current two paragraphs). 





Author’s Statement

My Comments

1. Ethiopia's khat-addict dictator threatens to boycott Copenhagen, ethiopianreview.com, September 3rd, 2009

[Meles, who has just returned from Belgium where he received medical treatment, must be hallucinating.]

The pathological liar Elias has doctored the original article by AFP and given it a new title. As any reader would notice there are two obvious lies. The first is the PM is a khat-addict. The second is the PM received medical treatment in Belgium. These are pure and simple fabrications. If they were true we would have seen them on all opposition supporting websites with all kinds of spins. Who is hallucinating, the PM or Elias, the lie-addict?


2.Welcoming the New Ethiopian New Year By Robele Ababya, ethiomedia.com, | September 7, 2009


…It would be naïve to trust him [PM Meles] he would care for vital interests of African continent. For anything is for sale as far as the misruling thugs in Addis Ababa are concerned.


Inflexible liberation fighters: Separatist liberation movements will continue soliciting for resources from former colonizers by tarnishing the image of Ethiopia as if she is the last ‘empire’ remaining on the globe. But the truth is that Meles gets tanks, fighter airplanes, helicopter gun-ships and flow of funds and political support not only from ex-colonial masters but also from other quarters vying for influence in the African continent.

The writer is contradicting the trust the African leaders repeatedly put on the PM. As we all recall he represented them with success at the G-8 and G-20 summits. He will do the same defending African interest and stand at the Copenhagen Conference on climate change as he did in New York at the UN Headquarters and in Petersburg, USA.

The writer seems to be one of the few exceptions in the opposition camp who admits that separatists and the so-called liberation fronts are tarnishing the image of Ethiopia. I salute his patriotism. I do not, however, agree to his assertion that foreign governments provide the PM with military equipment. Whatever the country gets is mainly in the form of military training and related materials and accounts for a very small part of its needs.

3. Selling citizens, selling children and selling land, By Yilma Bekele, ethiopianreview.com, September 7th, 2009



…the regime generates income by selling our children…business that is taking children from living families in order to gain profits from Western adoption fees.






The writer compares the current Ethiopian government with that of East Germany whichconstructed walls, buried land mines, and erected watchtowers to prevent their people from fleeing to the West.” This comparison is outrageous as any Ethiopian can travel abroad at any time.


He misinforms us that the Government of Ethiopia is making money selling, apparently meaning giving Ethiopian children for adoption. This is not true. It is devilish to assert or even imply that there is a government directive in this regard. He also misinforms us that the children “sold”, meaning given for adoption, are from living families. There could have been cases when children with living parent(s) were adopted by mistake or for lack of information or manipulations by immoral and selfish individuals/groups or with the consent of the parent(s). These have nothing to do with the government. The government is not involved in adoption. The normal adoption process is carried out by registered adoption agencies. The government should see to it that rules and regulations governing formal adoption are adhered to and anything done outside this strictly controlled.


4. Washington Update, by Mesfin Mekonen, ethiolion,com, September 10, 2009

…As most of you know they [the Ethiopian government] have hired a big K Street lobbying firm, DLA Piper to influence the American government. According to the public web site of Pro Publica: (http://foreignlobbying.org/client/Government/Ethiopia/) The regime has already spent over $2,300,000.00 to date on registered lobbying by DLA Piper. 


Clicking “Countries/Ethiopia” on the link page reveals that EPRP has paid lobbyists 12 payments during 2007-2008 while the government of Ethiopia six payments during 2007-12-26—2008-02-01. Why are EPRP and others making a big fuss over the government using lobbyists when they themselves are doing the same? Are they telling us that the use of lobbying is the prerogative of EPRP only? These are the so-called oppositions who are dreaming day and night to rule over a unitary government system that has been rejected by the nations, nationalities and peoples of the country.   

5. Rejecting the tyrannical hoax, enjoy the New Year!

By Forum for Rights and Equality in Ethiopia (FREE), ethiomedia.com,  September 11, 2009




…When he [PM] convened a meeting of his loyalists, it was predictable that he had no plan of any good wishes for the poor nation he has been ravaging with his misrule.


…But there were at least some gullible folks who took the absolute monarch’s pranks seriously and thought that he would abdicate his absolutist throne…


…the uncompromising BBC interrogator who even managed to extract a confession that he ordered his security forces to open fire on unarmed protesters…




As the write-up indicates the writers and their likes were disappointed by the “merdo” that the EPRDF did not accept the PM’s request for resignation. They thought his resignation could ease their path/access to power. The EPRDF very well know that his service to the people and the country is, at this moment, crucial and irreplaceable. He is indeed needed to ensure the federal system is deeply rooted and to accelerate the badly needed improvement of standard of living of Ethiopians who have to join those who have already graduated to higher levels.

With regard to the writers’ claim, the PM did not order to “open fire on unarmed protestors.” According to “Meles Zenawi with BBC's Stephen Sacker of Hard Talk” what the PM simply said was “Stop insurrection.” Apparently, the writer spinned this to “open fire.” The PM explained that “policemen are trained to control crowd...I do not presume to be an expert in crowd control and give instructions how policemen should do their job.” In other words, it is up to the police on the spot, based on the gravity of the situation, to take action, action that would save the country from chaos and disintegration. This is what happened. Blame those who organized the insurrection, none of whom, including members of their families, were on the spot at the time. This gives a hint that the demonstration was planned and the demonstrators were pressured/encouraged to engage in violence and behave in such a way as to invite the security to take action. In this connection, recall Eng. Hailu Shawul’s prediction of 10,000 to 15,000 deaths in order to enable him to sit on the throne.


6. WorldBank says Ethiopia's atmosphere for business improved!, ethiopianreview.com,September 14th, 2009


EDITOR'S NOTE: World Bank crooks must be chewing khat with Meles.


