Zeru Hagos march 19, 2012- Few years back a quickly promoted General from the ranks of the Ethiopian Armed Forces abandoned his unit and joined the Eritrean one man regime. The general’s name is Kemal Gelchu. Few years back also, Dr Berhanu Nega abandoned the peaceful democratic struggle camp in Ethiopia as the going got tough for a flimsy and an old tried edict “by all means necessary camp” mainly sponsored by the one man regime in Asmara! To this date, the Isaias-Berhanu-Kemal marriage of inconvenience has not bear fruit at all. But there is hope at least to their supporters, eventhough it is a hope against hope! Here is why.

Ever since Kemal Glechu entered Asmara the Isaias regime has been trying to reconcile Kemal and the senior OLF leaders who have been stationed there for a long time. The effort was bearing fruit especially after Shaibia managed to bring ONLF to the mix and created a front against the Ethiopian government supported by OLF, ONLF and Al-shabab through Somalia. But as we all know things did not last long and the ONLF is today almost a spent force with Al-Shebab on the run.


Realizing this, the regime in Asmara turn back to the OLF with a twist. The regime wants to open another front with the help of OLF and Ginbot 7. Surprisingly, OLF is stubborn enough to decline forming a front with Berhanu group as instructed by the regime and still secure its safe stay in Asmara! Kemal Gelchu, on the other hand is not stubborn enough and has volunteered to join the Ginbot 7 front!

I wonder why!
Very knowledgeable sources told me, ever since Kemal Gelchu arrived in Asmara his movement has been restricted in part to please the other OLF. He has not been allowed to leave Eritrea at all! The same sources told me, his desire to join the front maybe due to his desire to leave Eritrea! Infact some from Berhanu inner circle in America have been heard saying Kemal will join them in their grand meeting in Minnesota some time at the end of March 2012. We shall See!

No one for sure knows what Isaias Afeworki will do in a normal day let alone now-a-days. The recent legitimate Ethiopian measured and surgical military operations deep in to Eritrea to hit and decommission the terrorist training camps and military installations may put Isaias Afeworki in a comma halting Kemal Gelchu’s plan to come to America. To make things worse for Kemal, the regime in Asmara may not be ready to swallow another defeat if Kemal Gelchu fails to return to Asmara and start bad mouthing Isaias Afeworki regime the same way “kefagn” folks are doing these days! A friend told me there is a YouTube video posted on the internet by someone who was stationed in Eritrea bad mouthing Isaias Afeworki regime! Kemal Gelchu may not be allowed to join Dr Berhanu in Minnesota after all!

The alliance of Isaias-Berhanu-Kemal may be considered a failure from the start knowing what each one of them wants deep in their heart! It is an open secret for any one to figure out their desire is the demise of each other.

The only thing tying their marriage is deceit and hate! Berhanu in all likely cannot be talking about Ethiopian democracy with Isaias Afeworki and a "narrow nationalist" from the OLF camp. Isaias may not be talking with Berhanu about how he can make Berhanu a king in Ethiopia when he has OLF, ONLF and Al-shebab in mind. And Kemal Gelchu cannot be talking to Berhanu the Bihere Gurage to lead Ethiopia when he is hell mad the “Abyssinians” have been running the show in Ethiopia NOT his types! What has been bringing them together, in vain I might add is, their hate against the EPRDF!

Worry not!
The good thing is EPRDF is gaining momentum and the world is taking notice! Also, Ethiopians from all walks of life seems to be squarely behind the EPRDF government.

In the end it does not matter if Kemal arrives in Minnesota or not but it will be interesting to find out what Isaias Afeworki will do and what the good peace loving people in Minnesota/Twin city area who are descendants of the great Ethiopians will do! Will they allow the anti peace and anti unity forces go unchallenged come end of March 2012?

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