Ethiopia and Africa on rise: FM Tedros Adhanom

Ethiopia and Africa on rise: FM Tedros Adhanom

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Tedros Adhanom said 'Ethiopia and Africa on rise' while addressing the Global Citizen Festival in New York on Saturday.

Tedros commended the global diversity which he termed as beautiful that should unite people, adding that New York is a good example for it.

“Ethiopia has done lots of strives in economic, political and social fronts. It has registered more than 10 percent economic growth in the last decade. It has already achieved MDG 4 (under-five mortality rate) through genuine partnership,” the Minister said in his address.

He also told the cheering attendants why they have to visit Africa and Ethiopia in particular.

“Ethiopia and Africa are on the rise. First, Africa is now one of the growth poles. Secondly, it is your root, because everybody comes from Africa. It is the home of Lucy. So, I invite you to come,” Tedros said.

The focus of this year’s Global Citizen Festival is celebrating success and accelerating progress to a world without extreme poverty by 2030.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, famous artists and singers like Steve Wonder, Bono were among the guests of the event.

The first Global Citizen Festival took place on September 29, 2012 in New York City’s Central Park, where 60,000 people joined musicians including Neil Young, Foo Fighters and The Black Keys, along with celebrities, leading NGO partners, dignitaries and philanthropists to lend their voice in the fight to end extreme poverty.





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