Why Africa Is Essential to the World


Why Africa Is Essential to the World

The opportunities of an open arm and hungry nations for development through a mutually respectful partnership on investment, trade and economic development is limitless in Africa, please educate yourself that there are 54 different nations.

By Mulubrhan Dagnew, Oct 21, 2014

15 While Jesus was having dinner at Levi’s house, many tax collectors and sinners were eating with him and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. 16 When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the sinners and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?”

17 On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

I brought up this statement of wisdom of Jesus Christ because I do see there are problems on how the world thinks about Africa and how Africans think of the west. I think words of Jesus will serve both ways.

An often time, especially the western world see Africa as a wild, lawless and corrupt continent of no hope and on the contrary Africans think the west is a nation of exploitative mentality, who looks down on Africans. Both have their own facts and while negatively finger point on each other’s flaws. When someone steps in to solve the problems is oftentimes viewed as that of Jesus being questioned by his disciples for having meal with the “sinners”.

The case of Africa versus the world especially with the western world is almost same. When westerner tries to step in to Africa they are warned by “economics-elites” to not throw their money and resources to a toilet, many almost have reached to the point of thinking, going to Africa as unbearable investment risk. Western motivational speakers advocate on the contrary by saying “the cave you fear to get in holds the treasure you wished”! But they limit the scary cave to be in the western world. Actually if we have to accept the quote the scary cave should be Africa and the message should be Africa has a hidden treasure that they do want you see. On the other hand statically data show that there are 800 million people hungry for development and seating on untapped natural resources. How is it then risky to go to Africa with total population of 800 Million but not risky to stick in a saturated market of the west and Far East.

Africans about Africans also feel unpleasant when some nations look for the hands of western powers might on technology, knowhow and money. They portray it as that of Jesus dinning with sinners and yet the teaching tells us that it is the sinner who needs the teachings of God and healing? And the west tries to look down on Africa as a cursed nation that is incapable of contributing to the world’s wellbeing but in actual terms it has contributed a multitude of raw material resources, for free and at times at dirt cheap prices.

Time and time again it seems journalists and writers have almost done nothing to get out of the negative writings about Africa, they are not doing their job responsibly, they are feeding the world with same story which has been written way in old times, sometimes old stories re-written with modern styles that terrify the modern man. We are constantly fed and bombarded with negatives news and analysis, nearly every story we read focuses on the worst side of Africa.

World should ask itself on why is it happening and being portrayed to be all negative? Are we re-affirming to your-selves that we are better by continuously contemplating and referencing to the worst sides of others? Africa is not the only continent who had or having wars and rumors of wars, Africa is not worst corrupt continent; Africa is not a country of rapists and murderers, Africa is not sources of all diseases either. There are rapists, drug cartels, murderers and corrupt people as are found in other parts of the world: America, Latin, Asia and Europe. It can only be either hypocrisy to refer all the bad things to Africa or possibly it might even be a deep seated hate to Africans and a strategy of the evil mind to continuously hummer down and destroy African credentials and portray it as a bad immoral people, sources of human misery and diseases while the truth is not!

In western world for a service you render you get a percentage of certain earnings by some body many of the practices are beautifully named as kickbacks, commission and gratuity. Same act in Africa are labeled as epidemic of corruption, and completely end up dismissing the whole continent, by saying Oh that is Africa! In America police activity and surveillance is intense in rich neighborhoods that are considered holly and good citizens of the nation who are targeted by “the evil poor” while you see almost no presence of police in the poor neighborhoods. If same thing happens in Africa, it is the police in Africa and the rich that are corrupt but not in America. A lobbyist in American politics is almost legally existent, similar act in Africa would be considered as a corrupt political practice; the list can go on and on, it is all hypocrisy to say the least.

So, yes, let us acknowledge these problems in Africa, as they exist elsewhere in the world and let us not bloat it as scary as a wild monster. It is not as smooth as some try to make it look and painted with flowers and stars to show the opportunities that exist in Africa. Instead, let us be realistic about the opportunities and challenges: the existing opportunities for investment, trade, and economic development in Africa are limitless. Let’s push responsibly for the whole continent which is now awakening and booming with full gear for growth.

I think the Chinese are brave sought the situations in Africa realistically and they have entered to the scary cave they warned you about, the Chinese have entered in a mutually respectful style, it seem also that their approach has paid them back tremendously and they will continue to prosper in Africa while Africans benefit equally from their Chinese counter parts. In many countries in Africa now it has reached to the level that the Chinese Yen is accepted trading money.

The western world is now becoming a left behind economic power in African economic frontier, the problems on why America is shy about African economic opportunities has to be first asked by its own people, why is west missing the opportunity, why cannot the western re-brush their knowledge about Africa? Why cannot the western reexamine its policies about Africa? The few obstacles that need reexamination include why a limited access to financing, poor commercial engagement of western investors and their embassies.

How is it hard to do business in a mutually respectful partnership on investment, trade and economic development, as is being done by the Chinese?

My call is therefore to trust Africans, learn from the Chinese and go for the opportunities in Africa in a mutually respectful partnership on investment, trade and economic development. No doubt Africa is and becoming more and more important economic hub for the world and you need to truly believe that it is important to the future of the world and to each specific countries, and you should start asking yourself that when shouldn't we be part of the awakening the sleepy giant.

Last I would like to say that “Africa might seem to finish last but the truth is Africa will finish best and be part of the best now”.

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