Election 2010 and the Golden Values of EPRDF


 EPRDF was created and nurtured by a population who were hungry for a new Ethiopia. A new Ethiopia that values all the ethnic groups of Ethiopia, and a new Ethiopia that strives to end poverty. In the last 18 years, EPRDF development has a foot print throughout the whole nation of Ethiopia. EPRDF’s National harmony, foreign policy, national security, and economic policy have also been very effective. Many egotistical power hungry individuals have tried to twist the truth in order to portray EPRDF as a lethargic organization that has been fruitless. The truth is EPRDF has become an engine of cultural and economical development. EPRDF has become the party of the poor, the political party that every Ethiopian peasant can depend on. 


  Despite the fact that EPRDF values all Ethiopians regardless of class, the greedy selfish elitist specially who reside in the west have been its harshest critics. These critics have done everything in their power to divide Ethiopian along ethnic and political lines. By now the majority of Ethiopians understand the game plan of the selfish greedy Ethiopians who reside in the west. These few elites who reside in the west have nothing to offer Ethiopia except curse. They do not help poor Ethiopians. To the contrary they discourage Ethiopians who try to help the poor Ethiopians.


   For example, Dr.  Eleni Z. Gabre-Madhin is a courageous Ethiopian woman who left the west and went to Ethiopia to help her fellow Ethiopians. This woman works hard to improve the life of her fellow Ethiopians. She understands that a citizen of a nation has a tremendous power to change his people, and his country. She does not believe that through cursing a government and a leader, a real change does not come to a nation.  A nation is changed by those who have the heart and desire to change their people through good deeds and example. In a normal circumstance, Dr. Eleni Z. Gabre-Medhin would be celebrated and awarded medals of heroism. However, the egotistical Diaspora intellectuals like Abebe Gellaw, Alemayehu G. Mariam, Wondwossen Mezlekia, and Assefa Gultu had the nerve to gang-up against her actions to help poor Ethiopians. Ladies and gentleman, its men like these who do not have the best interest of Ethiopia.  These arrogant men also preach democracy day and night, when they do not even know the meaning of what democracy is. According to these intellectuals, if someone is doing something different than they like, then he or she is worth of ridicule and scorn. Is this the meaning of democracy? 


  The true meaning of democracy is action, and love of once nation from the bottom of the heart. In the last 18 years EPRDF has shown us the true meaning of democracy and love of a nation through the following action oriented policy. Many poor peasant Ethiopians have benefited from those policy. I Daniel Barkaw who hails from a small village in Gurage is a product of those policies.  Read and learn what EPRDF means.





   National Harmony policy  

In the last 18 years EPRDF has took measures that bring national harmony than any other government that preceded it.  EPRDF policy regarding national harmony and unity is the respect of all the communities, ethnic groups of Ethiopia. That is why the previously marginalized languages have been elevated to national languages, and given time on ETV.  EPRDF believes that unity, and harmony is built through mutual respect and appreciation. The discarding of Orminya language, Somali, Afar, Tigringa, Gurginya, and all the other languages of Ethiopia does not bring unity and harmony.  All the rich languages and cultures of Ethiopia should have national prominence, and celebrated, and appreciated equally.  In EPRDF Ethiopia, no language, or culture is superior than the other languages or cultures.


  Ladies and gentleman, let’s not forget the previous regimes policy of harmony was to oppress, degrade, and suppress the other none-Amharic cultures and languages. The Haile Sellasie regime and the Derge regime worked hard to destroy the other languages and cultures of Ethiopia, the point that it was considered shameful to speak once language in the streets of Addis Abeba.  In other words, an Ethiopian from a village in Oromia will feel ashamed speaking Oromia in Addis Abeba. This is not an exaggeration this was indeed a fact.  These were not also isolated incidents, they were common occurs.


