A reminder call for Ethiopian Diaspora on the three year inauguration of the grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


A reminder call for Ethiopian Diaspora on the three year inauguration of the grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

By Yohannes Gebresellasie (PhD) Ethiopia

Our Grand Renaissance Dam project is now three years old and the project is going on with maximum momentum, tenacity and vigor. The government and people of Ethiopia have drawn unlimited focus upon all aspects and in all facets for the completion of this grand project.  This Project is intended among others to make enormous step in order to move the country forward for a better and brighter future and in order to bring rapid transformation to the people of our nation. The government and people of Ethiopia are uplifted, motivated and dedicated more than ever to move this country forward with a leather like intensity and determination to get rid of poverty, illiteracy, backwardness and in order to maintain food security and sustainable development and the construction of this Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will play greatest role in that regard.

During The last five years, Ethiopia has and continues to score a double digit economic growth (11% on average) by following agriculture led industrialization through a balanced macroeconomic policy. This policy is led by a fair distribution of wealth, by regulating and controlling inflation and by allocating over 70% of the national budget on poverty reduction and over 20% on education unmatched by any other African country. This has made Ethiopia amongst the fastest economic growing nations in the world. This pace will continue and within the next five years the national economy will be two fold and agriculture will also double enhancing national productivity. The construction of this Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will definitely play an important role in enhancing the Ethiopian economy. For this magnanimous project to succeed, government, non-government institutions, investors both from within and abroad as well as the public at large from within and the Diaspora must do their share of responsibilities   Here, it is important to note that Ethiopian Diasporas must continue with the commitment, tenacity and momentum that they have already started at this mementos and historic moment in order to strengthen and enhance their participation and contribution to make their dream of having the largest Hydroelectric Dam in the continent and one of the largest Dam in the world  a reality. By doing so, Ethiopian Diasporas can nurture the relationships of accountability embodying practices of obligation, respect, responsibility and affinity that underpin their connection to the developmental endeavor of their country of origin.

It is a judgment time; therefore, during this momentous and historic juncture where our people from coast to coast are totally committed to make their dream a long overdue dream come true, Diaspora Ethiopians must make a correct and historic judgment: they must stand for their country and they must put all their effort together to contribute to this Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam irrespective of political or any other differences. Now all Diaspora Ethiopians have great opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to the mother land.  This great opportunity comes with the implementation of this what I call the mother of all projects. This Dam has mobilized the people of our nation from coast to coast to coast like no other time in the history of our beautiful nation. It has become a household name and a talk of every one with pride and dignity. Ethiopians from within and abroad have bought bonds on behalf of their children, grand children, relatives, friends and love ones for this Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The contribution of the Ethiopian Diaspora in that regard has thus far been outstanding. However, the work and contribution must continue with more vigor, tenacity, intensity, passion and momentum.  Diaspora Ethiopians must show more collaboration, dedication and commitment to help their country of origin leaving their political differences aside.  This is a historic moment to demonstrate their commitment and love for the motherland.

This magnanimous project will be a pride of our people especially the young generation because our ancestors have already done their part to make their history. With this project, our young generation can make their own mark and claim their own history. This project will open the path to Ethiopian greatness and prosperity. This will also remind all friends or non friends alike in clear and unequivocal term that there is no turning back but moving forward towards progress and prosperity. This project is a symbol of hope and bright future for our people and our nation.

Here are some thoughts what Diaspora Ethiopians can do:

·          Keep up and continue contributing to the Dam with more Commitment, Momentum, Tenacity    Intensity and vigor.

·          Continue buying bonds every year.

·          Do not forget to buy bonds on behalf of your children, grand children, relatives, friends and love ones so that they too can be part of history

·         Keep up and continue with this unprecedented mobilization in order to make the dream a reality.

·         Be part of your country’s Ambassadors in informing others including those individuals and or groups who try to mislead people through misleading biases.

·         Tell the world that this grand dam will help not only Ethiopia but also neighboring countries including Sudan and Egypt and they have nothing to fear out of the construction of this grand dam.

·         Keep on buying, keep on dreaming and as you are now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, soon you will see your dream becoming a reality and you will be proud of your accomplishment.


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