When history repeats itself; Commentary on the coming Ethiopian election





When history repeats itself; Commentary on the coming Ethiopian election:

By: W.Yilma                                        12/19/14

For the last five decades, Ethiopia has never been free from political descents. Our political engagement cultures are full of distrust, hate and vengeance. This unhealthy political tradition became the chronic problem among Ethiopians. As if politics is the only field everyone is contributing to his/her country, the majority of educated elites are involving in Ethiopian politics. Some of them are completely consumed by politics and became addict to it. Participation in politics is ok and should not be discouraging. However, the problem is, does the educated person have the intellectual capacity to solve political problems Ethiopia is facing for centuries? As far as I am concerned, regardless of their field of academic profession, many Ethiopians who call themselves as an intellectual, lack the ability to solve their country’s political problems. This is why we are recycling unhealthy political traditions again and again for the last five decades.  What is more disturbing is that some of the old folks who are near to go to their grave, consciously and purposely passing as a contagious disease this failed political culture to the successive generations.

The vast majority of Ethiopia’s are educated at the expenses of poor tax payers. What is shame though is that among those educated, some of them are directly or indirectly engaging knowingly in activities that could harm Ethiopia national interest and securities. Some of those who count their success by their failure may disagree with me.  But this is the reality we are witnessing in our daily life, especially here in Diaspora. These groups have never put themselves in the same judgment the same way they use to judge others, and continue acting as hooligans. “For with what judgments you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measures you meet, it shall be measured to you again”, Matthew 7:2, from treasury of scripture.  

Coming to my point, the 2007 (Ethiopian calendar) election is near and some hate mongering elites, both at home and Diaspora are waking-up from their long hibernation states for violence. They start jumping here and there from one endless failed strategy to another. The same people who are responsible for the demise of former “Kinijet” are now preparing to repeat the past history. At this times, the so called “Semayawi party” which many falsely portraying as “youth organization” is their Trojan horse. Nothing will stop them from acting like a rabid dog to cause havoc and political uncertainties in Ethiopia. What went wrong as a result of their irresponsible actions doesn’t count on them. What matter most for them is to find false light case to portray the government through their “deceptive mass media”. 

Because of their monolithic nature of organizational structure and above all extrinsic pressure mainly from Diaspora extremist (as a peer- pressure) this group does not have weight to change the result of the coming election.  Because of this their main objective is to disrupt and create small scale sporadic unlawful activities to achieve the following:

1. To damage the images of Ethiopia.

2. To stop foreign aids and investments

3. To isolate the government, and if possible to use human right groups and ICC as a tool to criminalize government officials for taking measures against their brainwashed supporters.

These groups should not be undermined, especially during an election time. They talk about Ethiopia without talking about her diverse social fabrics. For them today Ethiopia is invisible and not existed as long as they are not in power. It is clear these groups are organized in unison not to bring political alternatives, but to cause political uncertainties. This is their last, but the second attempt to do the same thing as they has done in 2005 (G.C) election for Kinjit. However there is a big difference between then and now. Now, they are well organized, with many branches and have centralized plans of actions, remotely controlled and executed here in Diaspora, and their favorite place, Asmara. Finance is not a problem (it is not secret some are in the payroll of foreign financiers, as full time employee). Egypt and some Golf Arab Countries are their main financiers. Shabia is at the center, plays a pivotal role in controlling the financial flows, as well as the executions of the plan. Others Europeans and American based “None Governmental Organizations” are also behind this internationally organized sinister plot.  They created a complex international common front to bring down the current Ethiopian government the same way as they create metastatic havoc in some Arab countries. They knew missing this chance will cost them a lot in the future. What is strange and confusing is that some, who accused EPRDF for independent of Eritrea, are now formed unholy alliance with Shabia. This is because they have common aim not only to harm Ethiopia but also to revenge those whom they think are their “most hated enemies”.  

We have to know Egypt and Shabia will effectively exploit the election time to cause political uncertainties and to disrupt the construction of the GERD. Egyptian move to halt the recent tripartite expertise consultation team could be from this standpoint. We have to work with them as far as we could, but we should never believe them. Both Egypt and Shabia will never refrain from harming Ethiopia.       

The other area where these unholy alliances are concentrated is the so called “free media outlets”.  They are vigorously supporting and encouraging those media outlets promoting their sinister but hidden agendas. These deceptive media outlets are functioning both in Diaspora and at home in the name of “Free media”.  Since their inception some private media outlets in Ethiopia have never been engaged in constructive manner in democracy building. Rather than concentrating in awareness building about democracy, they paid more attention in publishing make-believe, purposely manipulated story to sensitize the public. Private media in Ethiopia are taking their time and energy in criticizing the government, without proposing alternatives. But to make an alternative policy it needs knowledge, experience and professional decency, which many of Ethiopian media outlets are suffering severely.  When I said this, I am not condemning all or I am not saying media in general and journalist or bloggers in particular are not facing problem in Ethiopia. But in the same talk, if we are fairly judging events, are we really considering them as a “free media’s” have a sense of responsibilities to play a constructive role in the democratic process? Or are we expecting from the government to be silent when in some case things are going wrong in the name of free media? To me the majority of them are the mouth piece of political and or radical religious organizations, not an independent media, working under universal code of journalism ethics. I am sorry to say, but following the sequences of events, it seems to me that being a journalist in Ethiopia is an open profession some choose to join to get asylum in western countries.

