The BBC and its reckless reporting.


Tariku Tadesse 03/06/10

It is abominable and reckless for the BBC to report an absolute lie with out verification, it is not the first time but this is one of the most egregious, crass and vile. For the BBC to accuse the TPLF whose fighters gave their life to save the starving children, mothers, old women and men diverting money to buy arms is outrageous and an insult to injury.

I am more than convinced this shoddy report was compiled by the reporter with ulterior motive as it's timing during the election in Ethiopia and his so called sources the two most discredited ex- TPLF fighters, are well known for their hyperbole and out right lie. Who can forget Gebremedhin's fairy tales after he defected to the Derg. He has nauseatingly come with new stories when ever he thinks the story may give him leverage in politics or buy him some bread. He is known for spinning long and unimaginable stories if he thinks it will buy him listening ears.

Could any one tell me why it would take 25 years for this nit wit to come with this abhorrent and unbelievable story, of the TPLF diverting food aid in 1984, when actually he had left the TPLF and joined the murderous regime of Col. Mengistu Hailemariam for about that long duration of a time? For certain not because the TPLF had any control over him. After all did he not join the Derg and wage war against the TPLF? Was he not on the TV now and then creating stories for propaganda warfare against the TPLF? Why then this dirty new story? It could only have one motive and that is to spread the lie through M. Plaut, a man whose track record of reporting in the Horn of Africa has been biased and distorted. If the reporter was responsible enough as his profession would demand, he would have tried to vet the story inside and out side of Ethiopia by asking people who are still working with REST whose indefatigable work saved more lives than any one during the 1984 85 famine and still since then.

The hundreds of NGO's who worked in Tigray and the Sudan to save the hundreds of thousands of people are also witness to the miraculous work done by the TPLF and REST and they could have been also a source of information if he truly wanted to verify. But why would he do that, when he has an ulterior motive to discredit and defame? Could it be he has an axe to grid?

Oh Mr. Aregawi Berhe !! so much could be said about him but this article would not be vast enough and it would be a waste of time because any one who would care to read this scribble, I am certain has read at least one of Mr. A. Berhe's writings and reached a conclusion. He has been creating stories all along like his friend Gebremedhin with out reason or rhyme as long as it can defame his arch rival Mr.Melles and the TPLF. I am sure if one asks him, if he had any role in the so called vile transaction he will be the first one to deny it as that would implicate him. Who can forget his explanation of the wrong things he said were done during his leadership of the TPLF? Funny as it may be it was not his the leader's fault but none other than Melles who was much junior than him and others in leadership.

But of course he the leader was fooled by them, they pulled a rug over his face and he did not make any mistakes. He could not even understand the responsibility of a leader when he wrote such a silly excuse. It is this and many other kinds of distorted and schizophrenic explanation that disenfranchised many of his admirers early on after he left the TPLF including yours the author of this article. His misadventures and foray in the Ethiopian politic since he left the TPLF has been dismal and his frustration is so great that he would hold to any straw that can give him another seconds breath in his DOA political life.

My indignation with the BBC has grown day by day that I am not any more interested to read or watch the BBC as it is being used as bulls whip on Africa to demonize its people as poor, corrupt, disease infected ...... and propagators of every social and political ill in their continent and elsewhere. It is easy for any one to see the BBC's news, blog, discussion point etc on Africa and compare it to any part of the world and conclude that the BBC seems out to destroy Africa, a task its founders many times failed.
It should be a duty for us Africans to hold the BBC accountable to what they do to us and may be close our doors to any one who belongs to the BBC except may be the sensible once.