Mosaic Manifesto of Recognition and Congratulatory Commitments from the Abaskuul Jidwaaq Society of North America

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Mosaic Manifesto of Recognition and Congratulatory Commitments from the Abaskuul Jidwaaq Society of North America

April 1, 2011

Abaskuul society of North America has fully fathomed the importance of the newly debuted districts of the region. In addition, and in respect to the positive and political dynamics that are shaping the territorial integrities of the region, and prior to recognizing this gracious moment of changes that are taking place in the Somali Region of Ethiopia under the leadership of the president, we are, as Abaskuul Jidwaaq society of North America supporting and saluting in a dignified manner and with an excellent gesture, our courageous president of the Somali region of Ethiopia , his excellency, President, Cabdi Maxamuud Cumar, his excellency, the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, as well as being, the regional chairman of the leading party of Ethiopia and a member of the federal parliament, Cabdifataax sheikh Cabdilaahi Yare, and of course, his excellency, the committed to peace and unity Suldaan of the greater Abaskuul people, Honorable, Suladaan Cabdiraxman Suldaan Bade Cabdi who has recently with the merged commitments of minister Cabdifataax succeeded in bringing harmony amongst brotherly sub-tribes of Abaskuul Jidwaaq people in the newly createddistrict of Araarso by respecting the formula of equal sharing under the federal and regional codes with the full consent of the President.

Mr. President, in recognizing your courageous commitments of newly appointed district of Araarso, we are, as concerned citizens of Abaskull constituencies of North Americathrilled by the current changes that you have crafted for the people of the region. As a consequence, we are in a moment of jubilations in part from you of respecting the territorial integrities of all societies of the region. Mr. President, we are as well in full support of your past pledges and newly adapted courses of creating additional measures and changes whether it is the area of social developments or political adjustments for the betterment of the region and the people. Also,It is a worthwhile to commend or speak well of your courage and commitments of freeing large numbers of prisoners heroically, thus, we are equally expecting from you, a keenly look with a genuine gesture at the matters of economic justice and human fairness. Abaskuul Jidwaaq is a peace loving society and well- recognized entity people wise and land wise as history dictated and still witnessing. We are community of discipline under the de facto reign of our honorable Suladaan Cabdiraxman Suldaan Bade Cabdi, and more crucially under the guide of the president of the region, Cabdi Maxamuud Cumar. Once more, we are a society that enjoys the umbrella of inclusiveness and the core theme of fairness amongst their brothers and sisters of the entire region and broader to the other eight states of the country under the federal and regional mandates lead by the Prime Minister, Melez Zenawi.

Mr., President, once again, the Abaskuul Jidwaaq society in North America is making clear, in a professional tone and in a legalistic manner that our objectives are aimed at the welfare of the country and people in respect to constitutional codes framed by the federal and regional bodies of Ethiopia. Thus, Abskuul Jidwaaq elements in the region as well as, outside of the region by the name of Diasporas, are committed in injecting their peaceful political dialogues into the political arenas for the pristine purpose, and under the peaceful pretext and equation of, “Legacy of Collectivism,” for all, not for few because we cherish unity amongst our own abaskuul people and beyond to the broader societies of the region. As the president has witnessed the enthusiastic welcomes and crowds of abaskuul jidwaaq people during his visitation to North America, we still recognize your integral and indispensible role of your leadership while you are delivering your civic duties for the region. As a result, we are still happy to host you with dignity on your upcoming work trip to North America with full commitments and transparency on behalf of Abaskuul Jidwaaq people, via the leadership of, Suldaan Dyir Suldaan Bade Cabdi, the committee chairman of Abaskuul elderlies as the fix entity of Abaskuul Shura, chariman, Sheikhs Siyaad Macalin Daraawiish, of course, the youth chairman of Abaskuul, Nuur Caydiid Axmed, and from subcommittee members of Abaskuul people with their various executing commitments.

In extending our sympathy of the new debut and the puritanical progresses made by the president for the inception of the additional districts in the regionsuch as, Araarso, we are as well, sending a message of appreciation and congratulations to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, his excellency, Cabdifataax and to Suladaan Cabdiraxman, for their bravely commitments of supporting the new district of Araarso with humble hearts,and of course, made clear in a pragmatic manner of their leadership role in resolving and reaching peaceful platforms within the fraternal cohabitants of the newly appointed district of Araarso under the leadershipof the President. Mr., minister and Suldaan, as the society of abaskuul people of North America accepted your leadership role of healing the society of Abaskuul and bringing a visible debut to the people of abaskull jidwaaq, we are expecting from you, fair mechanisms of leadership in respect to economic justice and of course, a transparent process when dividing the appropriated funds and seats equally amongst the constituents of Abaskuul who reside in the district of Araarso and further to the broader and societal issues of Abaskuul Jidwaaq during the course of governing. As the president reiterated during his visit to North America the importance of unity, in parallel to the president’s notion, we as abaskuul people cannot afford disunity as well. In fact, we are counting on the president for his political ambitions of regaining the Provincial Status of Qabribayax as a state as time progresses into a suitable environment. We are very much in accordance with the president and with the Minister, as they both showed us an essence of solidarity during their recent trip to North America in the recognition and the revivalization of Qabribayax as entity of full provenance for the benefit of the region while the population growth is evidently skyrocketing.Thus, in order to accommodate the growing challenges of Qabribayx, we must as well expand the city of qabribayax to provincial-hood level for neutralizing the current source of concerns such as, the growing of the population and high demands for more funds.

Mr. President, in summation of our neutral and honest approach from the Abaskuul Jidwaaq society of North America including our elderlies and intellectuals, we look forward in working with you in your term and beyond in a manner brimming with respect, in a move full of humanity and honesty, in an essence lush with reality and remedy, and in an utter acceptance of our commitment with a sheer humility while you guiding us for the solo scope of bettering our region and people. Once more, we thank you for your civic commitments and positive engagements.

This is an echo of Abskuul Jidwaaq elderlies and intellectuals from North America, the concern citizen of the Somali Region of Ethiopia, peace loving people, and proponents of territorial integrity. It is a notion that is supported by the majority of native Abaskuul academics andnon-academics of the region and beyond who enjoy the mosaic harmony of the people and the well-being of the country with respect to the shining leadership of our president, Cabdi Maxamuud Cumar and the Prime Minister, his Excellency, Melez Zenawi.

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