Birhanu and Andargatchew: the enemy of my enemy is not my friend


Birhanu and Andargatchew: the enemy of my enemy is not my friend


Dilwenberu Nega


Make no mistake, G7 is now a deflated balloon with many of its own members in a state of open warfare with G7’s selfish, unpatriotic and dangerous decision to form an unholy alliance with the notoriously Ethiophobic regime of President-for-Life of The State of Eritrea, Isaias Afewerki. To make matters worse G7’s two notable quislings – Dr. Birhanu Nega and Ato Andargatchew Tsiege’s – recent charm offensive on behalf of Eritrea’s estranged tyrant has created too much panther across Ethiopia’s political horizon.


At the heart of the heated debate is a somewhat belated realization by Ethiopia’s opposition-at-large that no matter how per fervid is their yearning to see the back of EPRDF, they refuse to buy the unsavory idea of tying the knot with a foreign leader with a proven track record of aiding and abetting Al Shabab’ss terrorist attacks against Ethiopia. They also hold similar views on G7’s ESAT. Instead of being a watch dog of Ethiopians, it has now become a lap dog for the State of Eritrea.


In point of fact, when you come to think of it, 2013 has so far proved to be a horrible year for both Birhanu and Andargatchew as they seem to be rewarded with a harvest crop of disappointments. First to come was the dashing of their hopes and dreams. Known more for their gargantuan appetite for power and wealth rather than their patriotism, the duo ‘liberation fighters’ had hoped the sudden death of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi would create a power vacuum which would result In the disintegration of EPRDF that the people of Ethiopia would be left with no option but invite them to jet in to Addis Ababa and form a government of national unity. Their salivation for power has up to the time of typing this commentary remained a pipe dream. The second on their list of disappointments is what is dubbed “Cairogate” – the phone hacking scandal which exposed the half a million Cairo’s funding, via Asmara, to G7. It is thought that the blowback effect of the Egyptian largesse on G7’s integrity is greater than the debilitating effect the G7 split had on party morale.


The third crop of disappointment was Andaegatchew’s harvest. He had the brazen audacity of publically lionizing the person who demeaned the status of our ancient Motherland by describing her as “a post-World War II creation.” Andargatchew even went to great length to convince us that Isaias was the best man to come to the opposition side if Jesus of Nazareth fails to show up at the battle field.


Those close to Andy – as they like to address him – speak of an arrogant man. No surprise then that he regards every opposition member as being a belly-god like him, but the sooner he realizes that only the greedy and opportunists take up any offer from a man who turned Eritrea into a vast torture chamber the better for maintaining his sense of balanced reasoning. Who in his rightful mind would think that an Isaias Afewerki, who is a brute tyrant for his own people, has got what it takes to be a caring messiah to the people of Ethiopia?


It is high then time for particularly Ethiopians abroad to grill the leaders of G7 at every conceivable opportunity onn their divisive and unpatriotic policy of being a mercenary of Isaias, for we should never lose sight of what is at stake here are our future and the future of our beloved children. While the adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a true maxim to follow in a struggle of any kind, in this instance, however, the opposite is deemed right: the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.


No one denies that Isaias Afewerki is a die-hard opponent of Woyane/EPRDF, but what must not be forgotten under any circumstances is the irrefutable fact that he is moreover an implacable enemy of our Motherland. Would the Ethiopian in you then allow you to be a mercenary of Isaias, or do you want to remain a missionary for Ethiopia? The choice is yours and yours alone.

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