Ana Gomez  and her Angers and vengeful politics

Meles hated no one in his life time, but Hanna Gobeze hates Tigreans because she is politically dwarfed!    

Ana Gomez = Hanna Gobeze! The nick names of Ana who is an activist and spokesperson for the toxic Diaspora- politically the sister of Negede Gobeze - a Journalist who is the spokes person of opposition parties. Hanna Gobeze is overwhelmingly wrong, biased, angry arrogant and filled with vengeance. Her anger and personal hate she harbors against our greatest leader, the late PM, Meles Zenawi. We can simply conclude that she must have been really hit hard where it hurts the most the way PM Meles cut her to size last time. The people of Ethiopia respect those who have dignity! but Hanna Gobeze. Gobeze, while failing miserably on her analysis and wrong on all points, we have to admit that she is right about one thing she said. “She doesn’t pretend to know Ethiopia well enough “. You are damn right! You, including your confidants, do not know Ethiopia and it will stay a mystery to you forever. She does not know the context, the ground (flying over the sky!

 She even dares to tell us that poor countries like Ethiopia don’t have the right to protect their people against terrorism and she says that’s reserved for the rich, developed, and powerful countries, but Ethiopia did! And will continue to protect let alone the Ethiopians even the Somalis are being free from Terrorists.

The entry visa granted for Ana Gomez (Hanna Gobeze) by our government shows the political maturity of our leaders. Though PM Meles is not around, those who are committed to continue his legacy are there with their world class mind, expertise- especially in international diplomatic relations. We invite our enemies in order to show that no one can make us deviate from our developmental strategies and policies. EU and other western countries, such as IMF, World Bank and other international financial institutions have strongly advised and recommended the way we should behave in front of the international community if we want to get any loans, donation and humanitarian assistance. Hanna Gobeze was the one who tried her best  to interfere with our internal affairs and demanded the government of Ethiopia be overthrown by any means during the meetings mainly sponsored by kinijit G7.She has also made a futile effort and attempts to punish the Ethiopian  government in collaboration with the Eritrean government, HRW, Amnesty International , CPJ and others  in every given opportunity and forum. Therefore, Hanna Gobeze as a matter of foreign policy was granted an entry visa to participate in ACP-Asia meeting held in Addis Ababa. Hanna Gobeze is politically dead but biologically alive, on the other hand, Meles (RIP) is biologically dead but politically alive as long as his legacy continues and facilitates our multi-faceted development endeavors.

-          Hana is not respected by a lot of Ethiopians, rather she is  hated by the people

-          Hanna Gobeze can criticize any government or leaders but it should be diplomatic and with good mannerism.

 What a paradox between Ana Gomez and Susan Rice! BE a man of evidence not a man of rumor!  A world class mind leader cannot be criticized and undermined by a political dwarf who does not know the ABC of diplomacy! For the simple reason that he is from the people of Tigray. He was an African leader with an internationally accredited respect, and intellect in all sectors. Hanna Gobeze is still in her old illusions while Ethiopia is changing faster and better. Is she worth all this attention? Hanna Gobeze said: “I hope it could be good Meles died, his own supporters group is divided, they are fighting each other, there is indeed an opportunity to see Ethiopia change by Ginbot 7. She read the Ethiopian Herald and it is all the same thing only better is that PM, Meles Zenawi not writing now, she is granted visa to visit Ethiopia because Meles has gone and PM. Hailemariam is not a Tigraean and she values visa she was given. This mad lady (Ana Gobeze) is still in the dirty, dark, and narrow tunnel of the Ethiopian opposition parties. Her brain is still bleeding by the cause of Ethiopian     Herald written by Meles the great.                                                                .    

                 Hanna Gobeze is entitled to think of her capacity!

                  She does not even qualify to mention his name! 


Maru   Zemekelle

December 20, 2013


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