Last week's BBC reporting on Africa: a disappointing week...


Last week's BBC reporting on Africa: a disappointing week for BBC or a manifestation of  its deep rooted bias ...

On 30th January 2014  Africa's 54 nations held the 22nd ordinary session of the African Union (AU) at its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Themed 'Agriculture and Food Security' , the Summit deliberated on a number of economic,  political, and social  issues central  to Africa's transformation. Of note are the decisions to transform agriculture as an engine of the continent's industrialisation,  reiterating Africa's  Common position regarding UN Security Council's reform, reaffirming the AU Decisions for amendments to Articles 16 and 27 of the Rome Statute of the ICC,  strengthening the position that  'Africa solves Africa's problems '  particularly in restoring regional peace, renaming the large conference hall of the AU as Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Conference Hall.

One would think these developments are news worthy, if anything Africa is rising and it is the hopeful continent undergoing its renaissance. Not for BBC; its reporting had very little on the AU summit and  its preoccupation with selective and sensationalised image of a continent in crisis continued unabated. The only conciliation is, for Africa and the African's it is increasingly no more the sole source of 'impartial' news.

Berhanu Kassayie, PhD




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