“Last Word” to the Hating & Ignoble Few Within the Ethiopian Diaspora


“Last Word” to the Hating & Ignoble Few Within
the Ethiopian Diaspora

Adal Isaw
September 23, 2012

I thought you had hit the bottom of the pit for hate. I was wrong; in fact and in part not knowing how deep and coiled the nature of your hate is. There seems to exist an endless time for you to stay hateful. And from the hate and ill will that you have been waging against your own country, Ethiopia, I realized that your hate is bottomless as in the ever enlarging universe, but only in shameful negative terms. Having lost track of what should have molded your life, your bottomless hate, not your inkling to comradery and a goodwill for your kind, I should tell you in “last word,” is busy accounting for the indecent life that you are living away from mother Ethiopia.

Decency I think is more human and less of everything else and it is better for you to keep this in mind so long as you are politically active. I also think that you need not to be indecent to be the political animal that you are now—precisely because the political animal in you is covered with the thinnest possible political fur and thus not daunting anyway. But the animal in you that rejects human decency is entirely something else, and, it may require some kind of human action sooner or later.

For some, a prayer may do good to curb your bottomless hate and to cap it from spilling over. For others, to ignore that you are living may be is the antidote. But for those who have coded your political genome successfully, however, an obvious truism suffices to eventually curb your hate and the truism is this: the hate in you is enervating and gives birth to more hate. A singular hate as is, is crippling and imagine what a progeny of more hate can do to your universe. More hate will collapse your universe, squashing the life out of your human decency and arresting your development as human—till you leave alone the world of Ethiopia forever.

Instead of living to grow timorous on hate by arresting your development as human, you should have lived your life giving life to the life that was given to you by one of the kindest people on earth. That way, you could have turned to your development as human and see hate and decency for what they are. You could have realized why the political animal in you is futile and why the decency in the human animal in you could have kept you sane and civil. Civility and sanity in turn could have led you to decency not to harm Ethiopia at least for once. But this was not to be the case from the beginning and few if any knew such to be your political predicament.

As for me, I did not know that your hate is this profound and coiled; I did not know that you are this strange to facts and evidences surrounding Ethiopia; I did not know that the animal in you is not politics but the lack of decency in the human animal in you; I did not know that you harbor such an immense ill will for any project that our people undertake; I did not know that you are this cruel to wish Ethiopia and its sons and daughters the bitter end of life for political expediency. And I have never imagined that you can become the strangest by the minute and by the hour, depending on the severity of your sickness to hate by living your daydreams as real life. I did not know all these and I may not know a plenty about your overall sickness; but I know this for fact.

You see; there is a distinction to be made between life in its strictest human context and life as in the political life that we live according to our ideological precepts. The former is the embodiment, the quintessential of what life really is and the latter, nothing more than discoursing, premised on our political animal instinct to win over debates on pertinent social, economic and political issues.

If politics is only about savoring the ill and downfall of our own country and those with differing views in contrast to ours for political expediency, we would never ever have any progress to show for as a result of sound political policy. I do not know if you can get this straight; but this is to say that bridges, schools, hospitals and the cascades of hydro electric dams in our beloved country, for example, are not built on savoring the idiocy of opposition politics, but rather, out of the greater strategic plan to ameliorate the conditions that created the political idiocy in opposition politics itself.

You can stretch your political stance as much as you want and as far as you can. No matter how hard you try, however, our political difference is not in any way personal, but it is rather communal, national and international at the same time. You say this way is the better way and I say it is not and vice versa. No matter what though, political discourse should not lend itself to ill will and indecency with respect to our country and fellow citizens. The point: why discard your human decency for something less humanistic. You see; at the end of the day, it is the human decency in you not your politics that which keeps you human and a better political animal as a result.

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