Alemayehu G. Mariam, Memorable Speech on September 13, 2009.

By: Daniel Barkaw (09/13/09)

 Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming to this historic march of September 13, 2009. This march is historic because, we have gathered her to change the history of the Diaspora politics. For decades we the Diaspora politicians have been useless in helping Ethiopia.  Many of us have foolishly convinced ourselves, that writing hate letters against the Meles regime will fundamentally change Ethiopia.

 Ladies and gentleman, are hate letters strong as steel to build bridges in Ethiopia? Are hate letters food for the poor hungry Ethiopians that need our support?  Are hate letters true to political discourse? 

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally decided to come out of the closet.  I have written naughty articles such as "Girls gone wild", oops I meant kili gone wild, and will the real blab please stand up".   I have tried to write my hate letters using fancy themes, and at times naughty themes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now hundred percent convinced, that my hate letter campaigns have not changed Ethiopia an inch.

 My critics rightly have accused me of being useless to Ethiopia. My critics have asked me million times to produce anything credible that I have done to help the poor Ethiopian people. I am ashamed to say that I have not done anything productive to help the poor Ethiopian people. For so many years, I was convinced that if I help the poor Ethiopian villager, it might look good on Meles’ government. All these years I did not want to help the poor Ethiopian villagers because, the credit will go to the Ethiopian government. The other Ayatollah and I have convinced ourselves, that if we let Ethiopia continue with its misery, then the Meles regime will be blamed. In other words, our decision not to help Ethiopia, was not based on wise decision, rather it was based on revenge against the Meles' regime.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, in this historic March of September 13, 2009, we the Ethiopian educated elite have come to announce our newly created organization called,

“Helping an Ethiopian villager is for the betterment of Ethiopia, not Meles". 

Our organization consists of “heroic brave", and "selfless" Ethiopians who  have decided, to give back to Mother Ethiopia by taking a one year leave of absence from their current job.  They will be traveling to Ethiopia, to educate Ethiopian villagers to be the doctors, scientist, writers, and philosophers of tomorrow. At some point these “heroic Ethiopians” were so good at writing hate letters, that they beat the KK Klux at hate letter writing competition. But now all that is in the past. They have decided to change their course of action to bring real change for Mother Ethiopia.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, these new heroes are Yilma Bekele, Robele Ababya, Abebe Gellaw, Obang Metho, Abraha Belay and I

 Ladies and Gentlemen, for many decades we had been competing for the supreme Ayatollah of Ethiopian Diaspora politics. I officially assumed the supreme Ayatollah title by being declared the Ethiopian of the year by Isyas worshiper Review. But after a long introspection, I would like to declare those were terrible parts of my history.

 My new history begins at this historical gathering.  Ladies and Gentlemen, as history maker, I would like to inform you that this march is about Ethiopian heroes who will be changing Ethiopia not begging the White House. We are not here to beg the White House to change our country Ethiopia. We are here to introduce the new politics of Diaspora Ethiopians. The new goal oriented and positive change politics.

 For many years we the Ethiopian intellectuals have been accusing the Meles regime for not delivering its promises to the Ethiopian people.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, have we delivered the promise that we made to the poor Ethiopian people?  We have promised the Ethiopian people unity, prosperity, and democracy. Have we ever tried our best to instill those values?

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a new man, and the other “heroes” I mentioned above are also new men. Coming together for one year, we will be going to every Ethiopian village to educate children in science, law, philosophy, agriculture, and unity. This time instead of writing hate letters in the web, we will show the poor Ethiopian in action.

 We will raise funds from Ethiopian Americans, so that we can lay the stones that connect all the provinces of Ethiopia. Unity, love, and identity are built through communication. If the roads are closed how will all the provinces of Ethiopia communicate? Ladies and Gentlemen, for many years we have used a slogan as the solution to all Ethiopia’s ills.  Ethiopia’s ills are deep, and can not be solved by slogan alone.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, our ancestors sacrificed their lives so that they can make Ethiopia free, and so that generations of Ethiopians can live among all as equal and free people of the world. To continue this proud legacy,  we will stop our hate writing campaign, and rally Ethiopians all over the world to pour all their knowledge with their hearts and minds for Mother Ethiopia.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, today I would like you to donate two dollars for the improvement of poor villagers in Ethiopia. This is what you can do to help Ethiopia. I am sorry but screaming Meles’ name in front of the White House will not improve the life of any poor Ethiopian.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, those who have been brain washed by my hate letters might find my new philosophy very unattractive.  However, I am confident that this group of people will change their mind when we bring them a progress report from Ethiopia.

 Next September 13, 2010 we will hold a rally, and during that rally all of us Ethiopian intellectuals have decided to empower Ethiopian villagers. We will bring you a report on what we did during our stay in Ethiopia. In one year of hard work in Ethiopia we will educate hundreds of Ethiopians. We will also lay hundreds of stones that will build bridges that connect the Ethiopian provinces. 

 I look forward, for next years rally. At this moment I would like you to excuse me, its time for me to pack my books, and my expertise for this memorable trip to Ethiopia. At the end of this trip I will look at the mirror and applaud myself, and finally sleep peacefully.  See you September 13, 2010.


Ex- Supreme Ayatollah Alemayehu G. Mariam