“By any means necessary” entails Terrorism


                                      Terrorism is what leads Dr.Berhanu Nega


                                                                    his followers


Adal Isaw adalisaw@yahoo.com

May 9, 2009


Time and time again, we heard the lunatic vanguards of the few vociferous Ethiopian Diaspora sing “it’s the end.”  Way before the cacophonous singing started though, I vividly remember reading an article written by five assorted PhD holders of various discipline-for what was then a Los Angeles based Ethiopian Mirror- predicting the inevitable journey of Ethiopia into the pitfall of anarchy.  Dr. Getachew Mekasha was one of those political foretellers and I thank him for he’s quite now, having passed the baton of his futile career in guesswork to his younger disciple-Zeinab Amde.  In spite of these young and old murmurs of assumptions and guesswork, Ethiopia, by the endurance of its people and the leadership of EPRDF, has become a wholesome peaceful force to reckon with beyond the Horn.  It’s with this as a backdrop that one should read the articles written by Berhanu supporters to give terror a second lease in life from a tightly squeezing armpit of an Ethiopian justice.


Consider an article written with the same familiar old tone by Zeinab Amde on Nazret.com under the title “Ethiopia- EPRDF’s Bogus Charges and Zero Sum Games,” and read what is being asserted.  The whole point of Zeinab’s argument in this said article is this: “The recent charges Meles and Bereket are fabricating against opponents are merely intended to hit two clusters of political opponents with one stone that is fighting the growing discontent in the patched up army while at the same time using the crackdown to attempt to implicate the Ginbot Sebat movement.”


From the outset, Zeinab is making a pointed allegation on two leaders of EPRDF by way of hyper-psycho-analysis.  She is telepathically reading the mindset of two leaders from afar to tell us what she overheard.  Nonetheless, her point is something else and it is not that hard to decipher.  She never overheard Meles and Bereket chat on how to frame the “innocent Ginbot Sebat movement.”  What she heard loud and clear during the whole week is instead nothing other than Berhanu Nega rationalizing violence as a means to exact a political change, by directly implicating his own so called Ginbot Sebat movement head first.  


Isolating Meles Zenawi and Bereket Simon from the rest of EPRDF leadership is an old trick, utilized to convey the appearance of division within EPRDF and have little bearing if any to the point of contention at hand, which is, the uncovering of a terrorist plot allegedly perpetrated by Ginbot 7-the brain child of Dr. Berhanu Nega.  The fact is, Zeinab is not bothered at all even by the mere possibility that these citizens in custody might have concocted to spill the blood of their own people.  


Zeinab is aware how the uncovered plot could easily become a nightmare in public relation for the terrorist movement that she supports.  She is also aware how difficult it would be to win support from civil and responsible citizens of the world if indeed the alleged terror plot has been concocted by Ginbot 7 as the Ethiopian government is asserting.  It is thus logical for her to firstly shift the blame from her terror group to EPRDF, by pinpointing it on two seasoned leaders with beautiful attribute that she is shy of mentioning in her article, wishing to present the appearance of schism within EPRDF.


It’s also wishful thinking in Zeinab’s part to expect the two seasoned leaders become part and parcel of a very childish fabricated ploy that the world would have easier time untangling. How on earth would Meles and Bereket ask the rest of the world to come and see with a magnifying glass while they’re creating the Atlantic Ocean out of the Blue Nile?  It would be the biggest gimmickry ever to hit the world and Zeinab nevertheless uses it as her last line of defense.  Remember, we’re speaking about the Ethiopian State, not the state of the Iranian Government that duped itself much like Elias Kifle of the Eritrean Review has duped himself by posting a downed U.S. helicopter as that of an Ethiopian one.   


