Alemseged GerbreAmlak Conquer yet another Challenge!


Alemseged GerbreAmlak Conquer yet another Challenge!

• Former TPLF/EPRDF executive committee member Alemseged Gebreamlak has earned a PhD in Economic Development and Applied Econometrics from Clark University this past Sunday.

• Alemseged successfully defended his thesis on the “Productivity and Turnover of the Private and Public Sectors in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector” on March 12, 2013 and graduated on May 19, 2013 with PhD major in Economic Development and minor in Applied Econometrics .

• Alemseged was offered two scholarships from University of Connecticut and Clark University in fall 2009. Alemseged chose Clark University due to the University's prestigious Economic Development program as well as the free scholarship offered to him for both the Masters and PhD programs.

• Alemseged studied his Masters and PhD program while teaching economics courses as a part-time lecturer at Southern Connecticut State University, which is located 2 drive hours away from Clark University, to support his family who are with him in the U.S as well as those that are in Ethiopia.

Note: After the split within TPLF, Alemseged did not pursue a path that is contrary to his core beliefs (e.g., joining extremist opposition groups who bash Tigreans on a daily basis and deny the development progress that has been made for the past 20 years/still continued to be made). Instead, a fighter (tagay/tegadalay) that he is, Alemseged stood on his feet and achieved a remarkable objective he set for himself by obtaining higher education in Economics that he had always wanted to achieve before he joined TPLF at a young age in the 1970s. We salute Alemseged and encouraged him to return to Ethiopia and play a role in the economic development of the country - for example by setting a think tank research organization with focus on economic development, etc...

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