Commentary on Ato Siye article on peaceful struggle and its totality



Zeru Hagos  Jan 05, 2009


With the exception UEDP-Medhin, the myriad opposition groups in Ethiopia never had a thoroughly studied blue print on how to take power and what is required of any organization to win majority vote. The following article by Ato Siye Abraha an Ex-EPRDF exemplifies the glaring weakness. Judging by the opposition websites love affair with Ato Siye article, it seems the opposition have found the blue print they were looking for.


Poor Negede, the man tried hard and failed miserably. Does any one know what happen to him these days?


 Unlike Dr Berhanu’s immediate cal for “meta negarit” to save the country, Ato Siye call is not to raise arms but to continue the peacful struggle. It is yet to be seen which blue print will win the hearts and minds of the opposition. But, it seems, both blue prints had one premise namely: “that EPRDF is done and finished, all it needs is a little push!”

Why almost all TPLF/EPRDF opponents keep undermining the organization's agility- though it has been costing them [opponents] dearly is a mystery yet to be explained.


Let me forget TPLF for a moment and talk about EPRDF. EPRDF for the last 18 years has been the governing party. In those years Ethiopia has been registering magnificent victories both economically and politically. In the economic field over the last five years the growth has been over 10% with many infrastructures built and schools and clinics opened. The once dying city of Addis is full of life. Every major city in the country is humming with booming construction business. Even with melting economy in the advanced world Ethiopia is expected to show an 8% growth this current year, yet some opposition figures think it does not mean much, EPRDF is doomed. Why?


EPRDF may have problems with good governance. I mean the issue of good governance in Ethiopia will be an issue for some time to come. Any incoming government will inherit this problem so long Ethiopia remains poor and backward. It is national shortcomingl. Any governing party will have hard time to uphold the constitution and to implement government polices flawlessly. In case opposition forces have forgotten, the education sector prior to EPRDF has been on a comatose. The work forces that is required to effectively implement and run the government can only be had through time.  Policies and development works need educated citizens to implement and education takes time.


Ato Siye does not seem to realize that the problem with good governance that   was primary the cause for EPRDF lose in the cities during 2005 election emanate from bad and unethical and corrupt functionaries. Were these people part of the EPRDF governing party, yes they were, but they were Ethiopians! Unless Ato Siye thinks there are hidden people that will fill in the gap when opposition forces take power the same functionaries will wait the new government to continue the challenges of good governance. Thus, Ato Siye should realize, an opposition that runs every other weekend to the USA and London not to Hamusit and Yechela will not be the messiah for the good governance problems Ethiopia have. Good governance is about people after all and the people are in Yechela, Hamusit and Moyale!  Certainly not in DC or Stockholm!


In my mind good governance will only improve as the economy improves. EPRDF’s policy of governance is likely to be adapted by any incoming opposition since there is nothing wrong in it. If in doubt ask DR Berhanu who publicly acknowledged during election 2005 debate that his policy for the city of Addis will mirror that of the EPRDF. Of course there are other lunatics that will do away with the constitution but I trust, Ato Siye, is not lending his blue print to such oppositions! God forbid! Those lunatics should not see “their” light at the end of the tunnel come rain or shine.


Now, how on earth does one think EPRDF is not liked by many with such glaring achievement in Ethiopia against all odds is beyond me.


 Last but not least I wonder what Ato Siye see in the current hodgepodge opposition to put his faith that they are the one to pull the county from [his] perceived woes in the economic and political field! Did he not hear these are the same opposition who rally resident of Addis with a slogan “wede metubet enemlesachw” and “Tigre wede Mekelle eqa wede Kebele”, to win Addis! How about such slogan as a sign of matured organization that has good governance as its motto!


 I hope Ato Siye will come back with a detailed analysis how people join an opposition that wins election in large city like Addis with rhetoric and hate propaganda.