What Ethiopia endured for two decades can now teach America in days for the better


                                                     Adal Isaw


                                               August 16, 2009


These days, in a marathon to behave like the few and vociferous Ethiopian Diaspora, the eccentric sector in American politics is degenerating at a faster pace than normal.  In an astounding familiar tone, these American mobs are shouting, crying, and intimidating anything other than their views, as if they have lost everything they have had--including their “own beloved America.”   


Compelled to come out of their hidden closet by their own heat of insecurity, these patented haters cry in the comfort zone of Townhall meetings, where similar cry by Code Pink would have winked the eyes of FOX “News” to cry out blood twenty-four-seven.  If Code Pink had a day similar to what these lunatics have had for weeks now, Limbaugh would have lost his voice and Beck would have relinquished his citizenship to go seek asylum in Ku Klux Klan country.  For all of these dwellers of the darkest alleys of humanity, America is finished, done, and gone for the worst, merely because, what they have thought was a bad dream for sometime has now become the reality they don’t want to see anymore; Barak Hussein Obama is really the 44th President of the U.S.A.


Passionate hate has strike those American souls with twisted sense of entitlement for whom vindictiveness of any kind is wished and wished hard, even if it means their country is going to go right down through the foulest drain for good.  For these lunatics on the fringe of hell, “their America” is taken and what is left of it is not what they wish to have, and by way of a convoluted hateful rationale, if they cannot have what they used to—an America with a white President, they love for this America’s failure to come sooner than later, since a sense of loss in color and entitlement is burning their soul inside out. 


At the expense of sounding redundant for a good reason, these few Ethiopian-Diaspora-mimicking racist elements of America are in deep grief; a very self-inflicted or a wildly imagined grief that is.  Depressed beyond what the clinical prognosis can prescribe an alleve for, these mobs shout, cry, and hope that somebody kills another human to feel vindicated, high, and relived again to be in control of how things of political life should be.


Changes of historical proportion and changes with fundamental nature are known to have moved the ground of some wrongly accepted norms.  For many years, the norm for the American Presidential Politics has been to provide a tall, charismatic, white President.  The likelihood of a non-white becoming the President has been close to non-existent.  White Presidents do not come only with their pronounced white color, charisma, and a height of some length, but also with a culture distinct to some degree from that of colored citizens of America.  Had Obama was perceived as devoid of an Anglo-Saxon culture, the likelihood of him being voted in as President would have remained the same as the likelihood of any other contending non-white American—close to non-existent. 


But still, for the uneducated and the educated ones in only names, for the gullible, and also for the racist elements in American politics, Barak Hussein Obama is that who is to be feared.  As it was often the case during the Presidential Campaign, for these eccentric Americans on the fringe of everything destructive, “Barak Hussein Obama is not one of America’s,”  He is a Muslim, an African, a Kenyan, a Malaysian, a communist, a Nazi, Hitler, a killer, a racist, etc. 


Unnoticed by many, this line of caveman thinking about the personality of Obama has been building steam right after Obama announced his plan to run for the American Presidency.  Unfortunately, the attention span given to this caveman line of thinking was very short and discourse about this political degeneration of America was limited, until the Birthers and these hate-mongering mobs became louder and more organized to hijack America’s common sense for the worst.  Fueled by the Glen Beck’s and Rush Limbaugh’s racist and fascistic cry, these eccentric Americans are mimicking the very few but vociferous Ethiopian Diaspora, to keep on galvanizing a sector of an American society into shouting, crying, and intimidating anything other than their views.


In just few days, America has been apprised by its own backward citizens much like Ethiopia was by its antediluvian Diaspora, that the statute for its decent and democratic discourse has expired.  And, the America of today can learn a lesson from the America of yesterday for missing the telltale signs of a mob behavior from a friendly country—Ethiopia.  Today and hopefully, America will see with its own naked eyes how an angry mob turned militia can assert itself violently---much like the violent prone vociferous element of the Ethiopian Diaspora has turned into a violent prone militia Ginbot 7.  Ethiopia will be happy to share the political sociology of its own haters, so that America can learn what is it like when haters assemble to disrupt decent democratic discourse to dictate their own will “by any means necessary.”


Had America cared for an advise from Ethiopia or listened to its own Homeland Security findings, it would have become cognizant of the fact that a fundamental change that sweeps a country is a recipe that induces anger, hate, vindictive and violent tendencies, a sense of loss, and the Wrongheaded righteousness of a cause in the heart and minds of very few political lunatics in the fringe.


Moreover, America would have learned from the Ethiopian experience that all that have been said about Obama has been said verbatim about our enduring Premier Meles Zenawi for almost two decades.  Much like the racist elements of America, the lunatic and violent prone Ethiopian Diaspora calls Ethiopia’s own brilliant son, un-Ethiopian, racist, Nazi, Hitler, Killer, and a communist while shouting, crying, and intimidating anything other than their views, merely because, he is the leader of a major fundamental change that shifted the political ground of Ethiopia a plenty.  Yesterday’s intimidators and racist elements of the vociferous Ethiopian Diaspora are now today’s violent prone terrorist group for whom Ethiopia is ready to curb their dangerous political behavior with heavy hands.


Likewise and for its own sake, America has to act as resolutely as Ethiopia before this angry racist element becomes strongly organized to jumpstart a killing spree.  As is, the number of death threats to President Obama and other government officials has risen sharply, and a lukewarm approach and response to this deadly political gesture will prove degenerative.  After all, what Ethiopia endured for two decades can now teach America in days for the better.  America will learn as to what it is like to deal with such caveman and mob-like mentality in the 21st century.


It is Ethiopia’s hope that America draws the stark similarities between its unruly, angry, racist, and backward element and the antiquated Ethiopian Diaspora, to be safe from the harms and the dangers posed by its own few citizens on the fringe of a violence- ridden endeavor. These eccentric and vociferous Americans have borrowed tunes after cacophonous tunes from their counterpart medieval Ethiopian Diaspora; quite naturally that is, to poison the relatively decent democratic environment of America, admittedly to my liking for a good teachable reason.  


A mob is a mob and there is no decipherable distinction between the tattooed racist skinhead of American mob and the racist Weyane hater Ethiopian Diaspora mob.  They both shout, cry, and intimidate claiming a loss of “their own beloved country” to a non-citizen; both feel entitled to dictate as to how political, economic, and social life should take its course; they are both vindictive; righteous; violent prone; disruptive; vociferous; psychopathic liars; and they’re both in denials and have made their living in the periphery of hell to create havoc whenever and however they can “by any means necessary.”  Hopefully now, what Ethiopia endured for two decades can now teach America in days for the better.