Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom Conducts Interactive Dialogue with Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora in D.C.


Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom Conducts Interactive Dialogue with Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora in D.C.

Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington D.C. April 28, 2013

Dr.Tedros Adhanom, Foreign Minister of Ethiopia held two separate meetings and conferred with members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community and Medical and Health Care Professionals in Washington D.C.

While addressing members of the Ethiopian community numbering in the hundreds at the auditorium of the Chancery of the Ethiopian Embassy, the FM remarked that so far major economic and social activities have been undertaken. The effort by the government in conjunction with the private sector and the people at large, and the results achieved to improve the livelihood of the Ethiopian people have proven tremendously positive, he added He pointed out that the GTP which has already embarked upon half of the journey of its Five-year plan period he indicated has registered a promising trend to bring about structural transformation to address the fundamental development challenges of the country.

Speaking on the ongoing development activities, he described the government’s efforts in expanding infrastructure throughout the country with special emphasis on Mega projects particularly citing the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.

He added that Grand Renaissance Dam will carry the lion's share of achieving the plan by an anticipated generating power of six thousand Megawatts of electricity which would put Ethiopia at the apex of the continent earning it the enigmatic title as Africa's Power House.

To realize this objective, the Ethiopian FM said the government is working with the utmost resolve and revealed that the Ethiopian people are determined to accomplish plan by enumerating a detailed picture of achievements in different socio-economic sectors in the areas of good governance and democracy.

He assured the congregation that Ethiopia is on track at attaining the Millennium Development Goals and expressed his undoubting belief that the country will join the club of middle income countries in the not too distant future.

While pointing to the monumental task of gaining sustainable security and peace he underscored that Ethiopia has been waging a two-pronged effort in this regard and apprised the audience that it has identified the panacea for securing peace in the region and indeed in the entire continent begins by ascertaining internal peace, which he said 'the country is tranquil'.

In reference to the issues raised by the attendees in the ensuing question and answer session he urged them all to be engaged in resolving problems and to avail themselves to be part and parcel of the solution. Dr. Tedros appealed to the Diaspora Ethiopians to be forthcoming and proactive and to avoid mediocrity and docility for he said "in the business of developing our beloved nation everyone has a shared responsibility and no one should stroll as a distant on looker".

It is perfectly healthy to differ in opinions, but it is quiet humanly inexplicable to observe some who are negatively imbued to tirelessly shout against the Ethiopian peoples' development effort currently decidedly aimed at uprooting poverty once and for all, he underlined.

In a similar development the Ethiopian FM gave an audience to a group from the Ethio- American Medical and Health Care Professionals. The FM hailed the professionals for their initiative and commitment to actively engage in the national development by resolving to put their competencies, skills and fund into use to make a difference in the health and medical field.

The medical professionals explained to the FM that they have already started to inject their share in their area of competence in the on-going national socio-economic drive.

Dr. Tedros hailed the initiative of the professionals and commended them for their proactive decision to involve themselves in the current nation building endeavor. The number of the members of the association is well over one hundred sixty, it was learnt Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy, Ambassador Extra-Ordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the US and resident Envoy to Canada and Mexico was present during the two briefing sessions.

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