Fellow Ethiopians and Supporters of Ethiopia,


Fellow Ethiopians and Supporters of Ethiopia,

We Ethiopians are deeply saddened by sudden death of the brave, intellectual, foresighted, outstanding leader and agent of economic change, father of all, representative of the disadvantaged poor in Africa and elsewhere, powerhouse of intellectual knowledge, one of the movers and shakers of African affairs, a symbol of peace, down to earth in all development spheres, the Son of Africa Honorable Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. We missed Him in times when we need him most though His contributions had been so immense and founded on a solid platform. His knowledge horizon had been extremely wide and even He could see what was beyond the horizon, He had all rounded knowledge, inclusive approach in development and international affairs. All His endeavors had made him extraordinary and exceptional leader in the African continent. We honored Him forever wholeheartedly. We have seen and enjoyed his leadership in Ethiopia, Africa and in the world. His sharp and persuasive words and statements have slaked interest of all Ethiopians and Africans. He was a leader who wouldn’t opt for the zero sum game politics but in mutual understanding for mutual benefits based on merits.

In times when you miss such brilliant leader of the 21st century, as humans our hearts are broken but think of the legacy He left, the opportunity He created, the openness He had taught over and over to all societal segments and think of the huge development projects He initiated some finalized others in the process, His immense contributions and foresightedness on development agendas and practices will serve as a wisdom of surgeon to repair our broken hearts. He had a believe that the silver bullet of education has more defeating power to poverty than any ammunition of our time. Accordingly, expansion of higher learning institutions has been remarkably huge; the intension of creating knowledge society was a must to create knowledge-based economy. He had laid all the foundations of the road to inclusive development and He was the architect of “Climate Resilient Green Economy”, brilliant initiative to save humans and the ecosystem from being disturbed and unable to support life (Growth and Transformation Program, Renaissance Dam to list few). Over decades, He was the Champion of everything that Ethiopians deserve and we enthusiastically embrace His development Agenda.

We know, to swallow the pill of His death is so bitter but His contributions towards development and prosperity sweetened it forever. He had been the unmatched champion in improving the living standard of our nation, He had done extraordinary endeavors to change the face of Ethiopia in the globe and no words that mach to sincerely appreciate His lifelong contributions but we should also say “Thank You too much our brave Son”

The conviction and ability He had to convince the unconvinced ones was so special (the case of Togo/Lome conference to decide the African Union constitution and who should host African Union); He used his extraordinary powers to introduce major economic and sectoral reforms. He will be remembered everlastingly as a Father of NEPAD, esteemed leader of African affairs, chief world negotiator in Climate Change affairs, and a solid leader of Africa.

Capitalizing on what He had built over last decades would be our asset in implementing and imitating our development agendas. We have learned from Him the passion for development one should have and how to put it down to the grassroots. His articulated words and statements were understandable by every Ethiopian; the lessons we have learnt are key in translating His dreams into reality. He was the voice of the poor and we shall not forget this in our future development efforts. He enthusiastically opened economic opportunity for every Ethiopian and paved the road to economic growth.

He had passionately taught and showed us the road to development and prosperity. He deserves every honor and respect from all walks of life since He had been the one who had changed the mind of individuals to think better for his/her country. Death is the final fate of every human being but leaving behind success stories and practices is luckiness and we owe our most sincerely appreciations and gratitude to our Brave Leader and Son Honorable Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

We wish courage to His fellow comrades and strength to His family, relatives, Ethiopians and to those who love and support Ethiopia in her endeavor to development.

May the Almighty God Rest our Brave Son’s Body in Peace in Heaven! “Amen”

Kelali Adhana Tekle

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