Congratulation to Ethiopia’s Economic Success.

“Ethiopia - 5th Fastest Growing Economy in the World in 2010 – The..Economist”

The November-2010 edition of the Economist came up with a new global economic world forecasts. The Economist forecasted Ethiopia to be the 5th fastest growing economy in the world in 2010.

It’s been some time since we start to hear positive news about Ethiopia’s economic growth. The UK based magazine-The economist has been publishing positive and encouraging report about Ethiopia. Last year the economist predicted Ethiopia to be amongst the top ten fastest developing nations in the world. The same magazine has now predicted Ethiopia to be the 5th fastest growing economy in the world. Congratulation to peace and development loving Ethiopians.

I was surprised to read some comments from the toxic Diaspora’s who blindly refute the data published by the economist and other independent institutions. How can any Ethiopian with a common sense reject such good news from a renowned source. These groups would like to hear negative news about Ethiopia; they always think each and every negative development in Ethiopia is weakening the EPRDF. These groups have failed to understand one basic thing. Ethiopia’s development is not for the benefit of the EPRDF and its supporters alone, its for all Ethiopians irrespective of our political, ethnic or religious background. The roads, electricity, telecommunication, construction and building developments are for all citizens. How can an Ethiopian promote negative image of Ethiopia day in and day out just because they stood against the EPRDF. Opposing all developments for the sake of being an opposition doesn’t help anyone. Its time to wake up and smell the coffee, actually all these positive reports are making the EPRDF stronger and the opposition weaker. Its time to join hands and work for a better Ethiopia. Ethiopians from all walks of life want to see a peacefull, prosperous and united Ethiopia.

This is a great achievement for the EPRDF and its leadership. I always have confidence in the pro-poor policies of the Ethiopian government. Some toxic Diasporas who are siding with anti Ethiopian forces to destabilise Ethiopia will keep on talking the talk. The EPRDF doesn’t waste its precious time on the talk, rather its walking the walk. The vast majority of Ethiopians are now enjoying the fruits of the existing relative peace , stability and  economic growth in Ethiopia. The development Ethiopia is witnessing is right there on the ground to be seen, this is not a data on paper. One can simply move around Ethiopia and see the development.

 The development in housing and construction work, the expansion of road infrastructure, the building of billion dollars worth of hydroelectric plants are few examples. If one visits the service sector similar developments are visible. There are many privately owned banks, colleges and universities, 5 star hotels, schools, hospitals etc. The numbers of newly established industrial and manufacturing plants is rising. Ethiopia as we speak now is home to more than 23 Universities, lets remember we just had two universities a decade ago. The development in the housing and construction sector deserves mention here. This year alone (2009) the Addis Ababa city government is building 54,000 houses for the poor and middle income residents of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has never seen such a boom in construction sector in its entire history. The same development is being witnessed in various regions of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia's government mission in the coming two decades isn’t just to be an economic power of eastern Africa, Ethiopia is working hard to move one ladder to join the second world countries in less than two decade. To achieve that the government is working jointly with its developmental partners and the people. The war against poverty is governments main challenge, and slowly but surely we will triumph against it. Ethiopia will continue to grow fast, those groups who see a developed Ethiopia as a threat to their survival can watch us from a distance and learn a good lesson. Ethiopia has untapped huge water and mineral resources coupled with massive fertile lands. Big commercial multi-billion dollar farms are now on the way to start mechanised agriculture with a potential to produce surplus products to satisfy local and foreign markets.

Ethiopians main concern now is to see a developed Ethiopia, we want to see a government that can lift us from abject poverty. We want to see a government that can promote positive image of Ethiopia. These is what citizens want, we citizens of Ethiopia don want to be fed by false promises by these so called opposition groups. The opposition groups should first and foremost learn how to work together. The tendency of creating coalition when election approaches and division after it ends should stop. Ethiopia needs a strong and viable opposition group who can help us to further consolidate the democratisation process.

 l will continue to cast my support to the  EPRDF as long as it secures peace and development in Ethiopia. As Ethiopia moves in a positive direction the government of the EPRDF will be voted to stay in power. The people of Ethiopia will rally behind the EPRDF. The majority of Ethiopians who live in Ethiopia believe in what they see and not in what they hear from certain groups. Some groups are working hard to destroy Ethiopia’s image, they always preach of doom and gloom hitting Ethiopia. The reality on the ground is however different, the country is consolidating democracy ,development and good governance. If we continue to develop in the same manner which we did in the last 5 years, Ethiopia will be an African success story. We will definitely be the African Tiger economy.

Congratulation to all in civility room who are promoting peace and tolerance amongst Ethiopians