  Much like Elias Kifle who dupes himself for the pleasure of the unknown kind, Zeinab dupes herself by equating “the growing discontent in the patched up army” with real discontent-the kind that real and civil people do to overcome real indignation.   She completely overlooks that anger of the usual kind may be is the most likely behavior manifested by miniscule active and inactive disgruntled members of the Defense Forces.  Had this anger makes it to live another day, it would have become terror perpetrated against the Ethiopian people.  Thanks to the commendable work of our security forces, Ethiopia will stay free of its Timothy Mac Veigh-a very angry and disgruntled inactive member of the U.S. Army-who killed 168 people in the deadliest act of terrorism within the U.S. prior to September 11, 2001.


Having cleansed the very obvious issues in Zeinab’s article, I would like to embark on what Berhanu is arguing, so that you my readers can draw a contrast about the contradictory arguments of a terrorist group in disarray. The very first argument in response to the uncovering of a terrorist plot from the Ethiopian Diaspora came from Dr. Berhanu Nega-the leader of the so called Ginbot 7 and it does not rule out the terrorist plot to have been the work of a group.  In fact, Dr. Berhanu Nega has come out overtly to present the rationale for the terror plotters.  Fearful of putting his thin skin in absolute guilt position, the Dr. has tried without success to walk the fine line from saying that terror is the choice of weaponry to resolve a political discontent.  Instead, he has substituted terror with “by any means necessary,” and amazingly, he has so far failed to listen to his own voice and comprehend the meaning of what he is publicly preaching.  Failing to remember that he has unequivocally condemned violence few years back, he is now adhering to dislodge a democratically elected government “by any means necessary.”  This is what the world knows and there is no entity in this world able enough to fabricate what Berhanu has argued for to mean anything other than terror.


To those with few classes in logic, “by any means necessary” is akin to a toolbox with unlimited weapons of choice to perform what one has intended to do.  As we have seen from television clips, the toolbox has been shown to have been partly filled with mint American mighty dollars to bribe those angry and morally corrupt treasonous citizens.  Holding up the mighty American bundled and mint dollars are the weapons of choice to create a streaming river of blood in a city where millions call home.  “By any means necessary” means that which has every means in a toolbox at its disposal to do exactly this-create a streaming river of blood to exact an unlawful political change.


While Zeinab is adamant and insists that the terrorist plot is the work of Meles and Bereket, Berhanu sees the terrorist plot as a golden possibility that few likeminded individuals as he take into consideration.  In fact, if you listen attentively, Dr. Berhanu Nega has implicated himself with his own words.  All that’s required of Dr. Berhanu Nega was to unequivocally disassociate himself from the group and condemn thereafter any terrorist plot to exact an unlawful political change.  He failed to do both for he’s the leader of the group who as usual is fearful to take responsibility directly.  It is not too late; I surmise.  The ball is in his backyard and he can still sing sorry in exchange for shorter visit to the Ethiopian penitentiary in Kaliti.


On another front, completely radicalized a niche up is those supporters of Berhanu with wishes to gain favor in the open from a one-man state of Eritrea to wage war in unison.  The war in unison follows the principle of the enemy of my enemy is my friend; we’re told.  Other than terror, it’s thus apparent that “by any means necessary” also entails such treasonous behavior-a behavior only set aside for foreign enemies of Ethiopia.   Although it’s hard to sort the Eritrean supporters of Berhanu from the Ethiopians, it’s obvious that at least very few have wanted for such anti-Ethiopian union come to life.  Alliance for Freedom and Democracy was such a union tailored and made by the one-man Eritrean state for those treasonous and terrorist organizations such as OLF and ONLF.  CUD was part of it and there may be evidence linking the newly tagged Ginbot 7 with such consortium of terror groups.


The consensus of the entire world favors civil discourse against violence and detests terror acutely and thus stands against the few violence-prone ideologues within the Ethiopian Diaspora.  Those who forsake discourse to spill innocent blood are considered uncivil, uneducated, and psychos without a leash.  This world has grown intolerant of the killing that few do to exact a change of their choice and it calls it terrorism. A change “by any means necessary” incorporates such action of terrorism, and the violence-prone Ethiopian Diaspora will not be able to spin itself out of this political debacle.  “By any means necessary” entails terrorism and terrorism is what leads Dr Berhanu Nega and his followers.