Are defections, migrations and immigrations become a culture for Ethiopians? What a shame!


Are defections, migrations and immigrations become a culture for Ethiopians? What a shame!


Are defections, migrations and immigrations become a culture for Ethiopians? What a shame!


By: W.Yilma                            12/23/14

Ethiopian is an ancient country with proud histories, and heroic people. Unfortunately this proud history is eroded with successive generation due to various reasons which I will not discuss on at this time. Developing countries in particular Ethiopia and other eastern African countries are now becoming a subject of discussion for mass migration. Due to various reasons, it becomes a culture for many Ethiopians to leave their country, and choose to live abroad. The level of migration and immigration started to rise during the Derg era and since then this trend is continuing un abating. Similarly, there are some sporadic cases of defections from the military and government official’s sides. The main driving force for the vast majority of migrants is due to economic difficulties. 

The following three words, defection, migration and immigration have different definitions and meanings. The push and pull factors have similarities and in some case differences. Although my focus will be rested on defection, for our reference I want to say few words regarding immigration and migration. First, push factors drive migrants and immigrants out of their country of origin, while those pull factors are responsible for dictating where these migrants and immigrants will end up. An example for immigration is when an individual or family to move to a new country from their country of origins legally, through a formal channels.  On the other hand, migration is the act of moving from one place to another within a country or across borders. Migration could be voluntary or involuntary. No matter how we define both, the pull factors that draw migrants to receiving country are:

1.      Higher standard of living/higher wage

2.      Labor demands

3.      Political and religious “freedom” 

4.      Family reunion.


Other than the two mentioned above, defection being it an intelligence agent, political figure and military personnel have a serious consequences to the country of origin. Especially if the defector destination is in hostile country, the repercussion have serious blow. Although it is sad, defection within Ethiopian military is not new. The same thing is true from the enemy side. What is important is taking measures to minimize the damage it may cause to the country’s military secret.  


According to Oxford Dictionary defection is the desertion of one’s country or cause in favor of an opposing one. Therefore, a defector chooses the hostile country better than his own, being it good governance, socio- economy and militarily. What is strange though is Eritrea is one of the worst places to live at this time by any standards. Being it democracy, economy, infrastructure, education, and social services, Eritrea is way behind Ethiopia. What make psychologically at ease for her elite rulers is living with the past colonization era.  The level and frequency of Eritreans who are leaving their country in thousands every month is a vivid example how the country we called “Hadas Eritrea” is near to crumble. It is to this country our pilot was defected.


What moral does this Banda pilot have when he hands up and surrendered to inferior Eritrean military? Does he know what a military moral means? What kind of moral does he has to surrender to those who killed and tortured his comrades? How he served the proud air force where the well known Ethiopian hero Colonel Bezabeh Petros was trained proudly served and sacrificed his life for his mother land. This Banda pilot surrendered to those who killed colonel Bezabeh Petros!  Beside this the defector pilot is endangering the life of those two Ethiopian hijacked by him.  We know the cruelty and maniac natures of Shabia towards Ethiopians. Isayas government will torture and treat them inhumanly, and therefore it is the responsibility of the Ethiopian government to save them from hell as soon as possible. The Ethiopian military should not sleep while their comrades are torturing inhumanly in communicados. Shabia does not have any sympathy or remorse for ordinary Eritreans, and it is foolishness to expect human treatment form the same government to the people whom he called enemy.

Yes it is true all children’s born from the same mother are not necessary to be loyalist to their mom. There are times the profound psychological and physical bonds shared by the child and mother broken. This is what happens by the defector pilot. It is unfortunate, to know the Wolfe among us. Sleeping with the wolf is becoming a contagious disease my generation has inherited from the past feudal system and still we are practicing it in the worst forms. Thanks to the so called “opposition” who are promoting and sponsoring this kind of betrayal acts with finance and logistic supports from our traditional enemies.


I personally do not see problem when people choose to migrate to the country of their choice. It is a personal choice, and does not as such have consequences to the country of origin compared to the recent defection. My concern is when people especially military personnel defected and choose the enemy country as their final destination. I do not see this is a personal choice, for the military person who took an oath under the flag to be loyal and promised to pay necessary sacrifice when needed to protect his country and its people he/she served.   No matter how someone has “hate” or have indignation to the administration or the system, defecting to a country determined to destroy our unity and challenging our existence is a crime any government cannot be tolerated. Some who are intoxicated the same way as the defector pilot, obviously will disagree with me, and they are champions to spread the information by adding their own versions. For them dancing and sleeping with the ardent enemy, Shabia is a political struggle, to “save” Ethiopia from what they called “Woyane colonizer”. First these people think they are more Ethiopian than others, and second they think that their master Shabia is more “Ethiopiawi” than the current Ethiopian government. How come one trying to convince me by saying, defecting to Asmara is one way of political struggle to “free Ethiopia from “Woyane colonizer?”. I wish the government pave the way to let them go to Asmara those who indoctrinated with this satanic thinking. How many Wolves are still in hiding, waiting time to do the same? Ethiopia is better off these kinds of mentally sick people.  

