Uganda-Eritrea Horn Diplomacy: A Fašade!


Uganda-Eritrea Horn Diplomacy: A Fašade!

(Aigaforum) May 30, 2012-- The one man regime in Asmara is known to do everything to survive when it is cornered. Last year, with the UNSC breathing on its neck, the one man regime left town on a mad dash to convince president Yoweri Museveni not to go along with the African Union decision to support a UN sanction on the regime for its support to terrorist groups in Somalia. The trip however was for nothing since the UNSC passed not one but two sanction since then!

The Ugandan president was invited then to visit Asmara and according to VOA Tigrigna, Museveni has indeed returned the favor. This time the trip is used to mask a glaring reality of nakedness. Isaias Afeworki is trying hard to appear normal living in a normal country. Just the past week Ethiopia has gone deep in to Eritrea chasing terrorist cells who have been killing people in the border area. Word is the Ethiopian defense forces have successfully carried the operation hitting targets on two fronts. The last time Ethiopia took similar action Isaias Afeworki took a month long sick leave! This time he is trying to hide his shame behind a foreign country's head of state visit.

Museveni is rumored to play a peace maker between Ethiopia and Eritrea. His past efforts have been unsuccessful and this one may not be either since the second Ethiopian operation deep in Eritrea was consummated while he was visiting. But, not all was in vain this time, his visit may have saved Isaias Afeworki from a bingeing drinking night that could have put him to deep sleep for another month.

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