FYI: about the fake demonstration report in Norway on EMF

The folks at EMF may have gotten away with lies before but no more! People all over the world are tired of extremist lying to the teeth and then causing havoc back home. Opposition websites are forewarned from here on people will watch. Opposition leaders are better off to work with the Ethiopian people at home rather than extremist in Diaspora and their foreign handlers. Read the following from Aigaforum reader in Norway.

Kjell Harald Dalen is an ex - ambassador of Norway to Nairobi, Kenya. He is retired as ambassador many years ago, and the person has nothing to do with
the govt. of Norway. He does not have any government status now, and he is 100% unemployed. In his spare time he is active in local immigrant
restaurant and coffee shop while getting some food and drink and discussing things.

Vibeke Trålim is just a simple graduate in politics and an employee who appears to be a friend of immigrant and who likes to sympathize every time
in any demonstration by immigrants in Norway. She is not an advisor to the government of Norway at all.

The VG (Verdens gang) the Norway’s national newspaper journalists smile ear to ear while they got a chance to read what has been written in EMF. The
journalists said that refugees from Ethiopia are so desperate to get their asylum status, but the Norway govt and the society of Norway are wiser
than this refugees imagined.

Yosuf Yasin is an ex Ethiopian embassy worker in Egypt who had been in Norway for the last 12 years. He is unemployed old man, who is surviving by
getting a refugee monthly allowance from the government of Norway and the same goes to Gidey Zeriha Tsyon.

Most of the demonstrator who attended the demonstration came from refugee camps around Oslo, whom has no work and resident status.  The rest of the
attendants are unemployed Ethiopians who live in Oslo and around who get survive in the last money years by getting a monthly allowance from the
govt. of Norway social offices. In Norway unemployed immigrants get their monthly allowance from the social offices, in which the social offices pay
their food and shelter through a collected tax from employed Norwegian and foreigners.

In Oslo lives more than 3000 Ethiopians legally. And at the demonstration participate less than 1% of the Ethiopians who resided in Oslo.

Henock from Norway



Thank you Henock!