Death of A genius


Death of A genius

They say, there are no roads, roads are made by walking. In an otherwise turbid and murky terrain where the overlooking horizon was imbued with uncertainty, a courageous and resolute soul affirmed to the calling of history, set out to pave a way where a perennial image of hungry toddlers dropping like flies remained fixated in the image of Ethiopia. A kid to the pioneers of the Front; a son to the villagers in the corners of Ethiopia; an epitome of statesmanship to world leaders and an immense pride to the rest of us His Excellency Prime Minister Meles Zenawi fought the macabre of poverty till his last breath where the ugly image of the toddlers is disappeared into oblivion.

Circa fifty seven years ago, the heavens conspired to send a star-dust across the universe and instill a genius into a being who was about to hail from unassuming town when the country at large was embedded in a complete darkness. Armed with an extraordinary mental acuity and agility, he could have been a megastar with an impeccable academic credentials in the realms of medicine or literature to mention but a few but to the joy of Ethiopia, he remained true to his calling and reinvented Ethiopia where she is shining up on the hill.

If anything, the last twenty years is dubbed the golden era as Ethiopia comes of age and atoned herself of the ugly past and is rightly taken for a power to reckon with by friends and foes alike. With in this dynamic and at times volatile and complex region however, it took a genius extraordinarae to sail Ethiopia onto a pedestal of champions as the rest of us are walking amongst the citizens of the world with our chins up and our heads held high up.

The true champions in life are those who attain immortality where humanity is haunted by the prospect of mortality. As I write, I see on the TV-screen young people in the capital immortalize His Excellency Prime Minister Meles Zenawi not only by keeping his legacy in a memory but to materialize his vision and aspirations with an assertive resolution. Of course, this is a big blow to the nay-sayers, doom and gloom preachers as they spend sleepless nights in Atlanta, Washington DC and London to see Ethiopia falling apart. What they are terribly amiss is the fact that the private Meles is a lose to his family but Meles the Tegadalay, Meles the historical figure is immortal where what he has set in motion is not only irreversible but yet to stay till Ethiopia lives up to her full potential. Thank you Meles.

Paulos Yrgaw.

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