 To further unit the people of Ethiopia of the different regions roads, trade, business is a necessity. Therefore, in the past 18 years EPRDF has been working hard to build a network of roads that connect the entire Ethiopia.  Before, EPRDF a villager from Gojam may never ever have a reason to meet villager from Oromia. If there is no road to connect the two villagers, and there is no reason, how could they ever meet? In fact, both villagers may never even connect to the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba without a decent road. Therefore, EPRDF's policy of harmony and unity is not through rhetoric, but through well thought out plan that bring a long lasting unity.


 EPRDF policy for respect of culture boundaries have been repeatedly attacked by opposition members, and the vocal Diaspora.  Kili has been drawn to respect cultural boundaries. The kilis were not drawn to stop movement of Ethiopians from one region to another region. The critics of our policy will never provide documentation where an Ethiopian from Oromia kili was prohibited from Visiting Amhara kili, and vice versa. In fact, all Ethiopians are encouraged to invest all over Ethiopia. The purpose of the kilil is more of culture boundaries.  Communities who have been living in their regions for thousand years should not be forced to assimilate to a new culture and a new language. They have the right to enrich their culture, and their language for thousand years to come. The kilil will provide them with that opportunity.

   I understand those Ethiopians who have the agenda of enforcing one culture and one language on Ethiopia might have a huge headache with the Kilil policy. However, it will be wise if they accept the new realities of Ethiopia. The new realities of Ethiopia are that, all cultures and languages of Ethiopia will be nurtured, and preserved for thousand years to go. 



          Foreign Policy  

     EPRD's foreign policy is an extension of our national policy. We believe that healthy and lasting relationship between nations can be built through mutual respect. Therefore, we respect all our neighbors, and we do believe they are all our brothers and sisters. We wish they that they succeed, because their success means our success.  Therefore, any relationship that we build with our neighbors is to help each other become successful. We do not practice economical, political, and cultural domination of neighbors.   


  National Security

In the last eighteen years Ethiopia's national security has evolved to a level that modern Ethiopia has never seen.  Before the Eritrean and Ethiopian border conflict, our security was lax for a number of reasons. We were hundred percent convinced that Eritrea and Ethiopia would enjoy a lasting mutual based friendship. To ensure this friendship thrives, treated our brothers and sisters as Ethiopian nationals. The border was loosely guarded. We were not completely naive about the nature of the Isyas regime, but we were to optimistic, we thought good deeds can change hearts. We were also stupid to believe that Isays had the best interest for this people. That is why we allowed our Eritrean brothers and sisters to be treated like Ethiopian national.

   The Eritrean and Ethiopian border conflict changed everything in terms of how EPRDF views security. No need to explain further on this subject other than the fact that the current Ethiopian national security structure is one that is far ahead than the previous once.


               ECONOMIC POLICY

  EPRDF economic policy is simple and easy to understand. You do not have to be a PHD to understand EPRDF's current economic policy. The motto that will be describing EPRDF's policy is, "we are open for business 24 hours seven days a week". In other words, come and do business in Ethiopia. If there is business in Ethiopia, there are jobs for our poor people. For this reason we encourage everyone in Ethiopia, and outside of Ethiopia to come and do business. Doing business in Ethiopia should not be political at all. We the EPRDF are not immortal. Our leaders and government could go anytime, despite our effort to keep going. However, if business and developments are established, they will benefits many generation Ethiopians.

   Therefore, dear Ethiopians in every corner of Ethiopia and the world, please come do business in Ethiopia. Weather you have eggs to sell, or used suits, or have invented a computer, whatever you know, comes try it in Ethiopia.




Election 2010

 Election 2010 is expecting to bring huge victory for EPRDF.  EPRDF works hard with the people to improve their life. It works closely with all the Ethiopian population of Ethiopia. Recently the former president of Ethiopia, Dr. Negasso Gidada did a field report. His field report is bias, because it only explains the view that he wants to project to the outside world. He makes it believe that the resident of Dembi Dollo do not know their best interest.  So basically, Dr. Negasso the Dr. can only advise them on how to live?  This is the arrogance of the educated elite? They assume too much.

  EPRDF has the right to protect all Ethiopians from greedy intellectuals who reside in the west, and provide advice through messengers. In fact, this should be part of Ethiopians national security policy.



To be continued-----------