Ethiopia, destination of Eritreaís top exports: Refugees and Terrorism


Ethiopia, destination of Eritreaís top exports: Refugees and Terrorism

Suhul Jan 29, 2012 - One of the poorest countries in the world, a twenty-year old country with a population of under four million led and owned by a tyrant unable to outgrow his rebel mentality has been destabilizing the horn of Africa since its inception and its main target has been Ethiopia.

Shaebia, which at times was willing to settle for a regional autonomy every time life in the Sahel trenches was getting tougher, fought for thirty years and Eritrea finally gained independence mainly as a result of the internal armed struggle of the TPLF against the Dergue. Even though it became officially independent in 1991, it remained a spoiled child of Ethiopia for seven years till 1998.

Shaebia, a mortal enemy very well known to the leadership and rank-and-file of the TPLF was the cause for the loss of more than a thousand lives during the 1984 famine by blocking a safe corridor to the Sudan. What is surprising is that the same Shaebia which was known for its evil intentions against the TPLF and Ethiopia went naively unchecked while building an army well beyond its size and resources for seven years, which led to the occupation of Badme for TWO long years. While Isayas is known for committing blunders and miscalculations, the EPRDF govít is also to be blamed for miscalculating the possibility of a danger at the time. If we were to apply the term colonization to an occupation of a district or sub district by an enemy, then Badme and its inhabitants were colonized by Shaebia for two years. The plain truth is that Ethiopia was unable to evict the enemy from its territory, until the humiliating defeat of Shaebia after two years. The Ethiopian army not only crashed the enemy, but had Shaebia on a marathon-run for its life and Ethiopians were all proud of the army and the govít with a refreshed sense of unity.

The Eritrean govít, humiliated and left with no choice at the time but to accept whatever was on the table, entered into an agreement to set up a 25 km buffer zone and the set-up of an international tribunal to resolve the conflict. The Ethiopian govít while in a position to dictate terms in its favor settled for less and naively confident about the outcome of the ruling, accepted a future verdict as final and binding and agreed to the inclusion of Badme as a disputed territory. Instead of explicitly stating that Badme is undisputed territory, everything Shaebia claimed was on the table and was left to the discretion of the international court.

After the unjust ruling of the international court, Shaebia recovered morally and started singing with almost a ďFinal and BindingĒ album on the market. After Ethiopiaís reluctance to accept the decision as is, followed by the eviction of UNMEE peace keepers from the Temporary Security Zone, the 25 km buffer zone was then occupied by Shaebia and deployed its forces defying the Algierís agreement. Breached by Shaebia, the Algierís agreement was then practically null and void, but other than implied statements from officials, we have not seen a formal statement from the Ethiopian govít declaring that the agreement is null and void. Itís unclear why the govít pretends to keep it alive while itís actually dead.

Ever since the occupation of the buffer zone, Shaebia has been terrorizing our people in the border areas and also opened another battle front in Somalia with a concerted effort to destabilize Ethiopia. With a mission to turn Addis Ababa into Baghdad during the AU summit, Shaebia deployed its terrorist task force which was foiled thanks to the Ethiopian intelligence.

The Eritrean youth are abandoning the regime and fleeing to neighboring countries and the Ethiopian govít is to be commended for its handling of the influx of Eritrean refugees that cross the border to Ethiopia every day. In strengthening the people-to-people relationship, the govít has even gone to the extent of allowing many Eritrean students in Ethiopian universities. The Ethiopian govít has also won a diplomatic victory in sanctioning and alienating Eritrea by the UN Security Council for its terrorist acts, but it seems that no amount of international pressure will stop Shaebia from its mission to terrorize our people. The latest killing and kidnapping of foreign tourists in Berahle is a case in point. Obviously, this will not only discourage tourists to the area, but also the flow of private investment in the bordering states.

The govít recently announced a policy change towards Eritrea and promised to help the Eritrean opposition in their struggle to oust the regime and also PM Meles said that any future terrorist acts by Shaebia will be reciprocated. The question now is whatís the Ethiopian govít going to do about the latest attacks and Shaebiaís persistent terrorist acts against our people? The Eritrean govít probably has many more terrorist plots in the pipeline waiting to be executed.

As a commander-in-chief, if PM Meles doesnít solve this problem while in power, despite his development achievements, he will be turning his supporters into a silent opposition without a ďlogo and sealĒ and his legacy will be overshadowed by the Eritrean issue and conflict.

The Eritrean regime which is the sponsor and hub of all evil in the horn needs to be stopped.

Our people deserve peace NOT no-war no-peace

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