I am not simply raising this issue from nowhere. Any person who follows closely the dynamics of Ethiopian politics can share similar opinion. If we look the attitudes and behaviors of some oppositions, and media outlets, especially in Diaspora, it goes from bad to worse. Their role is not constructive, but distractive; and their slogan advocating exclusionist not inclusiveness trends. They can do at their best whatever is necessary to create political havoc and uncertainties in Ethiopia.  Especially, at this electronics medias outlet era, some are occupied 24/7 in creating false information to sensitize the public. This is what they are doing and nothing will stop them from doing aggressively during the election time. We have to know there are people who are addicted to hear what they want, not what the fact is saying. Because of our backward traditions in this field, many of those who involved in this prestigious business are not professionals, dedicated to abide by basic journalistic ethics. This is why many of Ethiopian own media outlets are suffering and become a hostage of insane elite politicians. If we denied this fact we denied ourselves, and there is no way we can come out of this media anarchism.   

My opinion here is not a matter of opposing or supporting either side. Except few hooligans, nobody is interesting to see when history is repeating itself again in the coming Ethiopian election. Regardless of political differences, Ethiopia national interest and security should not be a hostage by any party. I think this principle is the essence of “Ethiopiawinet”, especially when there is an imminent outside threats. For some this sprit was broken and “Ethiopiawinet” have different meanings, and criteria’s. Of course it may be a hard fact to swallow this for those who are blind and intoxicated with hate. For them appeasing Shabia, is more important that making peace with EPRDF. My appeal or advice is not for them. The more we stand indifference when others are conspiring and tirelessly working 24/7 with the supports of our traditional enemies, we Ethiopian on the other side should break our silence and stand for the cause we think is right. We have to have firm stand to protect our country’s interest regardless of our political and ethnic differences. Our diversities should not be a cause to destroy our common values and identities. It is not a new phenomenon that our enemies are exploiting our diversities. We knew that, and we also have to know the enemy within is dangerous than the enemy we know. I had a chance to visit many countries and met with different people of different backgrounds. What I had observed was, I have never seen people like Ethiopians who “cannibalized” each others. This is not only because we are diverse, but because of developing bad characters, attitudes and behaviors!

What should be clear here is that any political organization if they become hostage of Diaspora radical groups they will never play a constructive roles in Ethiopian domestic politics. They will easily become a prey for narrow minded chauvinist Diaspora radical groups. Looking retrospectively the past experience, how the former Kinijit was crumbled to the ground, it doesn’t needs to be a rocket scientist to predict the same fate for “Semayawi party”. What a coincidence, while the good engineers are busy in constructing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and the other spoiled engineer, a child of infantile Diaspora radical groups, and chairman of Semayawi party is striving to cause harm to his own country.

Is it also a coincidence, both the former Kinijit and the now Semayawi party leaders titles are “engineers”?  There is no doubt in my mind, if “Semayawi party” chooses to be a sympathizer of radical Diaspora group; its fate will not be different than the former Kinijit.  

How Diaspora populations are treating each others, how they are organized being it for religion purposes or social activities, how they pursuing their daily life are the saddest, any one does not wish for Ethiopian people back home. The Diaspora Ethiopians are broken societies, hard to make an adjustment. Societies that are divided even in religious worship places based on political outlooks and or ethnic lines, will never hesitate to cause damage to Ethiopia. A community living in a free world where democracy is a social culture, but failed to make peace, and harmonies by solving and compromising differences how could they play a constructive role to bring peace and harmony for the Ethiopian people?  In short, if the Ethiopian people back home are behaving the same way what some Diaspora “Ethiopians” are behaving, the country we call Ethiopia would have not been in the world map today. But, thanks to the sacrifice of our gallant armed forces and the support they get from the public, Ethiopian unity is intact.     

I am not generalized when I said this, and I am not entirely condemning the whole Ethiopian community living abroad, or those opposition groups or media outlets tirelessly contributing their share in a positive way. I know the majority of Diaspora Ethiopians are not belonging to those radical groups. The fact of the matter is when the majority chooses to be silent, the minority become very noisy, and dominants. This is the reality in Diaspora any one cannot deny.  Especially at this time where the coming election is near, they prepared to cause havoc in the name of “election”.  This should not be ignored or underestimated by those Ethiopians who want to see the coming election transparent, fair and democratic. 

If we Ethiopian regardless of our differences care about our country and people, the option is simple. First, the EPRDF should strive to prepare the ground for democratic election, and second the opposition should unite and play a constructive role in the political arena. If the fragmented oppositions continue to play dirty politics, the Ethiopian people should punish them by choosing the current EPRDF government. It is obvious Ethiopia have many problems that need to be addressed by Ethiopians, both by participation of the government and oppositions. Our domestic problems can be solved only by working together for common purposes, not by confrontations, and hate each others. Domestic differences should not be a factor to side with foreign enemies. This unhealthy tradition should be stopped. We have to be objective when we analyze political events. Except the devil, no one want to see Ethiopian to be like Libya, and Syria, a land of religious extremist and anarchist play ground

More than any other party, the EPRDF government has the responsibility to prepare the ground for fair and peaceful elections.  The democratic processes of the elections are measured by many factors. Those basic anomalies, challenging the democratic nature of the election process should be resolved. The existence of opposition and private media should not be seen as a threat for the government. They are an alternative to close the gap. One way or the other government comes and goes. The important mind- boggling questions we all need to answer is, are we ready to make Ethiopia a better place for all Ethiopian?


Long Live Ethiopia





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