Somalilandpress Website Becomes A Mouthpiece For ONLF And Ethiopian Opposition.


Somalilandpress Website Becomes A Mouthpiece For ONLF And Ethiopian Opposition.

It's has been a year since Somalilandpress posted on its website an article which I wrote, ''What's the Difference Between the Ethiopian ONLF, Somalia ONLF/Raskamboni and Liyu Police , which was a devastating bellow to ONLF and Raskamboni , and was posted on most pro-Ethiopian websites and opposition websites. I talked about how Raskamboni, Abdi Omar/Illey and ONLF were linked and have same vision, Ogaden tribe domination of Jubba-land, Somalia and Ethiopian Somali region , currently know as Kilil Five.

If you visit today Somalilandpress and ONLF websites they share/post same articles down grading the Ethiopian Government. Somalilandpress acts like it's pro-Somaliland and posts on its websites supportive articles and achievment Somaliland made on different sectors, economy, political and social. Somalilandpress doesn't post on its websites positive news and achievements that the Ethiopian Government has made, like it does for Somaliland. Somalilandpress websites has a section/Focus On Ethiopia, dedicated for propaganda against Ethiopia.

ONLF posts on its websites lies and propaganda regarding ONLF attacks against the Ethiopian army located in the Ethiopian Somali Region. ONLF websites like, Ogaded and Ogaden News Agency are also anti-Somaliland and take every opportunity to grab news against Somaliland to mud the Somaliland image and to advocate for anti-somalilanders.

It's mind-boggling how a Pro-somaliland website/Somalilandpress could be in cahoots with ONLF anti-Somaliland website, and jeopardize the relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia in the name of Somalilanpress . While Abdi Omar/Illey Liyu Police leader is brokering a deal between Khatumo and Puntland, Somaliland enemies, in the name clan affiliation..

Abdi Omar/ Illey who is responsible for the closure of Somaliland/Ethiopia border by sending Liyu Police to smuggle/Bury weapon near Somaliland/Ethiopia border to accuse Somaliland for shipping and smuggling weapon into Ethiopia, to spoil the relationship between Somaliland/Ethiopian Government.

Even-though anything is possible today on Computer Networking, and names/ identity theft are common. Either Somalilandpress is punished/threatened , by ONLF sympathizers for publishing " what's the Difference Between the Ethiopia ONLF, Somalia ONLF/Raskamboni and Liyu Police" to be ONLF propaganda stage, Or it could be a Wolf Wearing sheep Clothing" itself ONLF, spoiling Ethio/Somaliland friendship.

Mohamud A Samatar Phoenix AZ, USA.


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