By Tibebe Solomon 04-04-15

Have you ever wondered why most people do not directly involve in their country political affairs? Have you ever wondered why many are the audience of political cinema in their own country? Have you wondered why the majority endure killings, massacre and mistreatments inflicted by few groups in a country? Some writers called them the silent majority. Who are these people?

The silent majority are major parts of the population who avoid to be at the front of political stages but are active in making of a political fate of a country. They are comprised of people who are followers, not leaders; who are opportunists of the time, not benevolent; who are thirsty of chaos, not peace seekers. These are mixes of groups of people who fold their hands and watch until political situations gets out of hands.

Not all people are entitled to lead by nature. Some people like to follow others leads. A part of the silent majority fall in this category. They are followers. Their main agenda is things that interest them in their own life. Definitely, that is not the politics of the country. National issues are of low priority for this group. They are mainly focused on their own life. Earning money for better life, raising children, seeking more knowledge, experimenting and creating, visiting places, enjoying literature and art, are their nature. They like to win mainly their own life. They are good parts of the silent majority by way of life and character. They have little appetite for politics and are disgusted by political arguments. When there is one, they would rather rub off their hands. If a leader creates that good country, they are satisfied to live along with it. They just hope somebody on government power will function to expectations. When a government fails, they still tend to continue to make their own life. They more of look like unaware of how a government works.

The opportunist part of the silent majority is not like the followers. They have the ability to lead others. However, they do not want to be the leader because of its risky behavior. They have tremendous surviving skills in a country. They understand when a government misbehaves. They are obstacles for they quietly oppose and hinder a government they oppose. However, they do not want to take an upfront step to correct it. They look over their shoulder before they say some. They gradually erode the strength of a government. They do not like immediate frictions. Their safety and peace are first even when they are the disadvantageous. Their life and their beloveds are what matters to them. Their voyage is always on the safest route. They are not willing to take a risk. This part of silent majority is double sided. They try to compromise with both angles and devils at the same time. They could also be very close to a government working for it. If power goes out of the hands of the government during the hand folding, they will advance themselves as substitutes or better alternatives.

There are also a good deal of other parts of the silent majority who are very worry some for a country political system. These are the worst people who can never be identified before they do the damage. These groups of people are unlike human nature. They have especial feeling and emotions. They enjoy dominance. They like to see others suffer. They are satisfied when somebody is in pain. They love it when families break apart, when someone is tortured, when people fight, when a fellow loose a job, when a partner fails, when a friend is disappointed. They feel joy in the face of a massacre. These are devils of a country. The use of force is the final solution for these groups. One can even argue the existence of such groups in a society. Make your own research. They are prevalently very sneaky amidst the silent majority. They pretend humbleness in their daily life. Disturbing an order is their thing. They preach peace to create war, love to create hatred, heaven to crate hell. No way to know them before they get a chance to hurt others. This group of the silent majority has created the dark sides of history in the past. Chaos is the conveyer to power for this group.

My fellow defender and lover of Ethiopia and its people: The best way of preventing this part of the silent majority seize the power of government is by the way of democracy.

Melkam Yigtemen!

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