Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We have noted the publication of an article on your daily issue of Tuesday, April 23 2013, which purports that Ethiopia is deliberately working to harm the interest of the Kenyan People by developing its hydropower potential for the benefits of its people and the region. While it may not be necessary to respond to the author who based his article on selected reading of facts and figures, we would like to provide some facts to your readership on the efforts that have been made by the Government of Ethiopia to ensure that the development of Gibe III would be to the benefit all the people in the region. Firstly, the Government of Ethiopia has made every effort to ensure that the overall environmental impact of the dam on the flow to Lake Turkana is as minimal as possible. This has been achieved through a combination of measures that are incorporated starting from the project design through its implementation. Based on this, different studies concluded that the impact on the water level of Lake Turkana during the filling of the dam reservoir will be within the limit of the natural variation that has been observed over decades. Secondly, the Government of Ethiopia strongly believes that the impact of any large-scale development projects can only be effectively and sustainably addressed through a basin-wide approach for development. In this context, it has established a Number of Basin Development Authorities including one for Omo basin to ensure the sustainable development of our natural resource base.

Thirdly, both the Government of Kenya and Ethiopia strongly believe on the need to have a consolidated cooperation in order to effectively manage Transboundary Resource such as Lake Turkana and ensure the sustainable development of the region. In this regard, the two countries are closely working with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other development partners to develop and implement a basin-wide cooperation programme that would ensure the sustainable development of the region to the benefit of their people. Finally, we would like to call upon all parties who are concerned with the long term interest of the people of the two countries to be part of this collaborative framework by working for a more holistic solutions rather than making allegation based on half-cooked facts and conjectures.

Ethiopian Embassy

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