Although the history of woyane is written in blood no one can alter or adulterate it.  Of late, few people are trying to simply do that!  Many of them are people who left the TPLF for one reason or another. It is surprising to see those who left TPLF wanting to write its history. Perhaps this is a sign of how much the TPLF has touched them as it has everyone else in Tigrai. The problem is TPLF’s history cannot be told by angry people and quitters. Those who abandoned the organization in anger or frustration will certainly be biased. I know of one such writer. Without disclosing names the unnamed writer simply attributed to everything TPLF did as if the direction came from Eritrea with an attempt to paint a slave master relationship.

I saw an advertisement about a new book by Aregawi Berhe posted on the web. I have not read the book yet so will not comment.   Now that has left me to wonder when TPLF will write and publish its own history? Why is the current young generation being indoctrinated by half baked history written by angry individuals and TPLF is just watching by standing on the side line? God knows how much the other myriad oppositions who were beaten squarely in all fields by the TPLF have managed to poison the young mind!

 I know TPLF is a living organization making history every day and continues to do so today.  But, surely, TPLF has enough history to publish a volume 1 and continue to pass on the historical torch to the younger generation!  Could you write your history please!



Zeru Hagos   July 2009


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