Terrorist Shuffle (Teqlit)

Aweys out Andy in



Zeru Hagos 05/29/09


Ginbot 7 has done what every terrorist of the horn of Africa starting from Aweys to ONLF to EPPF has done. They are seeking Isayas Afeworki help. The same Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea whom they told the world has left Ethiopia land locked by demanding independence from Ethiopia.


Now that the strong rumor has come to be no more a rumor with Andargachew(Andy) trip to Eritrea I can tell you Ginbot 7 and the twosome dudes were never interested about democracy or development for Ethiopia. What they were interested were power and free ride to destroy Ethiopia the way Isayas Afeworki is destroying Eritrea.


Andy may have landed in Asmera hoping Isayas will help them (Andy and Berhanu) get to Addis. Do not blame them for thinking such. Eritrean supporters of Shaibia have been telling them day in day out that they were the ones who brought EPRDF to power. Visit their pal talk outlets and you will understand what I mean! The problem is all oppositions who made Asmera their home base before them have only met natural death.


The OLF left the power sharing agreement during the transitional period in the early 1990ís only to face disastrous outcome. The OLF and its leadership are today a spent forces waiting Godís call in Asmera.


The ONLF and UIC as we all know are also another opposition that tried the Asmera doctrine of terror as a way to gain power. The UIC does not even exist in name today and the ONLF, well, you know what happen to them do not you?


Least but no last is the organization that calls itself EPPF. Gnbot 7 may be hoping EPPF exists so they can claim they do have an army to speak about when they merge. But all they need to do was ask Solomon Tekalgn one time speaker of the EPPF before he became†† a peaceful citizen. Solomon went to Asmera to see for himself before Elias Kifle outsmart him but came back disgusted to have been fooled by EPPF for long. EPPF does not exist except in the mind of few outlaws (shefta). Outlaws like the Wild Wild West were common problems in northern Ethiopia before the advent of EPRDF. Today they are very marginalized and are not even considered a problem.


To be honest I never thought Isayas Afeworki would manage to convince any Ethiopian let alone a PhD holder to bow in front of him for help. I guess I was wrong! However am I glad Andargachew and Berhanu are bowing to Wedi Afom (Isayas Afeworki)!


I am sure Andy went there to fight ďsega be segaĒ. But knowing how much these two awful guys have come to hate Tigreans I am glad they are bowing in front of another Tigrean all be it a bad apple one!


Like any organization Shaibia will use and discard Ginbot 7. In fact they have been already dealt a weak card. The list of generals Shaibia gave them as campaign material for showing in Asmera is outdated. Shaibia has that list to train his soldiers during the last war. Ever since Shaibia got whipped well by the generals in the list Isayas Afeworki has been lip biting. Shaibia gave the list hoping against hope Ginbot 7 terror plot that involved some military officers was a good start. Poor Ginbot 7 canít they ask the where abouts of other who went before them to Asmera and learn a thing?


A terrorist by the name Aweys has left Asmera and a new one is in but unless the British folks have a message to deliver to Isayas with the help of Andy, Ginbot 7, may be digging its own grave in Asmera. We all know the CIA is very resourceful and will not use Berhanu to carry a message to Asmera? Or will they? Did I hear you say he [Dr Berhanu] is next to stop by on a mission or not?


Now that all opposition politicians have touched down in Asmera one way or the other I wonder when the religious opposition from Diaspora will drop in? Some of the religious leaders in Diaspora churches and mosques do speak the same language as Ginbot 7 folks!


As you all know I have little regard to most of the oppositions these days but I will be lying to myself if I do not say this to Engineer Hailu!Though I do not like your politics you have gotten my respect as far as integrity goes. What a shameful idots are the Ginbot 7 dudes Engineer!