[The truth of the matter is that Ethiopia's economy under the Woyanne tribal junta is growing down like a carrot.]

According to the article The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in their latest Doing Business 2010 report unveiled that “Ethiopia reduced court delays… expanded role for enforcement judges…simplified property transfers…reforms at the company registry and the streamlining of procedures… reform in starting a business, registering property, and enforcing contracts.” These are recent reform achievements in addition to the double-digit economic growth in recent years denied ad nauseum by Elias Kifle and his likes. Who is lying—the pathological liar Elias or The World Bank and the IFC? He is out of his mind. What is sad is that some vocal Diaspora will blindly echo his lies and embolden him to go on hallucinating ad infinitum.


7. Ethiopia: Thousands of March 4 Freedom held a very successful demonstration, ECADF Ethiopian News, 14 September 2009


The March was a resounding success… In a demonstration where almost the entire Ethiopian people were represented…









The highly publicized demonstration—which was supposed to have been the mother of all demonstrations—ended up to be an absolute disappointment to the organizers. It was sponsored, we are told, by 36 organizations, including the author of the article concerned. Too bad for the organizers who invested so much time and energy meticulously planning for a long time and consistently urging the Diaspora to flood the environs of the Capitol.

The organizers and their supporters gave conflicting information on the number of the demonstrators. The claim went downhill from thousands to over one thousand, to many, whatever it means, to several hundred. The following are indications of the utter failure of the demonstration:

  1. The voices of the crowd repeating the leaders’ rallying slogans/ “mefekrs” indicate the low turnout.
  2. The applauses were practically inaudible.
  3. Videos were not posted on their websites.
  4. Of the nine pictures posted number 3 shows the largest number, probably not more than 70, confirming the total 200 figure estimated by others was more credible.

The group picture referred to above was purposely posted to give the impression that it is a small segment of the demonstrators. There is no doubt that those responsible would have posted pictures and videos scanned from one end to the other from a strategic position of the whole group had the participants been in the thousands as claimed.

VOA which witnessed the demonstration kept quite in regard to the size of the demonstration. It would have been among the first to downplay the low turnout had the rally been in support of the Ethiopian government.

8. Ethiopia not drifting to chaos, says Meles, By Argaw Ashine, Nation correspodent, September 17, 2009

Editor's Note-…Ethiopians are very much weakened and tormented by years of systemic repression, including punishing the people by creating artificial shortage of food, and hence hunger…

What is the editor trying to prove by blatantly accusing the Prime Minister or his government ofcreating artificial shortage of food, and hence hunger?” He has, apparently, forgotten or intentionally ignored that many in the leadership were freedom fighters and therefore know what hunger and thirst means. We saw how skinny practically all of them were when they entered Addis Ababa. It is beyond my comprehension how such dedicated leaders would intentionally expose their people to hunger. It would seem that the editor would have done such a heinous blunder.

As those who want to know know the government has been operating a safety net program covering about seven million people. Every year part of this group graduates and become self-sufficient. There is another group of 4-5 millions who suffer when drought strikes. Aid is, of course, provided when needed. The government is in the process of improving the lot of both groups by developing irrigation and other means.     

9. Déjà vu: Much ado about an already won election!, By Alemayehu G. Mariam, ethiomedia.com, September 21, 2009



What is the “2010 election” about anyway? It is about… The lack of access to clean safe water (only 24% of the total Ethiopian population has access to “clean and safe water)… Improving one of the worst educational systems in the world (only 33% of boys and less then 20% girls are enrolled in school in Ethiopia)? Improving one of the worst health care systems in the world (only about 20% of Ethiopians have any access to some form of primary care, one physician for every 40,000 people, one nurse for every 14, 000 people)?



Here we go again with Al Mariam’s lies! According to UNICEF 42% of population was using improved drinking water in 2006 and primary school enrolment in 2007 was 97% for boys and 85% for girls. The enrolment figures are by now likely to be closer to 100%. It should be noted here that as a result of the impressive progress achieved in education the literacy rate rose to 62% for male youth and 39% for female youth during 2000-2007. It is clear that he is cheating by citing figures without giving the years to which they apply. His intention is to fool readers to assume that the figures are for 2008. They were probably applicable 10-15 years ago. The same applies to access to primary health care. With health facilities in practically every kebele manned by two trained health extension workers access is likely to be nearing 100%. There are some 30,000 such workers (mostly women) implementing the prevention-based health policy of the government that has been hailed as a practical solution and which is being emulated by some countries. The health workers refer patients whose problems they cannot handle to their respective woredas and zones. This is an innovative solution to the low level of doctor/people ratios the writer pointed out.


10. Why do you do this to us Ato Meles? By Yilma Bekele, ethiopianreview.com, September 25th, 2009


Mr. Obama was heard to have said ‘the Ethiopians again, persistent aren’t they?’


The writer is so unhappy about Prime Minister Meles’s international popularity that he had to heap lies after lies on him. It seems that his hatred toward him has no bounds. The lie in the middle column is among the latest. Who is the source of this particular lie? How come the hundreds of world media covering the conferences, meetings, etc. did not mention it? This is a repeat of the tactic that was used during the April 2009 G-20 summits in London. The eternal liar Elias Kifle wrote “Obama reportedly told Meles that the human rights condition in Ethiopia is deplorable and unacceptable.” As in Yilma’s case there was no mention of this in the world media.

By the way the most recent noise made by the 30 odd vociferous Diaspora was an utter failure. Who among the world leaders would take serious 30 odd persons out of hundreds of thousand Ethiopians in the USA? Such insignificant number cannot, by any stretch of imagination, represent Ethiopians, both in the Diaspora and at home.



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