A Well Started Job is Half Done


A Well Started Job is Half Done

Recently Tigrian students, educators and intellectuals have established an international academic network whose primary aim is serving our country to become a HUB and “PLATFORM so that we can see a strong scientific community capable of competing at the global market, For this purpose, the members are striving to mobilize the potential intellectual workforce to help bring a sustainable and all rounded development backed by a strong scientific and technological foundation in our country in general and our region in particular. TSAN (Tigrians Scientsfic and Academic Network), as the name indicates, aims at bringing all intellectuals, educators, researchers and students residing abroad together to form a strong organization that works for the realization of a strong scientific community in different fields of Science and Technology. What a far sighted vision in this competitive world! Knowledge creation is a matter of sharing knowledge, expertise and experience. Such organization can serve as a HUB and a PLATFORM for creating scientifically, equipped society in our country in general and our region in particular. Shall we say the right decision at the right time for the right purpose? Absolutely! Because it is Creating a strong and competent Generation and Changing brain drain to brain gain!

As mentioned in the article, our society taught us without educating itself, So, this is the right time for us to contribute or pay back to our society by participating in the organization (TSAN) and sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience with the new and young generation so that globally competent and scientifically equipped generation can be produced in our region. Our country is rich in natural resources, but technologically equipped and skilled labour is highly needed in order to transform our economy from agriculture lead industrialization to fully industrialized economy. Ethiopia has already registered a fast growing economy in the world and started the GTP by. building the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and other infrastructures,. This great dam makes Ethiopia the HUB for ELECTRIC POWER (ENERGY) in North Africa. In the same way, this TSAN will make our region the HUB and a platform for creating scientifically equipped society in our country.

As the saying goes “A well started job is half done”, we would like to congratulate the organizers (the intellectuals, educators and students) who took the initiative to establish TSAN and conducted the previous successful ‘Wefri Tegaru’ on technology transfer, tutoring, mentoring and consultation services last summer. They have also made the necessary Preparation for this summer, well done!

Therefore, the people and the Regional Government of Tigray would like to appreciate such long term and visionary programme and call up on all intellectual Tigreans all over the world to participate support and be members of such a noble organization (TSAN) and discharge all their efforts, knowledge, expertise and experience for the realization of the mission. As always, the people and the Regional Government of Tigray is ready to facilitate the designed summer programme so that it would be accomplished according to the schedule. Thank you!

Maru Ze Mekelle

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