Medrek is campaigning in Mekelle:Is Medrek an offspring of Kinjit?

(Aigaforum 03/15/10)- For the record let everyone know that Medrek has unfettered access to campaign anywhere in Ethiopia in this election! We are sure this will come handy later on. We can guess where they are heading when they proudly confess they are Kinjit werash (inheritor). How is it when Eng Hailu, Ato Ayele Chamiso and Dr Berhnau are alive and kicking, well minus Berhanu, Medrek is claiming Kinjit for itself? The three were and are leaders of the organizations that constituted Kinjit then! And, yet, Ato Siye, Ato Gebru, Dr Negasso, and Eng Gezachew are claiming the true Kinjit inheritors (werashoch!) through UDJ?

Also are these people speaking to voters representing themselves and not MEDREK? The way we read Siye’s speech, it seems Siye has replaced Dr Berhanu’sme” “me” personality in the former Kinjit. Nowhere in his speech did we read/emphasis about Andinet (Medrek) similar to Berhanu’s monologue right after his release from prison.

The question we have to Dr Negasso, Siye and Gebru is … wouldn’t you rather be the inheritor of the spirit of EPRDF who instills a can do attitude with determination to make change like the picture here instead of a spirit that enables someone to break windows, buses and cause mayhem? Not that EPRDF is dead, but knowing that you all think there is no EPRDF any more after you leave! What the Spirt of Woyane Can Do! click to enlarge