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My name is Habtom Tekle. I am the host of Radio Merhawit, broadcasting in Tigrinya language from Washington DC. I am sending this attachement to you so that it will be uploaded (posted) in your homepage. Its purpose is to encourage listners to be engaged into the permanent membership scheme of Radio Merhawit that we are currently promoting.


Currenttly, Radio Merhawit is run under the supervision and advise of its diversified Board Members. The board members are:

1.Tsehaye debalqew

2.Birhane Asbeha

3.Mulu Assefa

4.Hailemeloket Hagos

5.Ashebir Gebru

6.G.yesus G.sadik

7.Yemane Gebru

8.Embza S.leab


                                 Vision of Radio Merhawit

To promote civilized and democratic society by fostering peace, equality and unity, while comitted to combating ethinic extremism, haterege, voilation of humanrights, in tolerance and prevent conflict.


                                   Goals of Radio Merhawit

     1, To enable all tigryans in the Diaspora to peacefully express their ideas by facilitating dialogue among

         themselves and with the rest of the diversified ethinic groups in Ethiopia irrespective of their poletical


     2, To foster rule of law & justice by defending individuals who are victims of any form of repression,  

         harassment , torture ,beliefs and backgrounds.

     3, To encourage members of the tigryan community to activily in the poletical socio economic and   cultural activities in   Ethiopia & to posetively influence such processes.

     If you want to make contribution to RADIO MERHAWIT monthly or yearly our Bank Account No is


     Routing No-   052001633

     Account No-   446011484169


   Our Address is  Habtom Tekle (Radio Merhawit)

                          pobox 3323

                          Washington DC 20010


E mail or



Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




Habtom Tekle