Should Maslah M. Siad be chosen Prime Minister?


President of Somalia – Shiikh Sarif Hassan has met with Maslah Mohamed Siad Barre in Djibouti last week, presumably to discuss the prime minister position in the new government of Somalia. Now that the election is over, the new president went his first trip as head of state to the African Union Assembly and was congratulated and welcomed the African Union Commission; speculation is heating up all over the world on who will be the prime minister.

So far, Malah is staying quiet, asking everyone to be patient and to wait and see.  Close friends of the president are saying that it is incomprehensible that he would choose anyone else over Maslah who has the support of many members of the parliament and he can definitely make the president’s job easier.

Of course there are also political reasons why president shariif should choose Maslah. With him he can unite the parliament to quickly work on important agendas. He can also help him cleanup the troubled southern Jubba region of Somalia where Maslah has influence on the power players of that region. On the political downside, he now has to share his spotlight with well known and well respected former general and son of the late president of Somalia.

Maslah is a solid choice for the prime minister position. The former General has extensive international experience, and many of the members of the parliament see him as highly capable, and it shows the new president is serious about bringing all types of political officials into the new administration. Maslah has Civil Engineering degree from Kuybishev university of Moscow; a business background combined with his international reputation will give the new government of Somalia a positive image.


Abdirahman Warsame