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Marginalised Diaspora Extremists

Berhane Kahsay

April 29, 2011

Day by day, the handful extremists are being marginalised beyond a shadow of a doubt. They boldly claim to be’ pro- democracy’, and yet, they don’t have a tiny drop of it in their circulation. Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their brand of politics is routinely labelled as hodam, woyane, leba to name but a few. They use both abusive languages of the worst sort, and Physical threats to get their own way. The toxic Diaspora is reduced to such a sorry state because it is inept and politically bankrupt. Supporters are abandoning them in droves. A few of the remaining hard core extremists are doing exceptionally well to make themselves utterly insignificant. The Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) and The Grand Renaissance Dam (GRD) would ensure their eventual demise.

Lately, the extremists frantically tried to sabotage the debate on GTP and GRD. What was the need for this? Wouldn’t these projects go a long way to greatly reduce poverty in our homeland? They would indeed, and many Ethiopians are ready to play their part in the implementation of the GTP and the building of GRD. This was amply demonstrated when government officials were touring America and Europe recently. The extremists have often shown no interest in projects that are beneficial to their own country. Indeed, they sizzle with anger and fury when Ethiopia is placed at the top of league of countries that are registering impressive economic growth. On daily basis, the very few extremists knock at the doors of the IMF and the World Bank bagging for the cancellation of essential development funds intended for their own people. The pseudo democrats are only interested in power, and if Ethiopia is doing well, it would not serve their purpose. They would rather see their country in the doldrums than see it prosper, and be a shining example to other African countries. It hurts them very badly when they see thousands of students graduating from the twenty-three state owned universities. The present government is investing heavily on education as this will produce the necessary graduates that will get our country out of abject poverty. A further ten universities are under construction; consequently, the number of new graduates coming into the job market is expected to increase sharply. Thanks to the EPRDF, the image of our country is slowly but surely altering. By 2015, it will no longer require assistance from other countries to feed its own people. Hunger will surely be a thing of the past, and the humiliation of our country will cease.

The die-hard extremists have been bragging about their attempt to foil the recent GTP meetings in various parts of the USA and Europe. They completely failed, and their lust to remove the democratically elected government of Ethiopia is causing them to fall into the hands of arch foe Eritrea. It is an open secret that the extremists’ daily activities are financed and monitored by the renowned despot Isayas Afwerki. The Eritrean dictator is hell bent on destroying Ethiopia, and the few extremists are doing their very best to make this a reality. Only last week the remnants of the proscribed organisations had their meeting in Atlanta to go over the latest instructions delivered to them by their Eritrean boss. Very hilarious to observe a ‘movement’ that is allegedly struggling to’ liberate one Ethiopia from Woyane’ sitting next to secessionists that are trying to dismantle Ethiopia.

The handful extremists are under the impression that the GTP and the proposed building of The GRD are diversionary tactics intended to prevent the’ Tunisia like’ uprising from taking place in Ethiopia. As to the Nile issue, it has been under discussion for the last ten years and didn’t come about after the events in North Africa. In case they have forgotten, the current government of Ethiopia was only voted into office eleven months ago. In other words, the EPRDF has the mandate to rule the country until May 2015. Many fail to see why there should be an uprising to change a government that was democratically elected recently. Parliamentary elections take place every five years to vote in or vote out a party. What is the need for uprising? Is it because the ‘pro- democracy opposition’ have very limited following in Ethiopia, and their only hope of coming to power is through violence and not democratic elections? It looks like it from where many sane people are standing. Anyways, let us leave the uprising to the other peoples of the world that are led by despots who impose emergency laws that last for decades. Tyrants around the Arab world are unceremoniously booted out one by one. The unelected leader of Eritrea, the god- father of the vocal extremists, is hanging on to power albeit precariously. It is just a matter of time before the pariah falls, and with him, he will take the hard core lunatics to the scrap yard.

As in other countries, the cost of living in Ethiopia is high as well. Where ever possible, the EPRDF has been doing its level best to ameliorate the hardship the people are shouldering. Thousands of tons of wheat are being imported, and distributed to those on low income. Export of maize was suspended until prices were stabilised. And as a result of these actions, the price of teff has been brought down from what it was before. Sugar and oil are in circulation at affordable prices. Lack of competition has been identified as the root cause of the price hikes, and the government is issuing new trade licences that would ensure competition leading to price falls. Hording and greed by the very few business men have also lead to unwarranted price increases. One of the futures of the GTP is to double food production, and it is hoped that this would bring about significant decrease in the rate of food inflation. To control inflation on the other items, interest rate adjustments that lasted until recently were made.

Furthermore, petrol was heavily subsidised up to a year or so a ago. Additional cement is imported in large quantities to ensure the continuity of the construction industry. When all the factories under construction go operational, there would be enough cement to go around resulting in a massive reduction in prices, and millions of dollars needed for import would be saved. To improve the public transport, five- hundred buses capable of carrying two-hundred passengers at a time are expected to commence early next year. About five to ten of them are already operating.

Unlike the North African countries, the EPRDF government is perfectly aware of the economic hardship the public are going through. To this end, relentless actions were and still are being taken to bring down the cost of living. As it happened in the Arab countries, the Ethiopian government didn’t sit ideally and watch the people suffer. So, why should the people revolt against an administration that really cares for them? The desperate extremists are praying for an uprising but it won’t happen now or in the future. As a matter of fact, the Ethiopian people are firmly behind the EPRDF, and are prepared to contribute what is required of them to see the successful completion of the GTP and GRD. Bond, Nile bond is the name.

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