Ethiopian Defense Forces

I salute and congratulate the Ethiopian Defense Forces for carrying out their duties heroically. Thank you for the sacrifices, courage and valor displayed for the cause of both the people of Ethiopia and Somalia. Our army crossed to Somalia as the request of the TFG and directly intervened as matter of national security to thwart imminent dangers gathering from various directions. The Ethiopian Defense Forces unequivocally fulfilled their missions of defeating and foiling well planned aggressions from collections of terrorist forces of ONLF, OLF, EPLF, ICU and other Mideast tyrannical regimes.

Contrary to the false and misleading allegations of international media and other think-tank groups, Ethiopia directly involved in brotherly and neighborly country of Somalia to defend itself from hostile enemies and help the people of Somalia to strengthen TFG. Unlike the terrorist regime of Eritrea and their cronies there were no other motives or ill intentions of any sort to harm or destabilize Somalia. As a matter of fact, Eritrea and many Mideast countries sabotaged and inflamed the crises in Somalia by sheltering, financing, training and arming various terrorist groups and pirates of Somalia. On the top of that the total failure of the International community to help the people of Somalia exacerbated the crises and emboldened the terrorist mafias. Despite repeated violations of arms embargo by Eritrea and Mideast regimes the international community did nothing to punish the culprits.

Without exceptions, the attitude of the international community toward the people of Somalia and Ethiopia is one of negligence, abandonment, carless, tragic and outright racist. The whole charades and false propaganda waged by international media and think-tank groups that the people of Ethiopia and Somalia as bloody enemies are total fabrications without any reference in the long history of the two counties. While they sanctions America and others who crisscross the globe to hunt terrorists thousands of miles from their borders, the same western entities deny Ethiopia to defend itself  from dangerous and openly hostile forces right on its border. Ethiopia did not invade, occupied and colonized Somalia or sent by America to do its bidding as repeatedly accused by hostile media and think-tank groups. It went there for legitimate national security reasons and withdraw as the threat is waned and to comply with the peace agreement. 

 Besides blaming and accusing Ethiopia for this and that the international community abandoned and broken all kind of promises of support and to provide peace keepers to stabilize the Somalia. Ethiopia forced to stay in Somalia because of and as the result of the dismay failure of the international community. Ethiopia remained in Somalia hopping the international community come forward with much needed support and provide robust force to help the government of Somalia and allow the Ethiopians to withdraw. After waiting the international community for help for two years and repeated failure of the leadership of Somalia, Ethiopia left with no choice but to withdraw its army as stipulated in Djibouti peace agreement. 

Ethiopia paid supreme sacrifices to help the people of Somalia to bring peace and stability and stable central government. Unfortunately, because of and as the result of extreme disagreement and bloody bickering among Somali power elites and stack holders peace and stability once again failed to materialize. On the top of that and with out exceptions the international community abandoned and denied the people of Somalia badly needed assistance and support to overcome communal infighting which destroyed Somalia for the last eighteen years.

Under such circumstances Ethiopia can only do so much and sadly forced to pull its army back to home. Irrespective of what Ethiopia did or failed to do, ultimately the sources of peace and security remain the people and the leaders of Somalia. Ethiopia can only help and did help in blood and more and the leader of Somalia failed their people despite the best opportunity provided by the people and government of Ethiopia. Peace and stability in Somalia is extremely relevant to the entire region of the greater Horn and Ethiopia. Unlike what misleading and false information of the Western media alleges the relations between Somalia and Ethiopia is based on brotherly and mutual affair.

 Because of mutual interest and security, Ethiopia must continue to seek ways to help the people of Somalia to overcome the crises tiring the country for the last eighteen yeas. I wish well the people of Somalia and hope peace and stability come very soon. I am certain that the sacrifices paid by Ethiopia and thousands of Somalis bring new era of peace in Somalia.

Once again, I salute, congratulate and say thank you to the Ethiopian Defense forces for carrying this difficult task successfully with utmost discipline and valor.   


January 18, 2009