The Opposition And The GTP

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The Opposition And The GTP

Markos Lemma

April 18, 2011

To begin with I would like to ask the opposition in Europe and the U.S.A the following: What is Democracy? And, second, what is behind their argument of ”Democracy comes first than Development”? I dare say that ignorance is the mother of stupidity.

First of all the opposition must understand that Ethiopia is not in Mars or Jupiter but rather in the planet earth where specially the Highely Industrialised countries cadre and or even countries like Egypt and Or Turky's cadre can take Ethiopia by surprise in a short period of time if the opposition would have been in power now with this claims. I certainely support Democracy and the rule of law, but not at the expence of the future of the Ethiopian people and the countries development and I dare say the opposite is a healthy conclusion unless then the opposition is suffering from a split personality and or Schizophrenia. And I claim that Development comes first than Democracy!. Let me make myself clear, Democracy even in Europe and the U.S.A is in the making and not as the opposition wants to explain ”is already in full swing achieved”. Ethioipia has already started this demanding system called Democracy and is making progress as we speak.

Now let me challenge both the opposition and the Industrialised countries with the so called ”Human right, Democracy and Rule of Law”.

As far as the opposition is concerned I have made it abandontely clear that Ignorance is the mother of stupidity.

But let me challenge the Industrialised countries of Europe and the U.S.A: Why were you deaf and mute about South Korea when South Korea was ruled literally by a western friendly and ally millitary Geneneral dictatores till the first half of the 180's?. South Korea was transformed into a multi party system and the citizens were "allowed" to enter the new era of voting only in the first half of the 1980's. Till then the Western Industrialised nations were busy giving economic and military AID as well in the transformation of thecnology and know how on a grass root level and there was not a word of ”Human Right Violations” and or ”demand for Democracy” as far as South Korea was concerned. When the military dictatores of South Korea handed over power to the civilian administration in the the first half of the 1980's; South Korea was not only developed Agriculturally and Industrially but its highely educated Cadre was able to challenge the highely Industrialised Japan's Cadre and South Korea was so strong and not vulnerable to any other country. It is not only that but it has already abolished Illitracy and poverty in the country within 30 years (1950's-1980's) was already transformed into an Industrialised country on its way challanging Japan in camera and high tech camera lince technology to mention one and was already preparing the ground for the near future production of the car industry and already breathing in the Japanise neck in developing the Electric train and Metro (Subway).

Ethiopia is in the right track of developing Democracy. The country have to eradicate poverty throughout the country; the Ethiopian people must become self sufficient in food; The Ethiopian people must have decent housing system; The Ethiopian people must have full access to a highely developed Medical care; the country must develope and renew its defence personels and logistics constantely; above all the country must guarantee that the future children of Ethiopia are healthy and educated with a countrywide Patriotic and Highely educated Cadre who will not sell out the people and its future and even halt its possibility to become a Highly Industrialised and self sufficient and food exporting country. I can see and "feel" that the country is moving in this direction.

This seems to be something what the opposition finds hard to even discuss needless to mention accept that the above mentioned issues are the Graniite Rock foundation of Democracy.

Please stop confussing your brothers and sisters who had not the chance to be educated there by preparing the ground for yourselves to ”seize power” and sell them out and the countries fortunes fast thereby tightning the shackels of servitude and stagnancy void of development.

If one thinks that Democracy starts and ends with multi party system and voting then I dare challenge anybody and everybody: How about the Third Reicht of Germany in 1930's when the Weymer Government (the Right wing party of Germany and the Social Democracy) were in power and the majority of the people voted for Hitler to Richtag (Parliament) which today is renamed Bundstag (Parliament). The tragedy was that the Weymer Government was unable to hummer out a program and or a policy to stamp out Hitler and so Hitler seized the opportunity and said that ”this is a childs play”, disolved the parliament and made himself the Chansller of Germany.

First, I mentioned South Korea and its developmentm, which today is one of the Highely Industrialised country.

Secound, I mentioned in short about ”Democracy and Voting” in the west, and namely the 1934 Germany. Which by the way together with Mussolini's fascit Italy was concidered as ”Democracies” by the Western countries till ”their ally Hitler started not only expanding in his own words ”Not to the West (America); Not to the South (Africa) but to the East (the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe) and opened a military front at the same time aganist France and Britain. Who then of course immidietely not only nullified calling these countries their allies but cancelled calling them Democracies. By the same token America stoped glorifying ”How the Trains in fascit Itally are always punctual etc..” The rememberer say, you see that was not long ago. It was only in the 1930's and 1940's. Leave Ethiopia Alone!

Markos Lemma Wesenie MD, Specialist in Radiology
April 18, 2011

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