Bogus Diaspora Claim and The danger of Endless demonstration

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Bogus Diaspora Claim and The danger of Endless demonstration

By Mathza,

April 18, 2011

Despite the sabotage, the hateful propaganda and the barking at the moon by the miniscule and toxic part of the Diasopra the conferences on the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) in North America were successfully concluded after issuing resolutions. According to Ambassador Girma Biru about 10,000 Ethiopians and Americans of Ethiopian origin participated in the conferences. The outcome was a huge success and total support for the GTP and the Grand Millennium Nile Dam Project, renamed the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project (GERDP). The participants pledged to invest in Ethiopia, buy GERDP bonds, contribute funds and provide expert services for the realization of the GTP in general and the Dam in particular.

The above being the case, it is unbelievable to read, hear and watch videos the miniscule and toxic Diaspora claiming and bragging great success on its “noisy protest rallies” (its words). If any thing, its noisy demonstrations exposed how irrelevant it is becoming. Of the hundreds of demonstrations it had conducted in the past, the current ones are the most outrageous, nonsensical and irrelevant. It is just mind boggling to even imagine that a single Ethiopian individual could oppose and worse still conspire with separatists and historical external enemies who have been working hard against Ethiopia’s security and national interest for decades and centuries. How can one, knowing the history surrounding the Abay River, side with such enemies and oppose the building of the GERDP? And yet, this is what the treasonous miniscule Diaspora has been doing and continues to do. Fortunately, in response to government’s call to finance the Dam, the Ethiopian people have earnestly committed themselves on self-reliance and have started to translate their commitments into actions. For instance, it was reported that 360,000 bonds were already sold in Adama city. Using 500 Birr, the minimum bond issued, the sale works out to 180 million Birr. As many donors and bond buyers have promised, their contributions will continue until the completion of the building of the Dam. Shame on the miniscule Diaspora and some opposition political parties!

“Democracy before development” is the covert miniscule Diasopra’s excuse for not participating in and misleading and preventing others from contributing to development. In other words, the people should continue to lead miserable living until the miniscule power hungry Diaspora and its related opposition political parties grab power and introduce unitary (centralized) government system (plunging the country into conditions worse than in Somalia). For both groups democracy, apparently, comes at a stroke of the pen. It is, unfortunately, a slow process, particularly in countries like Ethiopia where conditions are complex and complicated, to say the least. Despite these democratization is taking hold in the country as more and more people are enjoying higher levels of standard of living. It should be noted here that the vast majority of the Ethiopian people would rather give priority to “development before democracy.” Democracy is meaningless and a luxury to those deprived of basic necessities. In any case, the implementation of the GTP is expected to enhance the process of democratization.

Let alone Ethiopians, non-Ethiopian Americans are getting fed up with the endless and meaningless demonstrations by the miniscule Diaspora. Samples of negative reactions (comments) following the demonstration at the Seattle Center are presented hereunder. They are part of the comments related to "Ethiopia's future debated in Seattle" in KING5.COM ( at-Seattle-Center-119573379.html) changed to “Ethiopians protest at Seattle Center” to suit the fantasy of Abraha Belai, the editor of (posted on 04/11/11). This is one of the many tactics editors and others lacking in conscience, like his likes, such as Elias Kifle, disinform and deceive readers.

geohome said on April 11, 2011 at 3:33 PM
Please go home and fight your fight there. We are sick and tired of hearing about immigrants problems and there issues. We are also sick and tired of paying for your 10 children. Do us all a favor we don't want you GO BACK to your puke country and fight or shut up.

skok_cush said on April 11, 2011 at 8:17 AM
the difference between Our immirants and todays immigrants, is in the 1700's there was no welfare state, at least not here. you either worked to provide food etc, or you died, plain and simple. now everyones

Earnings are Confiscated all our lives to give to the Invaders that have done NOthing to earn it, and odds are, they rarely will.

hologram5 said on April 11, 2011 at 5:25 AM
Why protest? We don't have money to send over there and if you're sooo concerned, go back. We don't have anymore charity to give you when our own people are starving ok?

Thumper said on April 10, 2011 at 8:22 PM
So if you Ethiopians don't like what Ethiopia is doing, go back there and change it. I personally do not want to listen to you whine about it, here in Seattle. We have enough problems of our own thanks to the liberal jagoffs that keep mandating that I and the other tax payers have to pay for the illegal immigrants, excuse me, undocumented democrats, and their medical insurance, food stamps, welfare and other garbage that gets extended to them... You can remember your cultural background all you want. But do it at home, in the privacy of your own home. Why should I be forced to put up with it? You are either a U.S. Citizen and should be more concerned about here, in the U.S. or you are not and need to return to wherever you came from. I am tired of it all. This was my peoples land, long before most of you and yours even knew about this part of the world. We have been practicing homeland security and fighting off illegal immigrants since 1492. And we still have not won...

Based on the above comments one can safely generalize that the resentments expressed are those of many Americans. Another issue not specifically mentioned in the comments relates to the expenses the taxpayers incur every time a demonstration is held. The fire alarm caused and the bomb threat initiated by the demonstrators in Washington DC—the law will surely apprehend the culprits—necessitated the mobilization of additional police officers and ambulance services thereby wasting more taxpayers’ money. This is particularly significant at this time when the country is having a hard time to curb spending because of over $14 trillion national debt.

Disturbing the peace and movement of the people on the streets and in surrounding buildings—which has become the preoccupation of the ungrateful miniscule Diaspora—are additional factors that the people may resent. There may come a time when part or all of the resentments referred to in this writing gather momentum and lead to unforeseen and negative consequences on Ethiopians in North America, including curbing or reducing immigration from Ethiopia. In the UK the government is already discussing cutting immigration and opting for “good immigration not mass immigration.” Beware: whenever privileges are abused restrictions follow.

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