The Grand renaissance Dam should be a grave for Isayas.


The Grand renaissance Dam should be a grave for Isayas.

By W.Yilma April, 19/2013
I read on your website an article in title “Egypt and Eritrea discusses boosting bilateral relations “. According to their communiqué, president Mursi has praised Eritrea for the stance Isayas has taken in support of the “historic right of Egyptian over the Nile River”. Knowing the behavior and the hate Isayas has conceived throughout his life towards Ethiopia and Ethiopian, I am not amazed by the Eritrean dictator stance. It is clear no stone was unturned by Isayas and his cohorts to harm Ethiopia, since he was granted by Ethiopia an independent Eritrea. Isayas is not concerned about his domestic problems or he doesn’t have any political, social, educational, and economic programs to the people he claimed is caring. While he is in power, his entire time is occupied in involving in neighboring countries internal affairs. Especially, Ethiopia is his primary target, and therefore he is not hesitating to join, plan, assist, sponsor, and train, to those groups or countries who are enemies of Ethiopia.

The independence of Eritrean is not the independence of the Eritrean people. It is the independence of Shabia to stay in power without any accountability either for the Eritrean people or to the international communities. His stays in power for the last 20 years has been confirmed this reality. If Egyptian rulers have a sanity of mind and think as diplomat, they should understand the reality that Ethiopia and other riparian Nile countries also have inalienable and unquestionable sovereignty over their natural resources. Ethiopian decision to build a hydropower dam over the Nile River is not targeting Egypt or denying her to have a fair and equitable share from Nile water. Therefore, instead of engaging to make a deal with Isayas with the issue that does not pertaining to him, it would be better for Mr. Mursi to make a bold and genuine deal with the natural owners of the Nile River, especially with Ethiopia. However, if both Mursi and Isayas are failed to understand this reality and choose to acting like a spoiled child who wants to grasp everything he wishes to have, certainly they will lose the game.

What need to be clear here is that the Ethiopian government should closely follow the activities of these two hostile countries, and prepare to foil their conspiracy if needed. To do this the Ethiopian government should work closely with other Nile riparian countries. Others Nile riparian countries should know that the conspiracy between Egypt and Eritrea will spillover to their door step. Therefore, a joint regional effort and action is needed to foil this international conspiracy spear headed by Isayas and Egyptian Mursi.

The Egyptian preposterous diplomatic maneuvering and claims pursued for century regarding the ownership of Nile water is not only illegal but also immoral in any account. This illegal right was given to Egypt by illegal colonial power, Great Britain to exploit Egyptian soil by growing cottons. If the world communities (including Egypt and Eritrea) have accepted colonialism as legal system then the Egyptian claim would have been legally right. However, as everybody knows (I think Egyptians and Eritreans know the brutality of colonialism) colonialism is a brutal system against humanity. Therefore, any agreements that have been made during those dark times are also illegal and should be nullified. As Egyptians are aware of, Ethiopia has never accepted all those treaties or decrees or letters corresponding between colonialist and colonized officials. Because of this Ethiopia have the right not to abide by those illegal agreements.

Egypt action to drag Eritrea in this issue will put both countries in a very difficult situation and make it difficult for Egypt to reach a workable agreement that would benefit both Egypt and the rest of the Nile riparian countries, especially with Ethiopia. Similarly, Eritrea will be regionally isolated more, and the domestic political situation will be worsening. It is also clear that, Eritrea is no more influential at a regional level both diplomatically or militarily. Therefore, the move president Mursi is perusing is not only wrong and dangerous but also it will backfire against both countries.

The stance of the Eritrean government is not only against Ethiopia but also against all riparian countries. Therefore, Ethiopia should play a leading role to isolate Isayas diplomatically from all regional organizations. This man is very dangerous and his existence in power is a time bomb for both to Ethiopia and to the neighboring countries. Any external forces such as Egypt and other countries who do not like our move toward prosperity could use him as their agent to cause trouble in the region. The Ethiopian government should take this issue seriously and should work 24/7 to shorten the life span of Isayas and his cohorts. Shabia at this time is at the stage of collapse. The Ethiopian government should revise its policy toward the Eritrean oppositions and should build a confidence by allowing them to do their business by their own. At this time Ethiopian problem is not the independence of Eritrea, it is the government of Isayas who is against both Ethiopians and his own people. The Eritrean people are lost confidence to their government and are looking an alternative. What they are not sure about is the role of the Ethiopia government post Isayas era.

What we should understand here is, there is no and will not be worst Eritrean oppositions than the current government in Asmara. Let’s stop playing a mouse and cat game with the Eritrean oppositions and empowering them to do their own job by themselves. We Ethiopian should guarantee the Eritrean people that we do not have any hidden agendas other than seeing independent, prosperous and good neighbor Eritrea. Although Isayas and his cohorts are trying to cut the umbilical cords that connect these two peoples, we Ethiopian still believe that we both share many common values.

We Ethiopian thought that the independent of Eritrea is the end of the bloodshed between our people. But that is not true. Wes still is bleeding because of war mongering attitudes of Isayas. Unless Ethiopia managed to level the field by removing Shabia from power with the help of the Eritrean people, the clouds of danger is always hovering over Ethiopian skies. Before he hunts us we must hunt him and finish the job done by removing Isayas from his throne.

Long live Ethiopia and peace both for the Ethiopian and the Eritrean people!

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