Hodge-podge Extreme Opposition upset one of their own!


Ottawa: Hodge-podge Ethiopian Extreme Opposition upset one of their own!

(Aigaforum) May 20, 2012- The extremists’ camp from the Ethiopian Diaspora opposition has been congregating in Ottawa Canada(May 19-20 2012) to chart yet again a blue print for their struggle. The gathering in many ways seems to upstage Ginbot 7 and the OLF-half effort in creating an Ethiopia that is blessed by Isaias Afeworki. The problem is Isaias Afeworki‘s hand is also believed to be present in this current effort by way of the Arebegonch Ginbar and Gidey Zeratsion camp according to our sources.


The big news however is not what is said and planned but what happened in day one of the gathering. A certain opposition group by the name of TAND-not the one Shaibya is babysitting, but one that lives in Diaspora, whose members are mostly Tigreans, wanted to attend the meeting but the EX-Derg functionaries that include the Debalekews’, Adamus’ and Zelekes’ block them for no other reason but for them being Tigreans. The worst and ironic part of their act is Dr Aregawi was one of the guests at the podium! Go figure how confused and dysfunctional the extremist camp is these days!

Dr Aregawi is said to have been upset by the exclusion of Tigreans but our sources told us he was not able to persuade them yet he remained in the meeting!

The hodge-podge dysfunctional groups are all left over’s from prior hodge-podge groupings. They are left-over of Paris I and II, HIBERT, KINJIT, and bloggers who are more interested in making money than making history! Their main agenda may be to undo Federal Ethiopia and to counter attack Ginbot 7 and OLF-half. However taking the past as a clue this gathering is doomed from the start. Their new Ethiopia cannot even accommodate one person from “TAND”. Mersha EPRP and EX Derg functionary and Gidey Zeratsion‘s group are the main actors in this gathering we are told. What we are not sure is who is breathing with Isaias’s sick lung in this meeting? Is it Elias or Gidey or the folks from Arbegonch that were shuttled from Sudan?

Ethiopia has gone far deep in building a democratic order to be worried and consumed by such groups. The people have moved away from Ethnic politics for many reasons. One being the constitution has devised a legal means to address any Ethnic issues that may rise. However the extremists are still consumed by such issues-they cannot accommodate even a single Tigrean opposition from their own side of the fence!

Time will tell where these people will end up but we are sure we will come as a winner if we bet they will end up where Kinjit ended up!

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