This trend is troubling which is endangering the unity of Ethiopia. This is what Shabia after the 1998 border war humiliated defeats survive and engaged in successfully planting this kind of hate among Ethiopians. Those groups sheltered in Asmara and abroad are repeating the same language like a parrot what their master Shabia propaganda machineries are saying (a replica of Joseph Goebbels propaganda machine which is, anti Ethiopian).  These are mentally sick people, and any person who thinks with the sanity of mind cannot be discussed with them in civility. They are living with their own Utopian world, with no logic or reasoning. For them Asmara is marching forward with massive economic progress, while Ethiopia going “backward”; Ethiopia is under dictatorship, while their favorite and Singapore Eritrea is a democratic country where Eritreans have a luxuries to choose their officials; Asmara is a place where you can enjoy life while in many part of Ethiopian cities life is miserable, and you can’t get even to buy bread. This is what very few Banda’s believes and thinks in their mind. This wrong perception is what motivated them to choose the terrorist training and hosting country Eritrea as save heaven. It is now become apparent that when Muslims are going to Mecca for pilgrimage, terrorist of all kinds are going to Asmara.

I said mentally sick, because the whole world knows, Eritrea as a country of slave camp, where her entire population is willing to leave the country. How many civilians and military personnel are defected to Ethiopia and other neighboring countries endlessly? How comes an Ethiopian, raised, educated in a country never colonized, with proud history and tradition, defected to a tiny country suffering from inferiority complex as a result of past colonization?  Is it madness or political struggle to “free Ethiopia?” To me it is an attempting to sell your own proud country without a potential buyer. This is because Shabia will never, and ever trying to face our gallant armed forces. Since its inception, we know Shabia behavior, and they never win war by themselves. Their power is our weakness to solve our differences peacefully. What is secret in our spirit as an Ethiopians is that we have millions of brave and dedicated heroes never hesitate to defend their country from external enemy. When one Banda betray, millions stand up to protect their country. This is the mystery of our country, why Ethiopians keep their independent, live with their own culture and tradition, as others lack similar experience.

Thanks to Isayas vulgar and savage behavior, Ethiopia economy is growing faster than any other African countries. Ethiopia is significantly achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MGD) in poverty reduction, access to HIV/AIDs, TB, Malaria treatment and preventions, in promotion of gender equality, primary, high school and universities education coverage significantly increased, availability of clean water, and sanitary improved. On the other hand the country we called “Hadas Eritrea” is lagging behind in achieving those goals set by United Nations.

We have to accept the reality. We show patience and gave ample time to the Asmara Shifta regime to mingle freely in our domestic affairs. Now Shabia is acting as a king maker to solve our domestic problems.  I do not understand what the Ethiopian government is waiting for? The Ethiopian military should respond and officially demanding for safe return to those hijacked military personnel and the military helicopter. This is a legitimate and internationally acceptable demand any government can do to protect its citizens. Regardless of our differences it should be clear for all Ethiopians, what are the motives behind Shabia and the so called his satellites Ethiopian opposition groups stationed in Asmara. In simple and clear what their motives are. To see weak and disintegrated Ethiopia is a save heaven for Shabia. This hideous conspiracy is against all Ethiopians, not what they claimed against “Woyane”.  The word Woyane is a pretext to amuse those naive and day dreamer oppositions stationed both in Eritrea and Diaspora.  The fact of the matter is Shabia will never and ever put his leg to the land of the braves! More than the enemy the Ethiopian people know how to protect their holly land from Shabia Demons!

Finally, the main purpose of the military is to keep the territorial integrity of the country. Nothing more, nothing less! We have to go towards this basic principle. We can’t be sure other fools could not do the same thing what the defector pilot does. However, it is unacceptable to fly from Diredawa to Asmara within Ethiopian territory for defection undetectable. This grave mistake must be addressed and corrected.   We Ethiopian in general, and the government and the military in particular should seriously discuss this issue. If there are issues that needs to be addressed, let the concerned body solve it openly for the sake of our beloved country and its people. While we are sleeping, Shabia a sleepless enemy and an ardent enemy of our beloved country is slowly, but surely benefiting from “no peace no war” status- quo. It does not match defecting 5,000 Shabia “Gujule’s” with ours one trained pilot for many years, who knows military secret. I am not a military person, and I hate war! But I knew how intelligence is important to dismantle one country’s military capabilities.  I think Shabia is ahead of us in this regard. The way Eritrean government is behaving, it seems they are confidence and this is why Isayas is openly propagating Ethiopian “oppositions” like a desert locust and harboring them to use against Ethiopia any time. Our side is hosting the so called Eritrean oppositions but with no avail. Why do we need them if they are coming to Addis and Hawassa for honeymoon, and excursion?  Let’s do something that makes Isayas unease. I think the Ethiopian government has the legitimate right to act accordingly as Tit for tat, a game of the modern world.




Long Live Ethiopia    

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