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By Mathza (Septemer 13, 2013)

I recently came to learn that you had authored a very important book, and listened to the interviews you conducted in the US. My heartfelt congratulations and thank you for making my wish come true. I have been waiting to learn the true history of Emperor Yohannes IV. Your book 'Embita Anstar Worerti' was the answer I was hoping to read one day.

Some years back I read articles and derogatory commentaries about Emperor Yohannes IV in some websites. Ethiopian history written by Ethiopians covering Emperors Tewodrs II, Yohannes IV, Menlik II and Haileselassie practically ignored the glaring contributions Emperor Yohannes IV made to his country and people.
I am not a historian or a student of history. Despite this I tried to respond to some of the prejudices and chauvinistic writings against Emperor Yohannes IV in my article 'Distorting Ethiopian History'. A more detailed coverage is presented in my 'Urgent Need for Reconciliation Based on Confession and Atonement'. Another is 'Desperate Chauvinists' Crusade Against Historical Ethiopian Personalities'. I have, here below, included all three articles. I would be grateful if you could kindly critically examine them and let me know of any corrections that I should bring to the attention of those who read and will read my articles. (I would also appreciate those who read this short note and personally know the author to draw his attention to my request.)

A few days ago I saw a video on first Woyane, a revolt against the government of Ethiopia by the people of the southern part of Tigray. It was overwhelmed with the air bombardment by British air force, a well equipped large Ethiopian forces as well as Tigrayan forces from the rest of Tigray. One could wonder about the consequences (including likely revolt by other regions) had the other Tigrayans joined the rebels and had the British not intervened. This rebellion increased the oppression perpetrated and worsened the poverty of the Tigrayans. I hope historians will urgently take advantage of the Woyane leaders interviewed in the video and write the history of the first Woyane, assuming this has not been done.
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