Ethiopia, Marching Forward!!


Ethiopia, Marching Forward!!

Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington D.C., January 28, 2013
Acceleration has been the buzz word that has defined Ethiopia since it anchored on an out and out onslaught on poverty a decade or so ago. The country is moving forward at a fast speed. It stands in marked contrast to the slowing down and meltdown of the economies in the West.

The overall acceleration is especially vivid in construction, land, airlines and railroads expansion, agricultural and industrial boom, urbanization, social sector revitalization and its flagship banner striving to be the Power House of Africa as exemplified by its drive to realize the Grand Renaissance Dam with a generating capacity of 6,000 MW unparalleled in the entire continent.

Ethiopia is Africa's second most populous country, after Nigeria with its 85 to 90 million people. Dubbed as the "Museum of Peoples and the melting pot of nations and nationalities Ethiopia boasts of a Federal State and a Democratic Constitution.

It has stood the test of time as the beacon of multiparty system as enshrined in the ultimate Text of the land and amply experienced during the last National elections with the fifth one up for grabs after a couple of years. Exports in the country keep growing every passing year. According to a recent testimony released by the World Bank Ethiopia has sustainably registered a continuous growth of more than 11% a year during its decade long contour. The main thing is to build and keep building.

The country was ramshackle and singularly known for its grinding poverty and famine ripped by unceasing conflict. Now it is a "new Ethiopia for a new millennium", building its image as the continent's hub and a forerunner. Not only does Ethiopia attract the envy of its black sisters and brothers scattered across the globe for its sacred defense of African Freedom and its subsequent Liberation from the shackles of colonialism and the yoke of alien rule, the country continues to be revered as championing the African Renaissance and the era of the rebirth of the continent currently as an economic giant and a fountain of a strong democratic, just and peaceful nation.

Its historic gallantry and modern marksmanship is corroborated by Africa's wisdom that has bestowed its will upon our country by electing Ethiopia to Chair the AU and unanimously endorsing Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn to take over the AU chairmanship for the next one year when PM Hailemariam on the occasion expressed Ethiopia's commitment to serve the AU.

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