Ledetu Ayalew of EDP passes the torch to Mushe Semu

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Ledetu Ayalew of EDP passes the torch to Mushe Semu

March 22, 2011

(Aigaforum)- Young Ledetu passes the (torch to Mushe Semu)while Angafaw Hailu Shawel and Dr Beyene Petros hang to power precariously!

The Ethiopian oppositions have been going through their own internal "Jasmine revolution" ever since election 2005. EDP was the first to face internal crisis and true to form it is the first to come out of the crisis with a bright future. EDP in its recently concluded congress elected a new chairman to replace its outgoing chairman Ledetu Ayalew. The new chairman Mushe Semu is a long time member and has been a long time close confidant of Ledetu.

Meanwhile "Angafaw" Hailu Shawel is clinging precariously to his power by purging left and right his nemesis from within. Although the engineer has been saying he is done and will pass the chairmanship of AEUP to a young leader so far he has not.

Another "Angafaw" Dr Negasso seems to have completed a well planned comeback to power and seems oblivious about the ongoing revolution call it Jasmine or Facebook that calls for young and new political leaders. UDJ, a group formed after the disastrous split of Kinjit, has lost its young chairwoman but has appointed Angafaw Dr Negasso and Ato Siye to top leadership positions! No one can be sure if UDJ crisis will be over anytime soon since both Dr Negasso and Ato Siye are ex-EPRDF officials who are neither young or new! UDJ supporters and member in Diaspora are full of anger how UDJ ended up with these two as the top leaders.

Last but not least if there is any revolution in Dr Beyene and Dr Merara camp it is the revolution of the constant. Nothing seems to disturb these two and they would likely remain where they are for a while provided Dr Merara comes out unscratched from his flirtation with "huletum ataqeso mehed" Word is Dr Merara is trying to camp in W/ro Anna Gobeze(Gomez) camp to see if Dr Berhanu has any plan to import Shaibya sponsored revolution in to Ethiopia.

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